A Welcomed Partnership

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A/N: I told myself I wouldn't write any other fics until I finished another. It's so hard for me but I've still got extra time on weekends to write this but it's not a regular one, it's a special story. It's a pokémon fic, to be specific it's a contest-shipping which I'm not completely sure what that means only that it has to do with the contests in the series and in involves the Drew X May pairing which this is totally about. Here we go!

Title: A Welcomed Partnership

Estimated update wait: 10 days max.

Estimated number of chaps: 10

Estimated Number of MW Pages: 90

Pairings: May X Drew, Misty X Ash

Summary: A new world to explore, May's by herself, new type of contests, a new challenge, and a fight for existence, importance, friendship and life. What will May do when she needs something she doesn't have but, wait, she does! She just hasn't realized it yet. Drew X May

Ages: May Adena and Drew Kito are both 16, they have finished their journeys in the other regions and leaving to this new place. I made up their last names just to let you know.

Key: ¤ (change of time) ¤ ∆(change of location)∆ ◊(chapter)◊ Ж(Flashback)Ж Φ(Viewpoint)Φ

◊(1: The New Region)◊

∆(Lazio Region)∆ Φ(May)Φ ¤(Years after their last festival)¤

I sat down at the bench; I had been traveling all on my own for a while now, 3 weeks and 5 days to be exact. It was getting quite lonely. I had Beautifly, Eevee and Squirtle with me. I understood while Ash loved traveling with people, traveling on your own was prone to boring excite less journeys. I had asked for his, I sighed. I really had, hadn't I?

I had competed in all the different cups, won my 5 ribbons in all the other regions and now it was time for the largest except, the problem was no one I knew entered this region. Max and Ash went somewhere to work with pokémon and get badges and such. This region had no gyms; which meant all you did here was, wait for another pokémon contest but I hadn't gotten that far yet, I am barely in the region.

After traveling all day I finally arrived at the pokémon center. "Nurse Joy of Media Town I presume?" I asked.

"Yes, so would you like a room, we only have one other person here for our contest tomorrow." I nodded. When were all these coordinators coming? "Single, double?" She asked.

"Single," I answered. Usually I had shared a quadruple room with Ash, Brock, and Max. I really was missing them. "When's dinner served?" I asked.

"It's served at promptly 6 o'clock." She responded. "I won't be here but the meal will be set up and you will dine with the boy at 6, okay?" She asked.

"Yeah okay, do you know his name?" I hoped he was someone I had previously met before, I hoped. That would save me a lot of annoyance.

"Sorry, he just came in today too, only a few hours ago. He's sleeping but make sure you wake him up half pasted 5, okay?" She asked.

"Okay, I'll be sure to." It was 4 now. That gave me an hour and a half before I had to wake this boy up and prepare for dinner.

The time past quickly and before I knew it I had fallen asleep. Then I heard footsteps from outside the door. I probably missed dinner, and the boy was here to yell at me for not waking him up as well. I opened the door and walked to the table hoping for something to be left over but there was nothing. I looked at the clock 5:45. I hadn't missed lunch but the boy should have been awoken a while ago but he'd forgive me hopefully.

There was a note on the table, 'Dear Ms. The other boy is in rm. 4, across the hall from you. He has green eyes. That's all I can remember. Also, your pokémon all check out and your pass and file are placed in this envelope. –Nurse Joy,' I sat down waiting for the food to arrive. I supposed a pokémon of some sort would be here. I walked around and realized the boy wasn't awake so I went to the room and gently knocked on it I heard a yawn and a reply to leave and I walked off after that.

I sat at the table; the clock was blinking 5:54. I sighed and set my head on the table, prepared to take a long nap but then I heard a voice. "May, I'm surprised to see you here." A voice said. I knew that voice. I quickly sat up and met eyes with the green eyed, green haired boy, my rival, Drew.

"Hey Drew, I'm surprised to see you here too. I thought I'd never run into someone I knew."

