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Chapter 4: My Opening Eyes

Wanting…wanting but not daring to stay or do something to achieve that wanting, Kagura left. She left and flew further from the sight of her demon lover. Everything was crumbling around her and yet Kagura could nothing to stop it-stop her heart…from melting. She forced her head upward into the nightly sky to keep from looking back at Sesshomaru. Her bottom lip trembled with dis-satisfaction as she flew through the night sky. Dis-satisfaction in the fact that she still wanted Sesshomaru and her body still wasn't filled with the taste it had received.

'That's right, it was just a taste of what I really wanted, but was I going to do!? The man was getting dress, clearly he had been satisfied.' Kagura groaned as she further from her source of treatment and back to her castle and land which she ruled. Kagura slowed her retreat just a bit as she passed over a cluster of trees. In the night sky everything looked more at peace and Kagura felt this was her only time to completely honest with herself. Honest about the fact that she had been lying to herself about everything… Lying about how she felt toward Sesshomaru.

"Sesshomaru…?" Kagura bowed her head in shame as she flew over the resting trees and land. Who was she kidding, Sesshomaru was-is nothing more than a great rut and she planned to keep it that way. But… Kagura raised her head toward the stars as a tear fell from her eyes. 'If Sesshomaru was nothing but a rut then why is my heart saying he's more? Why is my pulse racing and he's not even around? What is wrong with me?'

Kagura zoomed across the sky as her heart and mind began to whirl with questions she had no answer to. Kagura happened to look down and saw a large stripe of barren land that was surrounded by greenery. This small thing puzzled her, and slowly the wind sorceress began her descend from the sky. Kagura hopped off her feather and stuck the ride into her hair as she began her look around. As she took in the sight, a thought began to accrue to her. this place that she was seeing, from the looks of it used to be a castle. Or maybe a village. Whatever it was or had been was most likely the cause of why the land was barren now. But still curiosity called her forward again and Kagura walked forward.

A few steps and there she stood in the very center of the barren land. The wind demon took out her fan and positioned it in front of her nose. The smell in this particular spot was horrible. Why is it that she was suddenly starting to feel sick. A sharp pain flew through her body, making Kagura drop her trusty fan. Her eyes began to dilate as the pain continued to course through her. "What…is…happen…ing?"

Kagura fell to her knees as sweat began to pour at her temples. Her body shook with unlimited pain. Moving was a nightmare not to mention-that at this moment impossible. Kagura grind her teeth together in a small attempt to gain control. What was happening? Why is this happening? Kagura closed her eyes tightly as she tried with all her might to block out the pain. She had to fight it! Gasping and out of breath, Kagura slowly opened her eyes to see a blurred version of her hands. She slightly moved her fore finger and shouted in pain. She had to get out of here and fast. Something was wrong with this place and she needed to escape. But how? How was she going to flee when she couldn't even move?

Kagura forced her eyes open once more and tried to bring them to focus…no use. She moved her pupils and hissed in pain. Her eyes landed on her fan and she forced her hand to reach for it. An anguished cry tore from her throat, but she managed to wrap her hands around the object. She quickly pulled the fan with all her might back to her chest, and quickly wished she hadn't. The fast movement dizzied her eyes and made her stomach queasy. She was in serious danger. She had to get out of here-NOW!

Slowly Kagura pushed off the ground and moved to stand. First to her knees and she waited a moment as she tried to calm her swirling stomach and dizzy brain. Kagura's eyes lulled closed as she tried to fight the burning heat and the terrible ache in her head. She felt like dying. Slowly Kagura pulled her knee upward so that her foot could rest on the ground. Kagura pushed upward and smiled lightly when was back on her feet again. Her head swirled and her brain throbbed, making her eyes lose and grain focus, which was making her dizzy. The dizziness churned all the way down to her stomach, which bubbled and gurgled something terrible. Kagura quickly closed her eyes to stop the sickness from washing over her as she began to gag.

Something was wrong! Kagura closed her eyes more tightly as she wobbled on her feet. She had to go-NOW! But this unbearable pain was stopping her from succeeding. Kagura gasped and her eyes shot open when her windpipe suddenly snapped close. Kagura grasped her neck and winced in pain as she tried to force herself to breathe. Oh God, she was going to die…die before admitting to her demon that she wanted him. This was not the way she wanted it to end. She had lived through Naraku's death and she was suppose to live onward to catch Sesshomaru's attention.

