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Full Summary: Kagura choice to defy Naraku lead to the big showdown between Inuyasha, his friends, and Sesshomaru. Kagura promised her former master that she would not die until he was slain and her reward was to live out her life taking care of his 'child'. Near death Kagura sees Sesshomaru and he saves her, but slowly something begins to form. As the two become closer, slowly Kagura remembers her master's threat and she begin to retreat. What is she to do now? What will Sesshomaru do if he finds out? Or will they even get close enough to each other for Sesshomaru to care?


Chapter 1: Deceiving Naraku

'I just wanted to him one more time, before…before!' "Uh!"

"Are you quite comfortable, Kagura?"

Kagura's head snapped up at the sound of her secret enemy's voice; Hakudoshi. The small child told before Kagura and looked at her chained, naked, and badly injuried form. "You been a bad girl and now you shall be punished."

Then suddenly a blast of power hit her from the left then struck her from the right. Kagura winced and hissed in pain as sweat poured from her temples and blood from her body. She would die before she satisfied that evil demon's lust for her screams of pain. "Oh I don't worry, Kagura. I'm satisfied with just your death being near! DIE!"

"N-NO! SESSHOMARU!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


"Mi'lord did you hear something?"

"…No, something on the wind… Jarken?"

"Y-yes Mi'lord?"

"Watch Rin."

"But Mi'lord, Where are you going without your trusted SERVENT!!!!!!!!!!? Oh… Rin!"

"Yes Master Jarken?"

"Lord Sesshomaru has departed and we shall camp here till he returns!"


Sesshomaru raced toward the earth shaking sound of what sounded like…Kagura's voice. 'Naraku must be near…she didn't lie and yet I still didn't find what I was looking for. That stupid wench is most likely paying for her treachery.' Sesshomaru continued to race onward as he neared her screams. As he drew closer to the sound, Sesshomaru dug into his inner hakama pocket and pulled out the crystals of the mountain demon. The aura of the plant disappeared and Sesshomaru frowned as he neared the castle of Naraku.

As he drew closer and closer, he saw his half-brother and his human companions fighting against what appeared to be some tall, mutated demon of some sort. That ghost child seems to be controlling him but that didn't matter to Sesshomaru at all. So Sesshomaru ran right pass them and heard Inuyasha cry out, "Hey, leave Naraku to me!"

Sesshomaru's reply was quick and smooth, "Inuyasha, I do not have time to waste on you."

All he cared about was reaching the castle, killing that cold, conniving, meddlesome bastard and he would kill him, too. As Sesshomaru entered the courtyard, thousands of demons sprang upon him, all ready to devour his flesh. Sesshomaru glanced quickly to his left and right, then up into the air as he drew out Tokigin and prepared for battle. "You are in my way and shall perish for your foolishness!"

With a quick sweep of his sword, Sesshomaru took out half of the demon fleet, but sadly more poured into view. Sesshomaru growled slightly at the annoyance, but kept a steady eye as he examined the position of each and every demon present. If it was a fight they wanted, then they picked the perfect man, because Sesshomaru perfect for fighting. So, Sesshomaru the greatest warrior readied his sword for another taste of the demons' blood.


A quick but powerful punch to the right and then to the left. Kagura's face was bloodied and bruised. Why did she think that the demon lord would come to her rescue? Was she really that far gone? Kagura cracked open her good eye (which wasn't really that good, her right eye was just least swollen than her left.) and looked at her assailant. Hakudoshi smirked as he watched Kagura spit up more blood. Something in his mind began to wonder and Hakudoshi found himself laughing at the thought. Kagura frowned but remained silent and waited for him to speak, and he didn't disappoint her. "How could something with no heart have blood? I am amused, Kagura, answer me."

Kagura turned her head away from him and refused to answer him. This angered Hakudoshi even more and he sent a powerful blow to Kagura's face, arms, and legs. Kagura's eyes popped open as a sharp gasp rang from her lips. Her skin was burning and practically melting off her bones, why won't he just kill her already? "Because there wouldn't be any fun in that, Kagura."

"Stop reading my mind already, you little parasite!"

"Hem-hemhem-hem…Kagura, what a sharp tongue you have. Maybe I should cut it out, but then there will be no screams of pleasure. Maybe I ought to-"

"I will handle this."

"Yes, Naraku. You've gotten off easy, Kagura. Shall I assist Kanna in battle?"

"Yes, and see to it that Sesshomaru is taken care of as well."


