From Recording Contracts To Parenthood

Summary: Tommy is married to Portia. What will happen when he ends up in jail on their anniversary? Better yet...what will happen between him and the person who comes to bail him out? And what will happen when she end up pregnant.

Chapter One

Jude Harrison attempts to smooth out non-existent wrinkles in her fashionable leather jacket. She is aware that the attention of the front office in the jailhouse is now focused on her. She can't help stressing over whether her demin black skirt is too short.

"Why did I pick this outfit?" she asks herself.

The irony of the situation does not escape her. She keeps telling herself that her current actions are a thank you for when Tommy got her out of jail at age 16. In three months she is going to be 19, and she likes to think she has had some successes since her experience behind bars.

Pair of green eyes and a wicked smile pull Jude back to the present.

"Are you sure that a sweet young thing like yourself really wants to bail out a violent ex-boybander? You could be spending your time with a better looking fellow like me."

The police officers behind the desk give gentle smiles to prove his point. He seems nice, and close to her age, but at the current moment all she wants is to retrieve the man that has caused her heat since age fifteen. She takes a deep breath before replying back.

"I'm positive. Will you please take me to see Tommy Quincy, now?"

She does not care about how bad things might end up looking regarding this situation in the end. She is not about to abandon Tommy. She continues to think as she walks with the officer to where Tommy is being held.

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