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Sahrah: See, I promised. Now, onto the much-awaited chapter 1. Oh, before I forget, there will be a crossover with Squall Leonhart and Rinoa Heartilly. And I made an original character named Raine Austre. And Rinoa is an antagonist because I hate her. Yuna's Point of View

Chapter 1: Angel

College is a breeze. Freshman and sophomore years were fairly easy, and now I'm majoring in Forensic Science (A/N: And I've been watching too much CSI.) Even though I plan to be a novelist.

Lenne and Emma were doing very well, and Shuyin is an excellent father. Wakka had a Blitzball game last week, and after the game, Lulu went onto the field and gave him the wettest kiss I've ever seen in my life.

Rikku and Gippal are both majoring in acting, and are just as hyper as ever. Paine is training to be a spinal surgeon. Thus is her nickname Doctor P. Baralai comes down every weekend and we all go out to a local diner.

And, of course, Tidus. My wonderful boyfriend. He's going to become a psychologist for children living in critical conditions, like AIDS, cancer, and all kinds of birth defects and illnesses, as well as mental challenges. He wants to teach them sports, if possible. He told me that even if you can't breathe on your own, or stand on your legs, or you can't add two plus two, you still deserve to have a moment in the spotlight. Every child deserves to hold a bat or bounce a ball, and be able to say that you are a person, too. You can do something, no matter what's wrong with you.

Yevon, I love him. And here, when I first met him, I figured that all he thought about was Blitzball. Ha.

Emma spoke her first word a few days ago. It was 'Waterga.'

And, oh, you can imagine those results… Lenne was at the local pool with Em, and, well… everyone got much wetter than they planned too. Lulu was beaming. I blame her.

My teachers are all very nice. So are most of the students. There's one in particular that stands out to me, and not in a good way.

Rinoa Heartilly is beautiful, smart, and a total bitch. She thinks she knows everything about forensic science, but she totally doesn't. She's a junior.

Not to freaking mention she was trying to flirt with Tidus. The look on her face when I kissed him 'hello'? Priceless. I swear to Yevon. Now she's got her eyes on this poor guy named Squall. He's in my painting class. He's very quiet, but he's an amazing artist. He's a junior.

Which just about sums it up to the beginning of junior year.

I yawned and opened my eyes slowly. First the green one, and then the blue one. Tidus was still asleep. That boy had the face of an angel when he slumbered. He really did.

I rolled out of the soft queen size bed and rubbed the sleep lazily from my eyes. I looked back at my sleeping boyfriend. He had such a beautiful face. His eyes fluttered open and focused sleepily.

"'Morning, Yunie," he said sleepily.

"'Morning, Tidus," I answered, giving him a peck on the lips before showering, dressing, and walking into the hallway to meet up with Rikku and Lulu. We were planning on having some breakfast at this café Rikku discovered.

"So, what class is next?" asked Rikku. "I've got my performing arts."

"Painting," Lulu answered. "It's my only class with Yuna."

I nodded, taking a sip of the coffee I was drinking.

Lulu and I walked through the halls of the great big school on our way to painting when we saw a girl in the hall.

She was obviously a freshman, with her map in hand, but she was looking at it like it was a five headed person, and it was upside-down.

The girl had long, black hair with a red streak in it, and confused-looking light blue eyes. She was wearing blue jeans and a tight red tank top.

"Are you lost?" asked Lulu placidly.

"Yes," the girl replied shortly. "I'm looking for the painting class."

"You're in luck. That's where we're headed. You can come with us."

"Thanks muchly!" the girl grinned. "My name's Raine, by the way. Just transferred from Gagazet. And you are…?"

"I'm Lulu, and this is Yuna. We're from Bevelle."

Raine grinned even wider. "Sweet. Nice 'ta meetcha."

I smiled. She was quite energetic. "I think you should know, though," I spoke, "that you're holding your map upside down." She blinked, and then shrugged.

