-1Okay, this is just a little update thing. I know we're not supposed to have Author Note's but I do plan on deleting this later on. It's not a bump…it's a cry for a muse help.

Yes: I AM continuing this story. Just having muse blockage on parts. I really want to continue with this. I was wondering if some people would like to help me with getting over this bump I'm having. If so, please review that so I can message you or email you (I don't check my emails on this account so probably not the best to email me)

Also, I know it has been a LONG time. Since the update many things have happened. I was in a car crash with my best friend that many say we are lucky to survive, more shocked that we managed to crawl from the window. And tonight I just found out that my uncle committed suicide and I'm really torn up and I need something to get my mind off of it. Which would be: writing.

I also have a much larger and better written story than this one in the works. It's called "As the World Falls Down" and I need some betas for this one (more than one would work, too, just to get different views. I will not post this story until I have 5 chapters written, but each chapter is huge so I'm wondering if I should break them down into parts or keep them where they are. It is, once again, a Zutara story (of course). Any help on this project would be appreciated. It's going to be, basically, my own Zutara novel--full length, huge plot, and many characters showing up in ways that one wouldn't expect…

Thanks for your time. I understand if you're not reading this story anymore. I also just want to know how many are still reading this so I know whether or not it's worth continuing.