As soon as Hakudoshi left Naraku slapped Kagura hard across the face, the sound echoing off the walls. Kagura spitted out the blood in disgust and turned flaming eyes to Naraku. He coolly assessed her then brought his hand up to caress the same cheek he had bruised. Kagura yanked away from his touch and then mustered up enough moister to spit in his face. Naraku's hand flew to Kagura's neck and he instantly began choking her. Her life force began to slip away as Naraku continued to choke her. "Kagura," his voice the evil calm it always was, "Is this how you pictured your life would end? By the hand of your creator?"

Kagura struggled to speak, struggled to breathe as she spoke these words. "I…will…not…" Kagura stopped to gasp as Naraku tightened his grip on her windpipe. She felt it crushing under his powerful fist and feared she'd never be able to spill the words inside her if she didn't say it now. And so with great strength, Kagura forced herself to continue. "Die! …Until…you have…drawn…your…last…breath…"

"Haku-haku How very noble, Kagura, but you forget. It is I who holds your heart, it is I who tells you when to die! You have tried my patience once again, even after I spared you mercy. Do you remember? You told me you wouldn't, Kagura. You gave me your word that you wouldn't disobey me again and look what happened. Hem-hem-hemhem. I should absorb you back into my body and have nothing else to do with you, would you like that?"

Kagura said nothing, but continued to frown at Naraku. Her life was quickly slipping away, but she had to hold on if she wanted to see Naraku fall; she had to. But everything was becoming so blurry. Naraku saw this and released Kagura at once, then looked at her again. "Kagura, I have one favor of you and you shall not deny me of it. This is to insure my survival if I shall perish…"

Naraku tore a piece of his flesh and held it between his fingers, then looked at slowly before looking to Kagura. A frown was on her face and Naraku smiled at her confusion. Then just as quick he jammed his fist into her body and retracted it. Satisfaction rang on his face as he watched Kagura crumble under the force of the blow. "You shall bare my new body when the time comes and you shall live miserly while it happens. My return shall be inevitable."

Kagura's eyes widened to degrees unknown as she tried to fight off the intense pain and the shock of Naraku's words. She wasn't going to die but live as a dead soul, caring for her slave master! She was the wind and she deserved to be free, free in life or free in death! She was going to die knowing Naraku was slain! "Kagura, you have so much freewill in this body of yours, I think its time I change that."


Inuyasha and his crew battled the human fused demon but nothing seemed to stop him. Every time Inuyasha or Sango would hack off a body part more would grow to replace it and the depart skin leapt at Inuyasha or Sango. Kagome stood off a little ways from battle with Shippo and watch as the others did battle. A plot was starting to form in her head but Kagome wasn't sure if she had it all figure out just yet. "Kagome, do you think Inuyasha and the others will be okay?"

"I don't know, Shippo, I'm sure hoping they will be."

Another piece of the demon was hacked off and as expected the demon replaced the lost limb as the departed flesh leapt toward Sango. Inuyasha jumped in the way and counter attacked with his Adamant Mirage. The demon took the blow but instead of being destroyed like he almost was when Hakudoshi was around, the demon absorbed the crystals and began to strike Inuyasha. Miroku opened up his wind tunnel and tried to suck the demon into his void but the poison wasps (I don't know how to spell their proper name. Sorry t.t!) showed up and began to fly into his void.

As more and more wasps flew, Miroku continued to suck them up until Sango knocked the man in the head with her Hirakotsu and began yelling at him. "Miroku, you idiot! You'll die if keep that up!"

"I've got it! Miroku, give me a sutra!" Kagome ran toward Miroku and grabbed the sutra before wrapping it around her arrow. "I hope this works."

Kagome looked at Inuyasha and watched as he battled the demon. She gulped down her fear then stung her bow and aimed for the demon's chest. Sweat dripped from her temple as she steadied her hand. 'Hit the mark!' And she let it fly and watched as the arrow pierced the demon's chest and was purified by Kagome's arrow and Miroku's sutra. Then Kagome laced another arrow and aimed it at Kanna. She pulled the bow tight then sent the arrow soaring, heading straight for Kanna's mirror. Kanna held up her mirror and watched the arrow fly straight into its depth. Kanna raised her eyes from the mirror and looked at Kagome with dead eyes.

