Final Chapter- 25: Her Life

∆ (Lazio Region) ∆ - ¤ (10 Years Later) ¤ - Φ (Mindi) Φ

My name is Mindi Kito. You probably don't know me. I'm the daughter of May, formally Adena, and Drew Kito. They are famous pokémon coordinators in the Lazio Region. They did the best in the individuals but it wasn't really their thing. So they both decided that going to the next one is the best thing. The next was to do pairs and that's where they started their success story.

They won every contest they entered. They won 2x as many ribbons plus some than it was required for them to get into the main contest. When they were 16, they were engaged, during that same contest. Before that they were just mere competitors. I took a life in Coordinating but that wasn't where I succeeded, I just got 1 ribbon cup, but a new type of jobs were offered for pokémon lovers like me. That's where I stand.

It's called team battling, two team members again a world of competitors. The more metals you have, the farther you go. I just have one problem; I need a partner. My parents said that I'll find a partner, but I highly doubt that. I mean, this is the first time I've ever left the Coordinating community. I won't know anyone. Like they'd trust my skills in abilities to do such events like this.

"Daddy, do you truly believe that I can find a partner?" I asked my friends.

"Of course Mindi. You'll find someone. As the rules say it doesn't matter if you changed partners between matches, as long as you have a partner, it would be unfair otherwise."

"Of course I understand that."

"You'll find a sibling sis." Ken, now 10 said. He's my little brother, but I love him all the same. I wished him luck in coming along with me to start his own life in Coordinating or whatever he chooses to do. I love how Lazio offers these amazing innovative contests and matches, it's so different, so cool.

"I hope so. I don't want to get behind, you know."

"It's a great tournament, you'll do fine. Remember, if you loose you have to give up a metal but if you have no metals, then you can't compete anymore so make sure you don't loose."

"I won't, I promise." I said to my little brother Ken. I couldn't rightfully promise that since you know, I had another person to rely on and I generally disliked relying on others but my parents said it's in my blood to be good at it. I sure hope so.

"Are we leaving now or not?" Ken asked with all his stuff packed up on his Taurus. He jumped on it's back and I got on Ponyta and we rode off. They didn't mind us riding them, they enjoyed it. Taurus sometimes complained but that's when Ken would let him walk by himself. Ken could walk fine but enjoyed riding better. Ponyta loved being ridden more than most ponyta's did.

I'm about 5'9". It's a good size for someone my age. I'm 16 by the way, if I didn't say so. So I'm traveling with my brother Ken Kito. We're arriving in mainland Lazio so we're going into the pokémon center.

Someone smashed into me and I landed on the ground. I looked up to see Alex.

"Hey Alex." I said. It's been a while since I've seen him. He was the son of my parents' best friends, Ash and Misty.

"Hey… forgot your name. Sorry." I noticed there was a pokémon, a Pikachu beside him. He picked it up and put him on his shoulder.

"It's fine. I'm Mindi."

"Really and truly?" He asked, joking.

"Yes. How are you?"

"Cool. I'm starting out on my journey now."


"No. I've been for the last few years, 6."

"Why did you say starting out now."

"I was talking about nowadays, Mindi."

"Oh. It has been 6 years since we talked. I didn't know you were here though."

"Me too. About you that is." I giggled, unknowingly.

"So what kind of pokémon you got in your arsenal?" He asked.

"A Squirtle, a beautifly, a pontya, a Rosélia and a Haunter. Oh yeah, and Alakazam."

"Wow, you've got quite a collection."

"Not really. My parents gave me the Squirtle, Beautifly and Rosélia." I said. "It's a family thing, the Beautifly and Rosélia. Squirtle was just my starter pokémon."

"Oh… your parents are…"

"They work at the Coordinating College."

"Right, I forget a lot of things."

"Your pokémon?"

"No… I remembered them… this time."

"This time?"

"I left them at home… once… or twice." He said laughing.