Kagura's vision blurred even further and the dizziness in her head was starting to make her black out. This was terrible and worse of all she still couldn't breathe. Her air was quickly running out. Suddenly Kagura collapsed to her knees and began vomiting very violently. Her whole frame shuddered with pain as she coughed up more vomit. Her head felt like it was going to explode any minute. She was so scared. Kagura cried as she continued to puke. She cried at the fact she could breathe again and she cried at the fact that she didn't know what was wrong with her. Why was this happening? Her fingers dug deeply into the dead soil as she tried to stop the sickly river that was pouring from her stomach…


Kagura awoke to the soft sounds of birds chirping and the light touch of the morning sun on her face. The demon-ness rolled onto her back and stared up at the ceiling as a sigh slid out of her. Last night was still a mystery to her and the fact that she got home at all was still unbelievable. The last coherent thought that went through her brain was the fact that she was still throwing up. She had blacked out, how could she have possibly made it home when she was in that condition?

Kagura sighed again as she continued to think about the matter. If she haven't had landed in that Godforsaken piece of land in the first place then—then what? She wouldn't have been sick? She wouldn't have blacked out? Or she would've gotten sick in the air and fallen to her death? Something about this situation just didn't seem right, somehow Kagura knew she was missing some of the pieces to this puzzle. She didn't have the whole picture and at the rate she was going wasn't going to figure it out very soon.

Her first few months in freedom and already she was fucking up. How was she going to live if she couldn't even control her body. Kagura thought that once she gained control of her heart then she would finally be in control of her body. A body she waited so long to possess without-HIS control. No more would he force her to make sacrifices of her life, just so he could test a theory on his latest deception. No…she was free and free meant that she would figure out what was wrong with her body and survive. She was going to survive…Kagura the wind sorceress was going to survive…

Surviving meant being able to live to see Sesshomaru and live to possess Sesshomaru. Yes, Kagura would survive, because she had to see what the great demon had hidden behind that tough exterior. He was so mysterious and Kagura didn't know where to began to even have a inkling as to how she would crack him open. Kagura sighed as she thought about Sesshomaru's attitude. It was always so hard and tricky. Curiosity bit at her nerves, wanting to find out everything about this demon was a big under statement.

Kagura wanted to know everything about his past. She wanted to uncover every nuke and cranny. But his ways were so hard to figure out. One moment he wanted her and the next he wanted something else. What was his deal? What did he truly want? And was she able to give it to him? Then came the thought of what happened last night before she left. The sex. She had marked him and he had marked her…as his. Yes, she remembered it clearly…

Sesshomaru was taking me by storm as he rose his hips to meet mine. Oh God, this connection was so sweet, it felt like heaven. I was losing my mind, I felt mewing as I rode him, harder and harder. I drug my nails lightly over his chest, oh he felt so good. Sesshomaru growled deep within his throat, the vibration echoing through him and into me. I opened my eyes and saw his open as well as he forced out through clenched teeth. "Harder…"

"…huh…" My mind was so far gone. He felt so good inside of me.

"Scratch me harder, mark me, bitch." Oh God, he's so sexy.

"Does my lord want to be marked?" My demon came forth at the chance of marking my demon lord.

He groaned deep in his throat and nodded his head as he brought his hands up to grip my hips. I smirked and began kissing his ear, his jaw, his chin, the side of his neck, and finally the nape of his neck. He tasted so delicious, I wanted him even more. His claws gripped my hips and I had to force myself not to come. As I continued to please him, his grip became much tighter, and broke my concentration and I cried out. "Oh God, oh God! …Sesshomaru…Sesshomaru!"

"Dammit Kagura! …Shit!" Oh he was hitting all the right spots.

Yes, this was the moment. I was losing my mind, if I hadn't lost it already. I was preparing to make Sesshomaru my own and he tried to stop me. "…K-Kagura…stop." Yes, now I remember. I answered him saying, "No…I want everyone to know…" I was so drunk off of him that I wasn't thinking straight and in that moment I marked him and he marked me to bring me to my peak.