"I'd be the only one, no one from Hoenn went here, and they were all and didn't like the challenge of it, weaklings. So what brings you to this particular contest and city?" He asked.

"It was the first city I came across." I replied dryly.

"Ah, so you haven't been here long?" He asked.

"This is the first city I've seen." I answered.

"Ah, then you should come along with me, I've traveled all over the area all summer so I know the region. I mean, if you want to you could. This is the first contest, that's why I'm here."

"Then I guess I made it just in time to enter."

"Not really, they say that most who try to enter without seeing a Lazio Region match before hand all lose, they don't meet the speculations." He responded.

"What kind of speculations?" I asked.

"I heard they have extremely weird rules to all their contests, that's why most newbie trainers and coordinators stay away from here, only top notch coordinators like myself are worthy to compete." I laughed.

"You're not that much better then me Drew, I'll show what I can do tomorrow." I answered.

"I can't wait but I'm not competing. I'm being smart and watching the first one." He responded.

"That's smart but I'm going to give my best try my first time, and show you my skills."

"You do that, then I'll watch you fall." He answered.

"You'll never get off my back, will you?"

"Not in a million years, May." He responded.

"Dinner," I said finally as Chansey pulled up to the table with our meals.

"I never expected you to have such a large appetite." Drew added after we had finished eating.

"I've been traveling all day, you've slept all day so clearly I'd be hungry; seeing as I haven't seen a great meal like that since I left home." I responded.

"If you can't take care of yourself then I would like to remind you to come along with me in the region since I know where everything's going on at." He added.

"I might take you up at that, but I'd like to see how I can handle myself in this region first." I answered.

"It makes sense, I mean for you, after all." He replied.

"Which of your pokémon do you have with you?" I asked him, just to make conversation.

"Just Rosellia and Butterfree," He answered. "You?" He asked back.

"Squirtle, Eevee and Beautifly," I responded.

"That makes sense, your newest two and Beautifly, they need more experience. Then you have a more experienced one as well." He advised.

"They are both fairly experienced and I have Beautifly to start out strong with, plus Professor Oak has all my pokémon if I need them." I said finishing up with filing the paperwork. "Do you know what this second sheet is; it's a copy of the second." I said.

"I was wondering too but I haven't had the time to ask, it seems that we'll find out tomorrow."

"Won't that be too late?" I asked.

"Not if you don't sleep in," He smartly responded back.

"Then guess what, your going to help me tomorrow by waking me."

"I know I'm going to have to since you can't even manage to remember to wake me up on time." I sighed, he was right.

"Sorry about that, I fell asleep; being tired from traveling and such."

"I understand, don't think that I'm saying anything I'm not. I'm just saying that I'm going to need to help you which everyone needs help, even me." He is such a clash of two people. One is so kind and caring, helpful and accepting and the other is so stuck up and preppy. I like his helpful personality better then his stuck up act.

"Thanks Drew, see you in the morning." He nodded and walked away giving a faint good-bye as he walked.

I found a phone and dialed Ash and Max's location which I knew to be a gym not to far from Petalburg. "Hello May, I'll get your brother." I nodded.

"Hey May, what's up?" Max asked.

"Quite a lot now, I finally arrived at a center and Drew and I are the only ones that are here for the contest."


"Yeah, Drew is here too, well not here. He's in his room but he's competing too. Well not tomorrow he says he wants to learn the new type of battling first before he starts to compete but I'm going to try trial and error."

"I think Drew has the right idea, May. You should wait too, but if you want to give a try, who knows if no one else competes, you would win without a fight." I laughed, good one, if it was that easy they should hand over the ribbon.

"So how was traveling?" Max asked.

"Lonely and boring, I really need someone to travel with. Drew offered but I'm not sure how that would turn out." I answered.

"Yeah, traveling with your rival isn't the smartest thing to do. You'd have to watch out for him and stuff like that and who knows what could happen." Max said.