"Mom was laughing about it but my dad was sulking, not sure why though."

"Maybe he's done that before?" I suggested to him.

"Maybe." He said. "But my dad's a head gym leader, so I somehow don't think so."

"Everyone makes mistakes." I reminded him.


"So where's your partner?" I asked.

"And yours?" He asked.

"Don't got one." I answered.

"Me neither, but so what." He said.

"You need one to go."

"I'll manage when I get there."

"As if." I said.

"What about you?"

"I'm trying to find a partner, and I will before we get there."

"News to you, we're already there." I looked at the clock, it was time for us to sign-up and me without a partner. How long had we been talking? "You were already here when you ran into me too, if you didn't forget."

"Ahem. I think you ran into me."

"No… you did."

"Whatever. Bye."

"Stop." He said. I turned around. "Why don't we partner up, we don't have time to both search around. We're both excellent right?"

"Yes, I think you maybe."

"Likewise with you, I've never seen your skills but you've obviously got some if you made it here."

"Ahem. I've already won a ribbon cup."

"And I've got a trophy from the Johto League too. So what?" He said.

"Whatever, let's go. You're right, we both need a partner and all we have to trust in for these matches is each other."

"That was uplifting." He said sarcastically. "We have a friendship through our parents and major skills, so we have that and our pokémon. The bonds may be difficult but we can handle it. Communication is key."

"Yeah… exactly." I said with a smile.

"That's better. Now let's go." He said pulling me to the desk as we signed paperwork.

Mindi Kito, 16, former contest coordinator. Pokémon: Alakazam, Beautifly, Rosélia, Squirtle, Haunter and Ponyta. I wrote on the slip of paper.

Alex Ketchum, 16, former trainer. Pokémon: Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Charzard and Raticate. I saw on his paper.

We went on stage, the battle would be tough and I didn't know what to expect, but I hoped that it would be something that would help us win.

"First Team Up." A voice called. She was the announcer, Lillian Best. "Alex and Mindi. You're up."

"Ready?" He asked with a pokéball in hand.

"Yeah, of course." I said.

"What pokémon ya using?" He asked.

"Um… what do you suggest?"

"I'm using Pikachu so go with… a grass pokémon. How about Beautifly?"

"Sounds good." I answered pulling her pokémon off my belt my mom had created for my pokémon.

We stepped up and I threw the pokéball out. His Pikachu just jumped off his shoulder. "Pikachu… Beautifly… we choose you." We called.

Our opponents had a Charmander and a Blastoise which was an interesting combination since we could easily turn their attacks against them. I couldn't wait to see if he could see that.

"Guys, you can use walkie-talkie headphones if you need them." Lillian said holding them out in her hands. She looked to be about our age, maybe older. Like 20 maybe.

"Sure, sounds good to me." I said taking one.

"Sweet." He said snatching it from her and putting it on his ear.

"There is… an optional communicator for your pokémon." She suggested.

"A communicator?" I asked.

"Yeah, it's used during contests nowadays to communicate commands between trainer and pokémon."

"Ha. I don't do that." I said.

"You don't?" He asked.

"Mom said that it's an advantage to have a bond with a code between only you and your pokémon."

"What about teams?"

"Mom was best at that, dad too, you know that."

"Your dad knew the code?"

"No, he went with whatever she did, and vice versa. They knew everything the other was going to do before they did it. It was the most phenomenal thing, to this day that a pair has ever done. Next to my dad's birth parents' achievements, that was amazing as well." I said smiling.

"Could you do me a favor and just tell me what you mean since I don't have that sort of bond with you?" He asked.

"Of course I will. I would never expect you to be as good and close as my parents were. I mean we barely know each other that well, beyond the point that we've just truly learned about each other and they had years to bond, it's just a challenge. I wouldn't expect you to."

"Go to hear it. But I know eventually, I'll learn about you."

"Me too. We'll get to know each other, because… it's important to this. I mean, if anyone would make a good team, we would, right?"