"Are not aware of the mirror's power? Why do you shoot arrows into…huh? …The mirror is shaking…"

Kanna continued to stare at the mirror until the arrow came out the back and pierced her. Kanna looked up at Kagome in shock then quietly dissolved away into white dust, but not before whispering in that quiet voice of hers. "My gift and mirror has fallen, just as Naraku will…"

Inuyasha wasted no time and ran ahead into the courtyard and the others followed. There they saw Sesshomaru battling Hakudoshi and the countless demons Naraku had sent. Inuyasha and his crew quickly joined in. Sesshomaru saw this and became angered. "I do not need your useless assistance."

"I ain't here to help, I just want Naraku."

"Inuyasha, you are nothing more then a disgrace to our father's name. I will take care of Naraku."

"Keh, as if I'd let ya!" And with that the two brothers went to work battling their number one foe. Sesshomaru was sleek and graceful with his deadly moves, Inuyasha was brutal and reckless in his. The two brothers cleared the courtyard and made sure to stay out of each other's way. Hakudoshi watched on and smiled at the little show that they were putting on. Inuyasha's crew continued to battle the lesser demons, while the dog brothers took care of the stronger ones. "Hem-hemhem-hem. So, the two dog demon brothers are fighting together for once, what a coincidence."

"I have no desire to join Inuyasha's little circle of weakness."

"Keh, we just share a common interest."

"Oh? And what's that?"

Sesshomaru whipped his sword so that the blood of the lower demon was shaken off his blade, then he said in a cool voice. "Your master's death."

And before Inuyasha could even begin to think about striking, Sesshomaru brought his blade in a diagonal slice through Hakudoshi's body. Shock covered everyone's face even Hakudoshi as he gasped in much need air. "You will not…win!"

He soon vanished from view, Sesshomaru raced forward into the castle of Naraku. Inuyasha and his crew did the same and went the opposite way of Sesshomaru. As Sesshomaru raced forward a smell assaulted his nose and his mind became puzzled at the scent. 'Kagura…'

Sesshomaru sped up as he ran through the fortress and down another hall. Naraku was near and if he was right, which he always is, he was with Kagura. Finally the blood of his enemy would be repaid and he would finally have Naraku's blood on his blade. As Sesshomaru continued to think about this thought his blood began to boil and his anger ran hot. 'Just one more corner.'


Kagura sat, still positioned against the cold cobble walls in iron chains, nearly unconscious. Her body ached in places she never thought possible. She was close to her end and from the way things were looking, she'd never live long enough to see Naraku die. At this sad admission Kagura began to cry silent tears. She wasn't going to live to see Naraku fall or feel even a second of freedom before she passed. Naraku had broken most of her limbs and he continued to assault her. Suddenly he stopped his abuse and looked back at the doorway before turning to look at Kagura. "Hem-hemhem-hem…It seems Sesshomaru has found you."

With a snap of his wrist the iron clasps disappeared and Kagura fell in a crumpled heap to the floor. Slowly she began to collect herself even as the pain surged through her body. Naraku watched as she struggled to stand or even sit up and he chuckled. "Here's another chance to prove yourself, Kagura. Do not disappoint me."

Naraku disappeared but left her fan behind and Kagura struggled to her feet then walked to where the fan stood suspended in the air. Her legs wobbled and her feet tripped, but she made it to the fan. And slowly she brought her hand up to clasp the fan. Her good arm shook with nervousness and pain, and just as she had grasped the fan Sesshomaru ran into the room. Shocked by Kagura's nudity and her many bruises, Sesshomaru stopped just in the doorway and stared at her in disbelief. Although his emotions remained covered, he still stood there not sure what to do.

Kagura on the other hand had matched his hidden emotions with her own. As soon as she saw Sesshomaru, her brain went into auto and her instincts told her to reveal no pain. So, there stood Kagura in her usual high and mighty stance-naked. "What's the matter Sesshomaru, never seen a naked lady before?"

"Where is Naraku?"

"Hm. So the man can speak, how amusing."

"Wind Sorceress, you are trying my patience."

Kagura slowly brought her fan up into the air and slightly bowed her head before whispering, "Die!"

Sesshomaru moved quick as lightening and before Kagura could strike a blow, he had her pent against the wall; his fist around her neck. Kagura's eyes widened in shock as she stared into the eyes of her secret love. "Wind witch, you try too many…I will kill you right now, if you do not tell where Naraku has hidden."