'He had marked me as his own…' Kagura softly stroked the spot on her shoulder where her demon had chosen to mark her as his own. Kagura was his and she was happy. A quiet calm floated over her as she laid in bed and thought about what Sesshomaru had given her as a reward for her body. He wants me and he willingly bit me… But something didn't add up right. No something was wrong, most definitely. If Sesshomaru wanted her and she knew he did then why had he treated her so coldly afterward?

Once they had finished their second round, Kagura half expected Sesshomaru to banish her from his sight, but instead he stayed and held her close to him as they rested. No friendly conversation bubbled between them, no declarations of love, no funny jokes to cool their minds and bodies. Just harsh breathing and contented sighs as they hugged each other. Kagura laid on top of Sesshomaru, with him still fully seated in her body.

She felt him calm down as his breathing returned to it's normal pace and she slowly began kissing his collar bone. Sesshomaru had tried to resist by not responding at all, but Kagura smelt his arousal and went for the kill. She kissed his newly marked flesh and was deeply shock when Sesshomaru had rolled her over to hover over her fast awakening body. Sesshomaru kissed her savagely and the heat was on again.

Yes, Kagura remembered the second round of sex, for Sesshomaru made her cum twice. He said it was her punishment for making him cum first earlier. Kagura didn't care, as long as the man she so deeply wanted was there with her, she didn't care if she came a million times before he did. She remembered the demon smirking then chuckling in that deep-deep voice of his as he leaned forward and whispered, "Mine." Oh she was most definitely his, all his and Kagura made sure she said so, each and every time He pounded into her tight pussy. He was the best. He felt soooooooooo good!

Then after he made her climax and after he reached his own peak, he kicked her out of his bed. Well bed of flowers, but whatever. Why? What did she do? Did she reveal too much of her heart or did he finally realize their mistake just as he brought her past her threshold? What happened and why didn't he want her the way she wanted him? Did Sesshomaru grow tired of her already? Was she no good in the bed? Did he want more than what he thought she was willing to give? What was it and how was she going to figure out?

'What is he thinking? He is always so damn closed. It's like pulling teeth to get him to say two words to me.' Kagura laid in her bed in her chambers thinking about her demon and yet she getting nothing but a blood curing headache. Kagura sat up from her pillow and looked out of her window. It was time to get up, at any moment her maidens in waiting would be charging in her chambers to wake her up to the new day.

Kagura stood to her and hurriedly rushed out of her room and into the washroom. There she quickly bathed and then returned to her room. On her bed was her kimono for the day, a beautiful orange, with red and black flames sewn onto the obi and the hem of the beautiful garment. Kagura quickly donned the remarkable piece and tied the obi into place. The fabric was made to hug her womanly figure and to sensate her curves. Everything was in place. The kimono was a lot longer than yesterday's but it was also a lot tighter. The kimono reached just above her knees with tiny little jewels dangling from the hem.

Kagura looked at the kimono in wonder, then quickly went about the task of doing her hair. Today she would wear it up, since her maidens had left her with hair ribbons and barrettes to fasten the wavy locks in place. Kagura lifted the first ribbon and looked at the strip of fabric. She slowly let the material slip through her fingers then moved her hands to her hair and gathered up the tresses until she had pulled it into a bun. Gasping as she caught sight of herself in the mirror, she quickly released her hair, and her hair fell in a waterfall back to her lower waist. The look reminded her of her past with…Naraku. Kagura set about again of gathering-Half of her hair into a bun, then she grabbed the first ribbon again and wrapped the bright orange around until it was tight enough to keep her hair in place.

Kagura then picked up the tiny clip and examined it, a smile graced her unpainted lips. The clip resembled a small crown and she smiled at the fact that she-a wind demon, born a slave-was now a queen to her own village. Kagura chuckled softly as she placed the small garment in front of her bun. She looked at herself in the mirror and was amazed at the little crown's performance. She absolutely loved the ribbons that hung from both side of the crown and how they trailed the length of her hair. "Beautiful…"

Kagura looked down and gracefully picked up the next item of her outfit, a gorgeous and very elegant necklace, hung on her fingers and she fasten the piece of jewelry to her neck. The necklace was made of silver and diamonds, with designs of elaborate hearts and flowers, and yet at the very center of the necklace the maker of the jewelry placed a pretty stone of orange fire. The sun that filtered into Kagura's room caught and held the jewel and it sparkled with beauty. Kagura smiled as she quickly donned her earrings. They were silver dangles with diamonds filling the skinny strings until the end was reached and then the same orange tear drop of fire dangled from the bottom.