"Yep, definitely." He said.

"Sweet so let's show them the best we can do."

We stepped onto the arena. It was huge and there were people all around, every match was like a contest, millions of cheering fans waiting for a match and you could sit all day and watch matches, or come for only the best, or the worst, whatever your style was. It was amazing and a new generation of contests.

We were the first match. Our opponents were just staring at us. "Begin." She said. These weren't contest rules, and I wasn't good with battle rules. I'd need some help with that.

"I'll do an attack, then when they return the attack, which they will. Reflect it back at them. I'll make sure there's no interference. Got that pokémon?" I called to them.

"Beauti-fly." Beautifly answered.

"Pika." It answered.

"9." I called to Beautifly through the speaker.

Silver Wind flew across the stage. The countered, as expected, he used a light field, sending the attack. I used Safeguard-reverse to hold them pokémon there as the field was charged with a combination of attacks. "What is that?"

"A unique technique of my parents." I said. "Just watch." I said with a smile.

A combination of all of its attacks that were blasted inside, including their own took out their fire pokémon. Now for the remaining one. "I got this." He said. "Pikachu, thunderbolt."

Thunder shot across the field from the small electric mouse shocking the water pokémon to submission from being too confused to counter. "What a bore." I said.

"Totally not a challenge." He answered.

"We did pretty well didn't we?" I asked.

"You did most of it." He said.

"Yeah but I couldn't have done it alone, and that's all that matters."

"Well… you certainly got skills Madame Mindi." A voice said. I turned around to see a girl that was walking proudly toward me. Kais. (Kay-est). She was the daughter of my parents' friends slash opponents Harley and Solidad. She's never beaten me a day in her life but she thinks she's so much better.

"Yes, just like her parents. Drew and May." Solidad, my parents' friend said putting a hand on her daughter's shoulders. They traveled with their darling daughter, what pests.

"Who are these guys?" Alex asked.

"You are?" Harley said.

"What a joke Kais, to come here." I said sighing. "If I'm here, and you're here, why did you come?"

'To beat you. I mean you're weaker with a partner. My mom and dad said so."

"Be adventurous… stay with mommy and daddy." Alex said laughing.

"Ahem. What are you saying?" Kais said walking up to Alex.

"Be careful about him, a challenger." Solidad said. "Misty and Ash's child."

"Really?" Harley said, laughing. "I thought they'd have more than a kid like him."

"Don't underestimate me, or I'll beat you." Alex warned them.

"As if." Harley said.

"You like partner contest matches right?" I asked. They all looked at me.

"Yes we do." Solidad answered with a smile.

"I challenge you both to a contest match, partners." I said.

"Mindi?" Alex asked.

"They are minor league Alex. It's a contest battle."

"I don't think we should underestimate them."

"We're not." I answered. "I know them. I know we're better."

"Alright, if you say so." He said.

"Squirtle, I choose you." I said tossing out its pokéball.

"A week starter pokémon?" Solidad asked. "I'm afraid you like challenges… don't you?"

"Do you?"

"Yes I do."

"So do I, but the only challenge is the one for me, for you. Your going to be challenged." I said. "I promise you that."

"You've got May's spunk and Drew's back talk, but do you have their skill?" Harley said.

"I'm both of their child so I'm sure I've got some skill, right?" I said.

"Let me give you a hint, personality and skill come with raising a child and training, not birth." Solidad told me.

"I wouldn't be so sure, Mom and Dad's parents were both amazing as well, well… their birth parents were so I'm sure that 3G of amazing trainers and coordinators won't stop with me." I yelled.

"I'm beginning to really get a feel of your personality. I like it. Let's go all out. No holding back because they're… well them." Alex said.

"I wasn't planning on it. Always full forward." I answered.

"You two think you can win… against my parents?" Kais asked.

"I'm sure." I said.

"Me too." Alex said.