"Never was any good at reading maps. I've got a horrible sense of direction."

After the class was over, Raine bolted out of the room and then back in.

"Dude, there's a hot blonde guy out there looking for you," she told me. "And speaking of hot, who was that guy sitting next to you, Yuna?"

"Squall Leonhart," I answered. "He's really quiet."

"He's really HOT!"

"She's like a mini-Rikku, only flirtier," the dark-haired black mage complained.

"Who's Rikku?" asked Raine.

I batted my eyes at Lulu. "Aww, she's so cute. Can we keep her?"

Tidus, who was tired of waiting, had walked in and came up behind me. He put his arms around me, and I jumped.

"Ah! Tidus!" I exclaimed. Raine nodded and confirmed that yes; this was the guy who had been looking for me.

"Hey. Wanna grab lunch before my psychology class?"

"Sure," I replied, reaching over to grab my books. A pink letter fell out. "Hey, what's this…?"

It was a love letter.

My Dearest Yuna,

You don't know me, but I want you to know that I love you. I think you're beautiful, smart, funny, and creative. I want to get to know you better.

Sincerely Yours,

A Secret Admirer

I was about to say 'haha, nice one, Tidus' when I realized that it was not his sloppy handwriting on the letter.

"What's it say, Yuna?" asked Lulu.

"It's from a secret admirer…"

"What? You mean there's someone in this world that doesn't know you're crazy about Tidus?"


Tidus frowned and shrugged. "They'll find out soon enough, right?"

I grinned. "Absolutely, sweetie. Shall we grab lunch?"

He smiled. "Yeah."

Tidus's Point of View

I can't say I was exactly happy about that letter, because I certainly wasn't. But Yuna had proven her love for me already, and I knew she wouldn't respond to that kind of letter.

"I love you, Yunie," I told her quietly.

"Love you too," she answered. She grabbed a table in the café while I ordered for her and me—her favorite food was French toast with bacon—and I got chicken.

"Enjoy," an older woman put the food on the table and we both smiled.

"So, who was that girl?" I asked.

"Raine. New friend."

"Hmm." It was silent while we ate, but not an awkward one. It was a comfortable silence, almost like a conversation on its own.

And then we went our separate ways. We held hands on the way out—I wondered what ring size Yuna was…

Yuna's Pont of View

In a few short weeks, Raine had wormed her way into our circle of friends. Soon enough, it was Halloween. Raine was put in charge of the Halloween committee at the university ("We always took Halloween very seriously at my house," she said) and she was forcing us into manual labor.

She had asked YRP to go and buy some large pumpkins. She also informed us that the largest pumpkin would be named Ted. Which was short for Tedward. For no apparent reason.

Lulu was asked to help decorate the Community Ballroom that had been rented for the affair, and the men were carrying out the decorating under the order of Raine and Lulu.

We had come to expect that of Raine. Oh, and Lenne was planning everyone's costumes.

"Is this Ted?" asked Paine sarcastically, pointing to a large orange pumpkin.

"No, the last one was bigger," argued Rikku. Instead of trying to figure out which one was biggest, we simply tried to figure out which one was Ted.

"Excuse me, miss?" asked a quiet clerk from behind. "The largest pumpkin we have is over here. Do you want it?"

"TED!" Rikku and I shouted at the same time. Paine gave us a funny look and purchased 'Ted' along with several more big pumpkins. To this day, I blame Raine, because the lady was incredibly embarrassed by our outburst as we paid for the giant veggies.

Meanwhile (and this is all speculation, I wasn't there) Tidus, Gippal, Wakka, and Shuyin were decorating the apartment complex with permission from the owner. Raine was flittering about roping whoever she could into helping, and Lenne was playing with little Emma, who now could also say the words 'Mommy,' 'Daddy,' and 'Tedward.'

Again, I blame Raine.

When we came back, Lenne pulled us into the apartment she shared with her husband (ooh! Fun word!)