Kagura finished placing her barrettes in her hair then added her faithful feathers before running out of the room and down the massive halls of her castle. Kagura ran toward the door that led to the stairwell and yanked it opened. She raced down the endless case of stairs then turned left and continued to race down more hallways. Her servants would be upon her soon if she didn't hurry. Kagura ran down another then down the servant's stairwell to the back door. Kagura yanked open the large door and ran outside. She quickly plucked a feather from her band and tossed it into the air as she jumped up.

Once seated on her trusty ride, Kagura shot out of sight just as her maidens rushed out the door. They shouted her name and one even attempted to run after her, but the attempt had soon proved futile. "Oh I really wished she had waited, now we have to tell that nice gentleman that she has taken off."

"I can't believe she would leave like that without talking her servants first!"

"Well Kukisu, you're the one tried to stop her from leaving the last time."

"Well if I remember well someone was helping-Nanana!"

"I was not! I would never forbid my master from going anywhere!"

"Like hell!"


"Stop it! Arguing over the matter is not going to bring her back, now we just have to go and tell that man that she simply isn't here."

"Yes, Tsukari," the three girls called in unison.

"She left…"

"Oh! Lord Sesshomaru, you scared me. Why didn't you announce yourself?" Tsukari gasped.

"You shouldn't question a royal on their actions…"

"Oh, My…I'm so sorry, please forgive me!" The woman humbly bowed as did her charges. Nothing was said as Sesshomaru turned and left the courtyard to re-enter the castle. The maidens quickly followed after him and began firing questions at the demon lord. Tsukari was first, "Do you need anything, m'lord?"

"Something to drink?" Came Nanana's question.

"Or maybe a tour of our Lady's castle?" Kukisu fired out.

"…There's food in the kitchen, maybe that would do…?" Sasami asked.

Sesshomaru stopped in his steps and turned to face the women. His voice was dead of any emotion, as usual, as he spoke. "I do not need any assistance… take me to her chambers-leader servant."

Tsukari gasped and bowed before Sesshomaru then quickly rushed forward to lead the demon to her Lady's room. Sesshomaru followed quietly after the little woman as his mind began to wander. Where was Kagura headed? Why was she trying so hard to escape from this place? Did she figure out that he was here waiting for her and decided to flee? Maybe she regretted what happened between them last night? Sesshomaru followed the small woman up the stairs and tried not to smile as he replayed his moments at the castle upon his return…

Sesshomaru watched Kagura disappear from his sight then slowly made his way home. As he continued to walk back to his Western Lands, his demon roared with fury at the lost of his mate. Sesshomaru stopped and frowned as he thought about the word he had used to describe Kagura. His mate!? Suddenly the nape of his neck pulsed and Sesshomaru was forced to touch the mark, which was clearly visible to the eye. Sesshomaru smiled very softly and continued walking back home, to his territory.

Once Sesshomaru had reached his castle, he quickly went to his room and flopped onto the soft mattress. He was shock to find that Rin and Jarken were gone, that meant he was free to sleep in peace without any disturbance. That was the best night sleep the demon lord had ever received and he had Kagura to thank for that.

Good thing too because the next day the castle was busy spreading the newest rumor. Yup that's right, Sesshomaru's mate mark. Everyone tried not to obviously look at the clearly visible mark, but it was obvious that everyone was doing so. Irritation was stabbing Sesshomaru in his head as he tried not to sever heads as he walked down the hall-of his OWN Castle! What was he the castle's new freak!? And it wasn't long until Jarken popped up and began fussing away at the rumors that were buzzing around the castle, like he didn't already know!