"I think it's a great idea, I mean he's the only person you know. Drew's not one to take unfair advantages either, he's against it as you know, May. I think you should really consider it. I mean if he knows the area and you don't, it's the smartest thing you can do." Ash stated.

"I guess you're right Ash, I think I just might. I mean I told him to give me time to see if it's that complicated around here if it's all straight roads then I won't need help but if it's like Hoenn then its best I get help." I explained.

"True, I wouldn't have made it half the places without Brock and Max as navigators in my travels." Ash added.

"Then I'll seriously take up his offer after the contest after I look at the area. It took me days to travel with all the contests before and just to get to a city took weeks; I wonder how the inner cities are."

"Most likely a bit less but still a lot, that's what the poke-nave said." Max informed me.

"Well I've got to rest for the contest, good-night." I said signing off.

I returned to bed and fell asleep and looked at the center of the moon in the background, it looked beautiful from over the trees under it. I fell asleep thinking about the beautiful scenery here. I didn't dream but it was a very peaceful night, quiet, restful, and it was the best sleep I've had in weeks.

¤ (The Next Day) ¤

I heard a knock at the door and I yawned and walked to the door and opened it, there was a note with a rose, it could only be Drew. It read: May, Nurse Joy said that she couldn't make breakfast for us today so I decided to let you sleep in until 7 so you'll be rested for the contest, and I'll meet you outside when your dressed, Drew.

I changed and grabbed my papers, pokéballs and anything else I'd need for the day and walked outside in a timely manner. "Took you long enough," He said training with Rosellia. "Rosellia, return." He said returning her to her pokéball. "Ready?" He asked.

"Where are we going?" I asked.

"You'll see, be patient." He responded walking away as I followed him trying to keep pace with him.

∆ (A Small Café) ∆

We arrived at a small little café in the town as I watched him he walked to the man who was holding reservations. "Drew Kito," He said to the man.

"Yes sir, right this way." He looked at me and his expression told me to behave and follow him. He sat down, and I sat down as well.

"What would you two like for a drink this morning?" A man asked.

"I'll have water, and May what would you like?" Drew asked. I've never seen him being this nice, a fancy restaurant, and being this polite, what was going on with him today.

"I'll have water as well," I answered, I replied. I honestly didn't know anything else on this menu, ordering a meal here would be even harder.

"Very well," The waiter handed us two menus. "I'll be back momentarily." He said walking away to get our drinks.

"Drew?" I asked.

"Yes?" He answered looking up form the menu.

"Can you help me in ordering?" I asked.

"Sure, I'd recommend the Pasta Disorno, it's very delicious." I nodded and then the man came back.

"What would you like?" He asked.

"We'll have to Pasta Disornos, please." Drew ordered for us.

"Thank you," I whispered under my breath, he smirked and nodded. The man left and I looked up. "Thanks for taking me out to breakfast, I would have been fine at a normal café, you didn't have to treat me like this."

"Don't worry about it May, it's my treat. Plus, you'll need energy for the contest today. I'll enjoy watching as well." Drew answered.

"I wonder what makes this contest different then any others?" I thought.

"I don't know, but region has a special type of contest and this one isn't any different from any of the others, so don't think too much about it, okay?" He asked.

"Thanks," I responded.

"Yeah, well who do you plan to use?" He asked.

"I'm thinking Beautifly. She's doing well in the contests and we worked hard all summer for her to be ready for the contests here so she deserves it." He nodded in agreement.

We ate and talked a lot, we were enjoying each other's company. It was like a date but a bit less formal and we were both rivals, we could never go on a date unless one of decided not to be a coordinator but I didn't see that happening any day soon. That was definitely our thing, the rivalry and the contests.

∆ (The Contest Center) ∆

After that we went to the performance center and I walked in. "Ah, another newbie coordinator."

"Excuse you I have competed in many other pokémon contests and 4 festivals." I answered to the weird girl who was standing in front of Drew and me.

"Who are you?" She said looking at Drew.

"I'm Drew Kito, who are you?" He answered politely back.