Kagura slowly closed her eyes and managed an elegant chuckle, before opening her eyes again to stare deeply into his, "You'll be making my day. I'd rather die than to be force to complete the task I given…"

Kagura dropped her fan and instead slowly let her hand creep up Sesshomaru's arm and over his shoulder. Sesshomaru tensed slightly but refused to be intimidated by a woman, so he was utterly shocked when Kagura pressed her lips against his. His sword fell away from his hand and demon howled. How did she know how to set him off like that? How did she know? Sesshomaru let these questions fall away as deepen the kiss that they were sharing.

Kagura pulled away first and promptly pushed Sesshomaru away before stooping to pick her discarded fan. When she moved to stand Sesshomaru already had his sword pointed at her neck and she smiled. A bitter smile, but a smile nonetheless. "How many times must I tell you, I care not for my life anymore. So, kill me. …Come on! What are you waiting for?"

"You are injured."

"Well thanks for the obvious, now complete what you have come here for."

"You are not who I seek."

Sesshomaru quickly turned on a heel and walked out the room in search of his target. As he left Kagura behind, his mind couldn't help wander to that kiss and the soft, luscious feel of those fire red lips of hers. Sesshomaru blinked his eyes and discarded the memory altogether. He came here for one purpose and that was solely Naraku, everything else was strictly a distraction from his main purpose. As Sesshomaru rounded the last corner he saw his brother, Inuyasha slicing the demon baby in half as his wench and dead wench purified Naraku. He'd missed the whole battle because of some whore who happened to have kissed him.

The quiet stumbling of feet caught Sesshomaru's attention and instantly he knew it was Kagura. The woman fell to her knees and laughed and cried as she watched Naraku be destroyed. Sesshomaru walked away from her and out into the courtyard then out of the fortress never to return. Kagura sat in a daze as she watched Inuyasha pick up the fonyoshoshi (that crystal ball that belonged to the demon mountain) and Kagome pick up the jewel. She brought her piece out and took the piece from Kohaku, Kouga, and Miroku then fused the jewel together. Kagura also watched as the young purified the jewel and place it on a necklace around her neck. Her eyes began to blur, but it was just the tears from her crying. Kagura sat there on the floor and watched the dead priestess crumbled into the soil and a bright light come forth from her body and jump into Kagome's. Kagome turned to Inuyasha and they both in turned looked at their other companions and walked off into the misty fog.

All the while, Kagura sat and watched as the people who defeated her master leave and her vision began to blur and spin. A soft thud hit the wooden floor of the fortress, but no one was around to hear it. Kagura laid dead on the floor with a smile on her face, for her wish was complied. For at least a few precious moments, Kagura the Wind Sorceress lived free…


"Hm…are you awake, Wind Lady?"

"Uhn… …Where am I?" Kagura sat up and took in her surroundings. Everything was not as she remembered it to be, this most definitely was not her prison. "You are with Lord Sesshomaru! Oh Master Jarken, the Wind Lady has awaken, this Rin saw it!"

Kagura suddenly realized that she was in a grassy field under a tree. It looked to be around noon. Kagura looked down at her person and discovered that she was fully clothed. Kagura was just about to stand when the loud and bothersome toad came with the equally loud human child. "I see that you're up and about! Are you leaving without M'lord's order?"

"Look imp, I have no time for your swacking."

Kagura began walking when a voice she longed to hear stopped her. "Leaving…after I rescued you?"

Kagura smiled and turned to face the demon she secretly wanted and bowed her head slightly. "I am the wind and I deserve to be free."

"You deserve no such thing! After Lord Sesshomaru saved your life, you deserve to serve him!"

"I Serve No One And Never Will Again! …Thank you, Sesshomaru, I take my leave now." Kagura pulled a feather from her hair and took to the sky. As she floated higher and higher into the air, her eyes never left his and she made a solid promise to return to him someday.

As Kagura went further and further out of eye sight, Sesshomaru became more and more angrier. When the woman was nothing more than a dot of the horizon, Sesshomaru turned his attention to Jarken and glared him down. "Jarken…"

"Yes M'lord?" And that was the last thing he said after Sesshomaru promptly thwarted the imp on the head with his foot. 'Kagura…' His mind sighed, there was just something about her. He would meet her again, that was his sole promise. And Sesshomaru never broke a promise.


So? How did you like? This is my 1st Sess/Kagura story. I just had to write this when I saw the last episode of Inuyasha. I mean we all knew the feelings were there, but who would have thought Kagura would attempt them; even to herself!? Shocked. I knew I was. Okay plz review, thanks!