Sesshomaru walked outside to the castle's pond, and stripped out of his kimono before submerging himself in the water. Jarken stood by still squawking away about how he was acting like the common beast. Sesshomaru tried not to kill the stupid toad, but the imp was making it hard. Going on and on about this and that, or un-royal and so disrespectful. GOD! He was so hard right now and Kagura wasn't around to do anything about. Fuck, he was turning into a demon of lust and he was willingly doing so. That bitch had him crawling for her sex and she probably didn't even know it.

Sesshomaru suppressed a small moan as his hand lightly brushed against his manhood. Jarken quieted for a moment as if waiting for a reply, the imp cleared his throat and continued to wait but Sesshomaru was not going to wait anymore. He needed Kagura and he needed her-NOW. So Sesshomaru stood from his bath then proceeded to shake himself dry. Jarken was again covered in water and whined out, "Master, what has become of you? It's like you don't even care for anything anymore! Would you please tell your humble servant what has happened to you!"

Sesshomaru openly smiled and even chuckled at Jarken's gasp, then he answered the imp's question. "Sex. Sex has happened to me, sex with Kagura, my mate. I am leaving now and I shall return when my thirst for her has been filled."

Sesshomaru disappeared in the castle leaving a stunned Jarken behind. His mouth agape as he processed what he was told and the toad was shocked even more at the fact that Rin was right. Damn now he would have to tell the wretched girl that she was correct!

"We're here my lord in milady's quarters, please make yourself at home. I shall be in the kitchen if you need anything." The maiden closed the thick screen door and walked back down stairs. Sesshomaru looked around the room and growled in disgust. This room didn't fit Kagura at all, she belonged in a room with mastery and power pouring from the ceiling. She belonged in his room. Sesshomaru frowned then turned toward the window and walked towards the small escape passage. For some reason, he felt caged in and unsteady.


Kagura zoomed through the brightly lit sky in search of one demon and one demon only, Sesshomaru. Her…mate. Sesshomaru had marked her as his and she was rushing to return to his arms so that they could make love all the live long day or maybe week. It all depended on how her Master felt. Finally she was going to willingly submit to another. This submission felt different thought, it didn't felt like she was losing her free but willingly giving her heart and soul over to someone she could trust. Someone she knew wouldn't kill her if she didn't comply with his thoughts or decisions.

Kagura continued to fly over the many trees and plains of Japan as she searched and searched for her mate. "Where is he?"

Kagura flew over a small village and decided to land and see what this place held for her curious eyes. Kagura landed by an overly large tree and stopped to admire the rough bark. The tree was tall and mysterious and Kagura felt compelled to learn about its mysteries. She walked closer to the tree and rubbed her hand against the rough bark. Instantly she yanked her hand away and looked at the tree once again then at her hand and back again. It was like the tree was telling her its story and all it had seen. Kagura couldn't believe it but she was actually connecting with a tree that from what she was hearing was way older than her.

Kagura hugged the tree again and listened to the story being told through the bark. Sadness was voiced throughout every fiber of the tree and Kagura felt every piece of pain. She listened as she told the story about Inuyasha and his love affair with the undead priestess and she listened to the stories of the priestess from the future and her family. She also listened to the secrets that the tree told when Inuyasha sat alone in the tree. Kagura wanted to know everything about this tree but there was some movement coming from up in the branches.

Kagura jumped back and pulled out her fan just as Inuyasha hopped from the top of the tree and landed with his Tetsusaiga drawn. A grimace was present on his face as he growled out, "Just what the hell do you want, Kagura?"

"Please I mean you no harm. I –"

"Keh! Cut the shit Kagura and tell me why you're here…or Heh. Prepare to have your throat slashed opened."

Kagura growled as her grip on her fan tightened. She was really trying to remain calm but Inuyasha was so damn stupid. "Look, I only came here because I was curious about this place! I seriously mean you no harm! I'm sorry I bothered you, I'll be leaving."

Kagura closed her fan and tucked it back into her kimono then pulled a feather out of her hair. She paused in her actions then looked at Inuyasha again. "I never got to say thank you for freeing me from Naraku, you and your companions are strong."

And with that Kagura took off into the sky to fly back home. She didn't find her mate but maybe she would have more luck later that day or night. Her body and soul was crying out for his arms and stoic strength, she wanted her mate. She wanted her demon. She wanted her Master. Kagura hung her head in sadness as her feather guided her back to her newly acquired home. Kagura was sure her servants were going to question her to death about why she left and about why she didn't tell them that she was going. Oh God, she didn't need it right now! All she wanted to do at this moment was go back to bed and hug her pillows until she could find Sesshomaru again.