"Dani, the DJ here at the contest, I'm tired of seeing coordinators, can't you all go away." She responded. Drew rolled her eyes.

"Come on May, we have to sign up." Drew said walking away. I followed.

"I'm warning you girl, don't think you stand a chance of winning your first time here, you don't even make half the requirements." She answered to me.

"Don't let her get to you May, ignore her." Drew advised me.

"Thanks, and don't worry I won't," I said giving him a reassuring smile. He walked off then stopped.

"Good; because you're better than that." He answered then continued to walk off, I smiled glad that he didn't think I was a fair coordinator anymore. We arrived at the desk. "Welcome you two, sorry I couldn't make you breakfast." Nurse Joy said apologizing.

"It's alright; Drew took me out for breakfast." I answered.

"That was quite nice of you him, so do you have your forms?"

"Yeah but I was wondering, why are their two entry forms."

She laughed, "You and your partner, of course." She answered.

"My pokémon gets a whole form I asked?" She laughed again.

"No here in Lazio we use two coordinators in a contest, tag-team as they call in else where. We here in Lazio think that working with people, fellow coordinators is an important as fellowship with your pokémon." She said.

"That's insane." I responded.

"No partner, no competing, sorry, that's the rules, bye." She said walking off.

"What!" I yelled. Drew casually walked in the room as normal after hearing me yell.

"What's going on here, I was trying to get a seat and I here you yell." I fell to the floor.

"Her in Lazio you need a partner to compete." I answered.

He sighed and flipped his hair. "Stupid May, you have one, Beautifly."

"No Drew, in addition to a pokémon partner you need another partner coordinator and a pokémon."

"That's interesting." Drew said. "Then I suppose I'll have to sign up as well."

"How will that help? Do you have a partner in mind?" I asked, he sighed.

"You stupid, you and I will compete as partners so we both get a chance." Drew answered, I guess that hadn't crossed my mind, to compete with him made us partners, not rivals. There was a lot of good in this, if we could get along and work together that is.

"Thanks Drew, you saved me."

"Think nothing of it, I mean we're both working it's not a favor to you really. We both get something out of it right."

"Are you prepared?" I asked.

He tossed a pokéball with Rosélia in it up and she came out. He smiled and flipped his hair again. "When am I not?" I sighed and we went outside to create a routine to enter with; after filling out the paperwork of course.

We decided after much thought to use a double butterfly pokémon performance through out the performance and battle levels. We got our passes and we fought through all the fights. I had to honestly say with both of our experience we were shoe-ins to win, I mean Drew and I separate a great but together we're amazing. It's not really surprising if you think of the logic but our performance is breathtaking.

"It seems pretty good, don't you think?" Drew asked me as we sat down with other coordinators and their partners at the table and ate.

"Yeah for no one being here yesterday and now everyone is here it's surprising, only a few hours right Drew?" He nodded and ate something off the table.

"I'm surprised that no where in the rule book it mentioned needing a partner to compete." Drew responded.

"I was wondering that too, I've never even heard of a two coordinator battle." I answered.

"You two definitely are new here. You're not even in the coordinator official region. None of those rules apply. There is three judges but each give you a score and it runs on an average, not everything counts, the beauty, teamwork, and cooperation are the things the judges judge on, not just the pokémon's performance.

"That's crazy no wonder no one else from our region came out here." Drew responded.

"Of course they didn't, all pokémon trainers in general rely on a relationship between pokémon and human; this is throwing in 2 new concepts, another human and their pokémon which has been trained by them and not replies to you. It's a true challenge. Only the best coordinators are able to."

"I guess that would be us."

"Not necessarily accepting the challenge, finding a partner are just two things, when you make it to the grand festival then you are considered a coordinator. You're still a rookie, both of you." Drew smirked.

"Then I suppose that title won't last long, like normal. I wasn't a rookie for more then a year." He asked.

"Neither was I Drew, so we should have no problems." I added.

