Okay guys, this is it. My thank you to all you crazy readers at there... (Oh, wait I'm the crazy one...) Well, whatever. I started "A Leap of Faith" about two years and ten months ago. I was in middle school, and I had absotively posolutely no clue as to what I was doing. I'd just beaten FFX-2, and I had an idea.

So I wrote my idea into a fanfic, and that was my own personal leap of faith. Which is kind of cheesy, but true. You see, before the story, I'd never written anything real. Short stories and poems, yeah, but no full-blown projects like Leap of Faith.

When I finished the story, I was asked to make a sequel. Thusly, "One Step Forward" came to life. It took longer than the first one, but I finished it yesterday.

Someone asked me to make another sequel, but honestly? What else can I possibly say? What else can I do to Yuna and Tidus and their friends?

...Well actually...

Tch! No, no, we're done. Time to say goodbye to this fanfic, and more importantly, time for me to thank some cool people.

I honestly don't have time to name every person who helped me with this story, but there are some that need names. First of all is my little sister, Corrie, who reads everything I write and watches all my AMVs and comments on all my drawings. She's pretty much the most important person in my life.

I'd like to thank bloodredx, because she edited a few chapters of "One Step Forward" for me. I'd also like to thank randomhero3 and Splat436 for contacting me on AIM and giving me advice when I asked for it.

I'd like to thank every single person who ever took the time to review and read and enjoy my story. Maybe I'm making a mountain out of a molehill, but to me it's really special. Some of you guys have been reading for almost three years, and I can never thank you enough.

So now I've got a special present for you. First of all, review this letter with a question. Ask me anything at all, and I'll post the answers. I've stuck in a few informations that probably interest me more than you... The second present is half of the prologue for my new fanfic, Their Story. The whole prologue will be online tomorrow, and I seriously hope that you look at it. It's about Shuyin and Lenne, and they deserve so much looooveeee.

... Loooveeeee... ((makes kissy faces))


Q: (asked by Jessica) You know the things that get written at the top and slightly at the bottom of the pages? What's that all about? Do you have other people writing that? Cuz it's really, REALLY funny.

A: You mean the author's notes? Nope, I write those all by myself. My writing may be serious (or seriously fluffy) but in real life I'm pretty sarcastic and silly. So I've got to put that in there. I'm glad you like them though! :)

Q: (asked by Splat436) When is it you found out that you were an amazing author?

A: Dude, you're making me blush. Haah... I guess it's when I showed my work to my teachers and they were like "Holy crap this is good!" I don't know, I guess it kind of just happened.

Q: Are you writing any original stories?

A: Yes, in fact I am! I'm currently working on an original novel called "Artifact" that I think is coming along nicely. You can't see it though, sorry.

Q: Have you written any fanfics besides "A Leap of Faith" and "One Step Forward"?

A: I have. I've written an Inu Yasha fanfic (called "Bleeding Hearts") which sucks because it's old. I've got a bunch of poems down there, too. I have posted on deviantART a fanfic by the title of "Lies Add Up" and also one called "Cleaning". Both are AkuRoku fanfics (as in, Axel and Roxas from Kingdom Hearts. As in, shonen-ai, yaoi, boyxboy... ) I thought it might be better not to post shonen-ai on my fanfiction account, but I still might post it here. I hope no one who reads my work is homophobic or anything, that would make me so sad...

Q: Okay, what does Emma look like at age 15? What do any of the kids look like at age 15?

A: Ah, very good question. First of all, I will be drawing and posting pictures of the kids at age 15 on my deviantART account some time soon... Anyway. Emma at 15 looks very much like her mother. Her hair is brown and straight. Her hair reaches just past her ears and is layers. Her bangs are kind of shaped like Shuyin's, and she has chocolate-colored eyes like Lenne.

Vena's blonde of course, with swirly green Al Bhed eyes. Her hair reaches her shoulder blades, but she wears it in messy pigtails on the top of her head (sort of like Rikku's ponytail in FFX, but two of them) and she's got blue feather earrings. Tajem basically looks like Gippal, but his hair's a little shorter, a little lighter, and he has both eyes.

Jesse pretty much looks like Yuna. His hair is the same style as hers, but shorter, and his eyes are blue like his daddy's. He's also got Tidus's smile.

Risa has layered hair that just about reaches her shoulders. Her hair is a greyish-silver color, and her eyes are red like Paine's.

Vidina looks like Wakka with orange hair, but his style isn't nearly as tall, and it's more spiky. Oh, and his eyes are red like Lulu's. He's a lot easier to imagine I guess, because I don't own him.

Q: So there's no more sequels... what happens next?

A: They all live happily ever after. What the hell else could possibly happen? Emma grows up to be a professional Blitzball player, Yuna publishes her book which becomes a bestseller, and everyone wins. Raine has her baby (a girl), who looks like Squall and acts like Raine.

Q: Are you going to show us part of the prologue for "Their Story" now?

A: Yeah, yeah. Here is it:

It was dark. Deep, dark. Floating endlessly in the abyss of pyreflies and silence. She sat on air, half dreaming. Alone.

She was not lonely. She had been asleep, having had faded so long ago, and had not felt the same loneliness of the one she loved. He was so angry; she could feel it now.

She opened her eyes. Her eyes were soft cinnamon, gentle and warm, emotional and powerful. She could feel her lover's fury, his wrath. Slowly, the memories that had almost faded with her seeped back.

Vegnagun. The war. The concert. The letter. My last night with him. Fading with him… Shuyin…I remember when it all started… such a long time ago… can't we rest now…?

The flood of memories came strongly. She could feel warmth returning to her limbs that had grown cold over time. Her knuckles cracked quietly, she stretched her legs. Her long brown hair flowed around her. Was she in the ocean? She couldn't tell.

'It's so dark here… Shuyin, where are you? What have you done in my absence?'

The memory of the first concert surfaced again. Her lips twitched. So many centuries of silence, her voice ached to be heard. Then she heard it.

A song.

Okay, time to wrap it up. Thank you all so much for your time, your input, and your support.

I hope you enjoy my next project. I hope you enjoyed this one. I hope you have more questions for me, and I hope you loved "A Leap of Faith" and "One Step Forward" as much as I did.

See you soon!


Sahrah Marmlade-Leonhart

September 1st, 2008. 12:51 AM