"You are crazy." Kais said. "But I'm sure I'll learn something from this about going beyond my reaches is something."

"Talk later, battle now." Alex said, his Pikachu jumping off his shoulder.

"Doesn't it need rest?"

"Nah. He's cool. Aren't you little buddy?"

"Pika… chu." It said. I smiled. This is going to be great. I wish it could be on TV. Boy would mom and dad be proud, but they'd believe me if I said it. Alex's parents would too, I just know it.'

"I choose you Cacturne." Harley said as he threw the pokéball.

"Dewgong, your up." Solidad said as she followed likewise.

"One Grass, one Electric, and two Water pokémon. So easy… so sweet." I said.

"Man how lucky is it that we've got their weaknesses covered by picking first?"

"Never underestimate us by types." Harley said.

"I'm just making a point." I said.

"Dewgong… In snow, the pure white coat covering its body obscures it from predators." My pokédex said as I pulled it out and pointed it at the water/ice pokémon. I read the stats, they weren't so favorable compared to my Squirtle, it being a much higher, but then again we've gone against everything and still won. With Alex there. We'd be sure to win.

"Cacturne… It becomes active at night, seeking prey that is exhausted from the day's desert heat." Alex's pokédex read to us.

I was actually having a problem discovering how to beat them. I know that Pikachu could handle her Dewgong but that would leave me with another fully evolved Cacturne. "Don't worry Min."


"Min, it's short for your name."

"Not that." I yelled. I sighed, I wasn't an idiot. "I'm not worried." I said.

"I can read your face, your so obvious." He said. "We'll win, I know we will."

"So did I, but it just might not be as easy as we though." I said.

"I'm cool with a challenge. The more challenge the better. I don't like to be bored." He said.

I smiled. "That's good to think like that. I'm up for a challenge. Haven't had one in quite a while anyway. I mean, how could we expect it to be easy anyway."

"Now that I think about it…" He was laughing. "We thought we could easily beat our parents' greatest rivals though we've learned most of our stuff from them. And they were taught under your parents too."

"But we've got the skills to compete." I said.

'Yes, definitely." He agreed.

"Who's the judge?" Solidad asked.

"I will." Lillian, the DJ during my parents' days walked over.

Solidad hugged her. 'It's Lillian from my contest days. She was a show coordinator."

"In shows?" Alex asked, not having taken history of Coordinating like I had through my parents.

"No. I was a DJ." Lillian answered.

"Oh." Alex said.

"Shall we start in the stadium nearby, the others are there from your fight earlier."

"Sure." I said.

"I'm sure there are many people still there. We'll take it as a little… break for the people."

"Sweet." Alex said.

"We should rest but then again… we can handle it." I said.

"We'll just let them rest until 2 more rounds." He suggested.

We arrived at the building, climbed up with our pokémon, and prepared ourselves. "Ready? 1, 2, 3, begin." Lillian yelled.

"Remember in contest battles, beauty before power." I said as we began.

"I know. I've seen my mom in contests before."

"I didn't know she coordinated."

"On occasion, in water-only shows."

"Oh yeah, she's a gym leader too."

"She and dad go back in forth like that."

The first attack was launched by them since we were busy talking but we dodged gracefully. His Pikachu jumped and so did my Squirtle.

"Water + Electric equals strength." He said.

I got the message. "K. Pikachu jump on Squirtle after I say go. Squirtle… air hydro pump." He flew up into the air and sprayed water everywhere. "Go."

"Pikachu… conduct a thunderbolt through the water." Pikachu did and they scattered but were covered in water already and the water through the air shocked them. Dewgong tried to counter but we dodged mid-air by hitting the wall with water.

Their points dropped a bunch. Our pokémon landed and then Cacturne did a needle spray.

"Protect." He called. Squirtle recoiled and stayed stuck in place, a technique I taught him. One that was all my own. Their points dropped farther.

"Protect Reverse." I called.


"I know I can't… but you can. Just use protect on them." I said.