"You don't seem to act as one that is going to be your major downfall when it comes to competitions." She advised. "I'd recommend being as close to one another as you can, it helps in the competition."

"What is this, a personality competition?" He asked.

"It really is, it tells if you can be a coordinator on both levels, anyone can get a pokémon and befriend it and win a contest but are you good with other people and pokémon is the real challenge." She responded.

"I guess, but we didn't come here to compete like that."

"Well you've signed up, right? So clearly you are going to try to prove yourself by competing with this girl at your side correct?" She asked.

"Yes, May and I are competing, and if she will accept I'd like to ask her to be my partner throughout the entirety of this competition season." I smiled and nodded.

"That would be great Drew."

"So Drew and May are your names, that's unusual. I'm Makita and there is my partner Lorenz." She said pointing to a boy her age. "Lorenz, we've got some newbie coordinators here." She yelled to the boy.

"Really, that's unusual, especially in this region." He said.

"This region?" I asked.

"This is the utmost hard region, only the most advanced coordinators come here, no rookies are allowed in. How many years did you prepare?" He asked.

"Two hours," I answered awkwardly.

"What? They let newbie trainers in here. What has this wondrous contest come to." Drew stood up abruptly.

"Excuse me but we are the top coordinators from the western divisions; don't underestimate us or you'll lose for sure. Come on May," He said walking out.

"I like you attitude Dude but how you treat your partner is sickening, you should work on that." Drew laughed and smirked.

"I may just take that advice." I was surprised that he'd answer that he'd be polite to me and not insult me.

"Good because in most cases you end up falling in love with the one that you partner up with and your relationship with her is going to be horrible if you treat her like that." Drew just nodded and smirked at him.

"Maybe, maybe," He said and he walked away with me following.

∆ (A Bench Outside) ∆

"Hey May you sure about traveling around together?" He asked. I wasn't exactly sure, I kind of decided on the spur of the moment my mind traveled back to what Max and Ash had talked to me about the night before.

"Yeah, I'm sure. I mean this is probably going to be the hardest thing I've done yet." I said answering happily.

"How so?" He asked.

"Because, I have to deal with you." I said sticking my tongue out at him.

"Will you ever grow up?" He asked.

"Will you ever get new lines?" I asked.

"I have some, I just haven't gotten a chance to use them yet, but trust me, I will." He said smirking and looking up at the stars. "They're nice aren't they?" He asked.

"Yes, they are." I really needed to realize which side of Drew I was talking to before I talked or I could make a mistake. There was his mature self, his stuck up self and sometimes another self which I couldn't describe but that one scared me, it was like Ash, willing to do anything to prove a point.

"You ready for the contest tomorrow?" He asked.

"I have to in order to keep up with my partner, the great Drew. I wouldn't want to embarrass you, would I? What would your fan club think?" I said jokingly.

"Like I care, and can you be any more childish, I'm trying to be serious."

"Well I don't feel like it,"

"Well you should, I'm heading in." He answered, he tossed a rose to me and walked away.

"Hey Drew," I said ushering him.

"Yeah?" He asked turning back to me and smiling.

"I'm one hundred percent sure that I want to be here competing with you. It's something new and exciting, I love competing and working with you is something that is different for me but I'm sure in time I'll enjoy your company more then I do. That is when we'll truly be good partners." He smiled and nodded walking off. "Thanks for the rose," I finished stupidly. He waved back to me like normal. It was his way of saying I heard you.

I lied down in my bed and set the rose that Drew had given me on the table in the room. I wondered what it would be like traveling with Drew. I had never traveled with someone my age, well no one close enough that I could develop a crush on; in all reality the guys I traveled with, Ash and Brock were more like brothers like Max then guys. Both boys were 3+ years older then me but traveling with someone like Drew, my age and a dude who was definitely not like family would be confusing, I would need help from Misty, a lot more then normal.

A/N: Well here I am with the first chapter of a story that isn't supposed to exist but it does, ha. I beat myself up over whether to put it up or not but I thought I should. So I did.