Kagura landed outside in the courtyard and entered through the door she had earlier used for her escape. No one was in the small empty room that held only the stairs, good. Kagura didn't need to be questioned righted now. She sighed heavily before making her way quietly up the stairs. She retraced all her steps and undid all her twists and turns until she had made it quietly and undetected to her room. Kagura slid the door open and pushed her feet to move inside before she closed the door. The woman sighed again before she walked deeper into the room to perch on her window sill.

She sighed again before whispering out to the afternoon sky, "Where are you, my love?"

Sesshomaru stood in a darkened corner of Kagura's room when he heard her question. His heart began to melt and he quietly stepped out of his hiding spot and began walking toward her. Sesshomaru quickly crossed the room and he stayed unnoticed by Kagura until he wrapped his arms around her and whispered out just as softly. "He's here with his mate."

Kagura smiled as she leaned into him and her heart purred as her body melted. Kagura whispered against Sesshomaru's hair as he nuzzled her neck. "I've missed you, Master Sesshomaru."

Sesshomaru stopped his ministrations at Kagura's last words and pulled away from her. Kagura turned around to stare at him and gasped when she saw emotions clearly on his face and at the moment he was in shock. Sesshomaru cleared his throat and tried to speak, "What did you just say?"

"What 'Master'?" Sesshomaru nodded.

Kagura smirked and stood before slowly dropping to her knees, her head bent as she whispered. "My Master and lord Sesshomaru, I am submissive to you."

Sesshomaru watched the display submission from Kagura and he was fighting his demon terribly. God, he was as hard as a rock and Kagura being all submissive was just adding to his arousal. Sesshomaru growled as he slowly loss control of his youkai and his eyes bleed red and his fangs elongated. He walked toward Kagura with calculating steps, each step counting down the seconds until Kagura was totally his. Kagura's youkai stretched at the awakening of being claimed by dominant male. Her eyes grew dark, as dark as dried blood and suddenly a strange little mark appeared on her forehead; one of a spider. A mark appeared over her mate bite which formed a crescent moon with a spider, the symbolizing of Kagura and Sesshomaru's joining permanently.

Sesshomaru's red eyes traveled to the mark on her shoulder then he stepped even closer. Kagura refused to lift her head even though she knew Sesshomaru was standing directly over her, she was being submissive and that meant waiting for her lord to command her to move. Sesshomaru's arousal throbbed in his kimono pants and he hissed out a sigh at its throbbing ache. Sesshomaru stood directly in front of Kagura then lifted her head. Her dark eyes were lit with excitement and Sesshomaru growled in return. "Stand, Kagura."

The wind sorceress obediently did as she was told without so much of a word being spoken. She bowed her head again and Sesshomaru quickly yanked it up again before fiercely crushing his lips to hers. Kagura whimpered as she automatically opened her mouth to Sesshomaru as her roughly kissed her. Sesshomaru crushed Kagura's body against his and her hands gripped his kimono for dear life as she tried to stay on the wild ride of her lord. Sesshomaru thrust his tongue in and out of Kagura's warm mouth as his hands took care of Kagura's warm and very giving body.

She moaned and gasped as she fiercely kissed him back. Kagura continued to kiss her demon lord as she moaned from his roaming hands. They touched her every where and she felt her body begin to burn as her sex grew more and more aroused. "Sesshomaru…My Master…"

Sesshomaru groaned deeply in his voice and rocked his hips against Kagura just as his right hand traveled down Kagura's back to tightly grip her ass. Kagura pulled away from the kiss and arched her pelvis against Sesshomaru's harden member. The demon lord hissed loudly as he began to kiss Kagura's exposed neck. Her scent rose higher and higher and Sesshomaru felt like he was going to die. She smelt of fresh air after a noontime rain and sex and him and just small hint of the bastard that made her. Sesshomaru smiled lightly as he thought to himself, he guess he should be thanking Naraku for making his mate… His thoughts crashed when he heard Kagura's pleas. "Take me, lord Sesshomaru! Take me hard and fast!"