"These are my ideas for your costumes," she explained, showing us pictures. "For Paine, I could see this—" she gestured at a sexy-like devil costume—"Lulu could be a gypsy, Rikku could be a witch—"

"Oh, she does that everyday. Do something different," supplied Lulu with a friendly smirk. Lenne rolled her eyes, and Rikku hit the black mage.

"Ha. Anyway, Raine said that she was making her own costume, so I left her alone. For you, Yuna, I designed this. Now, nobody is allowed to be jealous, but I got a little wild with the silver."

The design she held out was an absolutely stunning angel costume. It hugged around the waist, but fanned out delicately after it left the hips. The skirt was a pale silver, and the upper part was tight, white, and tied with a silver ribbon. The wings were the most amazing, beautiful, stunning, breathtaking things I'd ever seen.

They were illustrated as pure white feathers, great, proud wings that looked like they wanted to launch into flight. In the drawing, they strapped to the dress itself. There was a headband with a sparkly halo, too.

The week, after that, went quite quickly. On Halloween night, we sat in my apartment getting ready.

"Ta-da!" sang Rikku from behind me. I turned to see a black mage-style witch, but she was anything but generic. Her outfit was a mixture of greens, purples, some pinks, and a few other colors in the mix. It was a work of art, especially the hat. (A/N: It's the Black Mage Dressphere for Rikku in X-2.)

Next came Lulu. She was dressed in layers upon silky layers of elegant, glittery fabrics, topped off with large hoop earrings and a headscarf. She carried a tambourine and wore jingly beads around her hips loosely. The dress reached the floor, brushing ever so slightly on the carpet. Once she slipped into her black leather boots, it was perfect.

Paine's devil outfit was pretty sweet, too. It was a skintight red spandex bikini top with a lacy jacket. The jacket was see through. She also wore a red miniskirt and red boots that reached the middle of her thigh. A pair of plastic devil horns adorned her head, and she gripped her pitchfork as though she intended to stab people.

Come to think of it, that was probably her intention.

Lenne was wearing a tight black dress, a belt with a cat's tail coming out of the back, and cat ears. She had painted her nose pink and drawn black whiskers on her cheeks. Little Emma was also dressed as a cat, only there was no face paint, and her ears and tail were orange.

"Tedward!" she cooed happily as she opened her eyes. We all giggled and I went into the bathroom to change.

I had run out to the store to find the angel wings, the last pair that wasn't made of synthetic material. The ones I had were majestic and beautiful. The ends were tipped in silver sparkles, and the dress was satin. The outfit from Lenne's picture was brought to life, more beautiful than I remembered. I slipped on the halo headband, put on some sheer lip-gloss and my white sandals, and emerged.

It got very quiet. Finally, Paine spoke.

"Yuna, you look astounding."

Everyone nodded in agreement. Then, there was a knock on the front door. Lenne scurried over to open it, and Raine stood with a paper bag in her arms.

"Sorry I'm late, but can I change real fast?" she asked.

I nodded and she ran past me, saying, "You look awesome, Yuna!"

And then she came out.

She wore tight black gown, with silky satin fabric and a slit up her leg. The slit ended at the top of her thigh, and her leg was easily visible. Raine was wearing black netting on her legs and sexy high-heeled strappy shoes. She wore flowy sleeves that started in the middle of her upper arms and flowed gracefully around her hands. The low cut dress made the perfect spot for a necklace.

The necklace was a silver moon pendant with a ruby in the center. Her wavy hair was pulled into a tight high ponytail, and she had put on heavy makeup. A sheer silver cape fanned out behind her.

We couldn't tell what she was per say until she grinned.

She parted her cherry lips to reveal two sharp, realistic fangs attached firmly to her upper incisors. Vampire.

"Well?" she asked. "Tell me it looks good. These mofos were a bitch to put on."

Rikku squealed at the freshman and glomped her. "Raaaaaaine, you look so sexy!"