"I'll try."

"Focus on flipping the attack Pikachu. Image my attack. You can do it." I called to it. After a few seconds, it worked. "Full force electric attacks." I said.

Cacturne made it through but the water covered Dewgong that was entrapped was knocked out, knocking them to half of their points and less from before. "I'll finish this up." I turned to Squirtle.

"23-34." I told it.

'Squirtle." I jumped into the air and made a frozen pole from the ceiling, landing on the landing part it had made.

"Now." I called. It did a compination of skull bash, secret power and flying ice beam." It took the hits and was breathing horsely.

'I've got it." He said. There was an explosion. "Protect.' He called and Squirtle was knocked out.

"Squirtle." I said, gasping for it. Something hit me hard. It was Squirtle. I slid a bit across the floor but stabilized myself before I hit the wall.

"Min, you okay?"

"Yeah." I said, falling to my knees. "You okay Squirtle?'

'Squirt… tel." It said.

"It's okay. Come on Alex." I said.

'I've got it." He used a technique which seemed like an attempt at what Squirtle had just done except he held them with a thunder bind and shocked him while firing many attacks. We won. I sighed.

Pikachu jumped on his shoulder as he ran over to me. He knelt beside me. "Are you okay?"

"I had the wind knocked out of me… nothing big. Worst things have happened. And could have."

"Squirtle needs attention." Lillian said. I nodded handing it to her, as I trusted her to care for my pokémon.

Alex took my hand and helped me out. "You are amazing."

"So are you. Without your special individual techniques I couldn't have done it. Would have lost lots of points for attemps. I don't think things through and you gave Pikachu major confidence."

"He's welcome." I said rubbing the head of the little mouse pokémon. "You're a cutie aren't you?' I said. I looked at Alex and he was blushing. "I was talking to Pikachu."

"Oh… yeah right." I giggled. "But you're cute yourself too." I kissed his cheek and ran off to check on my pokémon.

My phone rang; it was mom or dad. "Hey guys." I said.

'It's me. That was amazing, beyond spektactular." My mom said.

"I agree, perfect." Dad added.

"That's Alex, right?" Mom asked.

"Mhm. We're probably going to be working together for a while."

'Well have fun. Congrats. That was a huge win for you guys."

"I know, but…"

"Don't say anything, a team win. Bye." Dad said hanging up.

"Dad." I said sighing.

"He's always like that when people doubt themselves. You and Alex won. That's all that matters." She said with a smile.

"Alright, bye mom."

"Bye sweetheart." Mom said hanging up the phone. I walked into the room and Squirtle jumped into my arms.

"That was quick." I said.

"He wasn't hit that bad. They didn't get to make very many moves did they?"

"No but that last one was…"

"Your mother's or father's original move. I forget which one's."

"I'll ask them another day."

"But no one could copy it like they did it."

"I know, not ever me." I said laughing. "Thanks."

I put Squirtle back into his pokéball and walked out of the pokémon care room. Alex was waiting for me. "Hey Min…"

"We should work together." I said. "We make an excellent team."

"Yes we do. And… I'd like that." He said, laughing.


"Would you go out with me?" He asked, suddenly.

"Sure." I said with a smile. "I'd like that." I mimicked him. I took his Pikachu and ran off.

"Where are you going?"

"Anywhere but here until our next match." I said with a smile, still running but turning around.

"That's my Pikachu."

"I know but he's so adorable. I want to play with him. Pikachu, you want to come with me?"

"Pika." It said, it seemed happy enough.

"Man Pikachu, come back to me.'

"Sorry but see you later." I said as I ran off until Pikachu and I were at the beach. Alex arrived and we laughed as we swam together in the ocean until our next match. We smelled like the ocean, how free it was. I'm glad that Alex and I were together… like my parents and his parents were. Expect we admitted it easily that we liked one another unlike our parents. Yet we had only barely just met. It was a Welcome Partnership.