Sesshomaru growled as he began to strip out of his kimono then said, "Stop calling that and just shut up and fuck me… Get out of those fucking clothes."

Kagura began pulling at this and that as she hurriedly tried to remove her kimono. She untied her obi and let it fall to the floor, she opened her kimono and practically yanked it off her shoulders; the fabric hit the floor. Kagura yanked her hair combs and barrettes out of her head and the items fell to the floor with a clatter. Sesshomaru stood naked and ready just as her barrettes and combs hit the floor and Kagura ran into his arms. The two kissed as Sesshomaru lead them to her bed and they fell on the downy mattress. Kagura pulled away from Sesshomaru's lips to sit up and straddle the demon's waist. Sesshomaru brought his hands up to rest on her hips and he slightly caressed them as Kagura softly rocked against him. His face contorted into one of passion and he rose his hips slightly to meet hers. Kagura mewed as she lightly dug her nails into her mate's forearms. "Up," Sesshomaru growled as he sat forward.

Kagura looked at her mate as she ran her fingers through his hair. Sesshomaru whispered into her ear and Kagura's eyes widen before she got off his lap and crawled up the bed to where her pillows rested and laid on her stomach. Sesshomaru watched her excited movements and openly smirked before he moved to join her. "Get on your hands and knees."

Kagura eagerly did as she was told and spread her thighs as far as she could until she felt strong hands on her hips. Sesshomaru licked his lips as he lined his erection up to Kagura's flower. How he ached to be inside of her sweet body. Slowly Sesshomaru pushed his dick inside of Kagura and hissed at her tight heat. God, it was like taking her for the first time all over again. Kagura moaned loudly as her mouth hung open. Sesshomaru filled her until he couldn't anymore and he stopped to pant as he fought for control. She was so hot and wet and tight. "Kagura…"

"Nnn!" Kagura grabbed fists full of her bed sheets as Sesshomaru began thrusting into her body. It was so hot! She felt like she was going to burst into flames. She was so full… "Sesshomaru! …GOD!!!!!"

Sesshomaru thrust again and again into her hot body as his grip on her hips tightened to the point where small blood trails began to spill down her thighs. Kagura moaned louder as her lover continued to drive her over the edge. Her body was so damn hot and her skin felt like it was being scorched to death. She was so closed already. She wanted…she needed…pain. Kagura opened her mouth but nothing would come out except a long and loud moan as Sesshomaru hit her magic spot.

Sesshomaru thrust harder and harder into her body as he came closer and closer to releasing his seed into her body, but he had to see her cum first; he had to. So in a strained voice, Sesshomaru spoke out, "Tell…me…what…to do-oo!"

"Unh! Oooh, Oh God! …Nnn…b-bite –YES! Harder! Ma-mark m-me-ee!" Kagura screamed out as Sesshomaru drove her closer to her completion. Sesshomaru leaned forward, releasing her hips and he laid his hands over Kagura's and their fingers intertwined, as he continued to thrust into her body. Sesshomaru lightly licked Kagura's mate mark before sinking his teeth into her rosy red skin, bring Kagura to her peak. The wind demon cried out so loudly that the whole room echoed and shook as she came. The walls reverberated the name she called while she climaxed and Sesshomaru moaned before her tightening flesh stole his seed making him cum hard. His hips continued to buck wildly into Kagura's hot body even after he reached his completion. He felt so weak, his arms were going to give out and he couldn't speak. The only thing he could was call out her name weakly as he collapsed. "…Kagura…"

Kagura adjusted to the weigh change as she held both herself and her mate on her shaky arms and legs. At the moment the wind sorceress felt like she couldn't move and she was panting slightly as she tried to calm her racing heart. Her head hung low as she tried to gather the strength to move herself and her mate. Her body shivered a little as the sweat on her dried, God she felt so good! Her body was tried yet it was begging for more. Kagura tried to move but it was too much, so she just stretched her legs and as gently as possible guided her body to the mattress and pulled the covers up and over their bodies. "Sesshomaru?"

A soft snoring sound was all she heard and then she figured she ought to get some sleep too. Tonight was so special, because this time Sesshomaru stayed with her. Kagura drifted off to sleep with a smile on her face…


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