The fake vampire raised an eyebrow. "Somehow, that's not comforting coming from you, Ri."

"I didn't mean for me, I meant for SQUALL!"

Raine had not hesitated to develop a crush on the brown-haired college junior. He, of course, showed no signs of returning these feelings, but that didn't discourage our Mini-Rikku.

"Like he'll even be there," I pointed out.

"Yeah, but if he is, I'm forcing him to dance with me," Raine grinned.

"A good plan," noted Paine.

Soon after, a friend of Lenne's mother came to take Emma trick-or-treating with her own daughter, Lenne put on a glittery teal fairy costume, and we left.

I had to admit, Raine and her committee had done a great job on the banquet hall. The room was towards the back, and the front had a band onstage, flashy orange and purple lighting, black and purple balloons, spider webs, and a disco ball. There was a variety of candy and snack foods in the back.

Raine and Rikku ran off, shouting hellos to random people they recognized, Lulu found Wakka (who was wearing an inmate costume) and started dancing with him, Gippal was racing after Rikku and Rae (Raine's nickname was Rae), and Paine slunk off to the food until Baralai found her and dragged her to the dance floor.

Lenne practically tackled Shuyin, who looked very nice in his ninja costume. It was at this point I realized that I was standing stupidly by myself.

"Yuna!" called a familiar voice. I turned around. It was Tidus, who looked simply dazzling.

He was wearing a knight costume, except for anything on his head (Yevon forbid the covering of his handsome face) and he bowed deeply.

"M'lady, may I have this dance?" he asked jokingly.

"You can have all my dances," I replied.

Rikku's Point of View

"Gippal!" I called as Raine scurried away. He turned. Gippal was wearing a pirate costume—it made him look hot. (A/N: Because Rikku apparently doesn't already think he's hot. Perhaps she needs to get her eyes checked.)

"Tyhla fedr sa!" I exclaimed in Al Bhed. 'Dance with me.'

"E drehg E syo pa ypma du ynnyhka dryd..." he replied. 'I think I may be able to arrange that...'

I want to point out now that while aspiring to be actors, we also are taking a dance class. Soon, Gippal and I were sashaying and dipping and twirling all around. I felt special.

Tidus's Point of View

Needless to say, it was a good time. Raine got asked to dance countless numbers of times before she got fed up and shouted, "I'M A LESBIAN!" really loudly. It's not true, but the statement served its purpose just the same.

Paine and Baralai took a moonlit stroll and we haven't seen them since. Rikku and Gippal owned the party, and Rikku found Wakka and Lulu making out behind a stairwell. Lenne and Shu danced, actually behaving themselves, but they left early to take care of Emma, who came home with a mountain of candy and the ability to say, 'trick-or-treat.'

I want to point out now just how radiant Yuna looked with her wings and halo. Not that she needs them to be an angel. Not to me, at least.

I found out that Yuna's ring size is seven.

After the party, everyone drove back lazily to the dorms. Yuna and I found a note attached to our door.

'Dear Yuna,

You look stunning in your angel costume. I've come to the conclusion that you are a real angel. I love you, and I can't wait until tomorrow, because every day I love you even more…Happy Halloween, my sweet!


Your Secret Admirer.'

Yuna looked at me with panic in her eyes. I held her tightly and discarded the letter in the hallway, steered her inside, locked the door, and sighed. The first note had been annoying. Now it was getting creepy.

Sahrah: Well? Happy Halloween, everyone! I know it's a day late and all, but it was the best I could do. I'll be starting chapter 2 soon, but don't expect it too soon, because I'm going to pick up my copy of FFXII. It's gonna rock, I know it. Thanks, if you are a returning reviewer, and hello if you are a new one. If you are a new one, I hope you decided to read 'A Leap of Faith' first.

Oh, and by the way, I cosplayed for Halloween as Sakura Haruno from the anime/manga, NARUTO. I'll show pictures when I stop being lazy.