Camp Friendship
by SetsuntaMew

Is it...can it possibly be...a fic? Oh yeah. I'm participating in NaNaWriMo this year, and this is what I'm writing. Updates will be sporadic, because I really don't want to post unedited stuff. Yeah. Enjoy your prologue!


Sora was not looking forward to summer camp. He had planned on spending the summer hanging with his best friends, Riku and Kairi, learning to drive, and basically, just relaxing. Instead, he and his twin brother Roxas were being shipped off to an all summer long camp. Sure, he could understand why- his parents were in the middle of what was turning into a very messy divorce and they didn't want their children to be in the middle of it. Still, he'd rather stay with friends or something.

He sighed. They'd been driving for three hours now. Sora was so tired of just sitting in the awkward silence of the car. His parents had both insisted on coming, wishing to bid farewell to their twins before duking it out in divorce court. This of course led to an uncomfortable drive to a camp that appeared to be in the middle of nowhere.

Without anything to do – he had brilliantly forgotten to bring any sort of entertainment for the long car trip – Sora was quite bored. And when he was bored, he tended to annoy the people around him. Namely, his younger-by-two minutes brother. Every previous family vacation's success could be categorized by how annoying Sora was to Roxas. The less, the better the trip had been. Sora had the feeling that this one was going to be one of the highly unsuccessful ones. He was just so bored.


"Sora, what are you doing?" Roxas asked calmly, looking up from his gameboy.

Poke poke.

An annoyed sigh from Roxas.

Poke poke poke.

"Sora. Please stop that," Roxas said, remaining surprisingly calm.

A pause. And then...poke. Poke poke poke.

Roxas glared at his brother, but opted not to say anything, instead returning to his game.

Sora glared right back. Roxas was practicing his patience skills, was he now? Well then Sora would have to test just how patient he could be.


Roxas ignored him.


Roxas continued to ignore him.

Poke poke poke.

Once again, he got nothing from his brother. Sora was becoming frustrated by his brother's lack of response. This "poke technique" had always worked in the past. He'd just have to try harder. And if that really wasn't going to work, he could always do the good old-fashioned "are we there yet?" approach.

Poke! Poke poke.

Finally, Roxas glared at him. Success was near!

Poke poke poke poke poke.

"Would you please stop poking me, Sora?" Roxas asked, trying to be calm, but Sora could hear the slight strain in his voice. Sixteen years together had taught him when Roxas was near his breaking point. And now it was so close he could almost taste it. So he stopped his poking for a moment. Just long enough to lull him into a false sense of security...


"Why do you always have to do this?! Can't you simply sit still and entertain yourself?! I'm just trying to sit here and play a game in peace, but apparently that's just not allowed!" Roxas exploded in frustration.

Sora simply grinned at him. Mission accomplished.


Sometimes Roxas wondered how he and Sora could possibly be related, let alone twins. While he was quiet and tended to keep to himself and mind his own business, Sora was loud, obnoxious, and prying. He talked to everyone, whether they wanted him to or not. And lastly, his brother still resorted to childish, annoying habits solely to get him to snap! While Roxas could understand boredom – hell, he had been on this trip just as long as Sora had – that didn't mean that he turned into a five-year-old just because he had nothing else to do.

At least Sora had finished complaining about how boring camp was going to be. "Camp Rainbow Happy Sunshines" – as Sora called it – was obviously not what either of them had planned for this summer. Of course, neither of them had planned for their parents' impending divorce, either. But that was another thing entirely. Roxas was just so tired of hearing his brother complain about how horrible the summer was going to be without his best friends, whom he had spent every single summer with since Kairi had moved to Destiny Islands eleven years ago. Roxas couldn't understand it. He knew the three were close, but it seemed like all they did was mock-fight and relax on the island that gave the down its name.

Then again, Roxas was keeping a secret from his twin. Unable to contain themselves – and obviously unable to keep a secret – Riku and Kairi and come to Roxas a few weeks ago to ask about the camp. And not just general things, oh no, they had wanted exact details, right down to how much it cost, where exactly it was, and how did one get in? He refused to answer without knowing why they wanted this information, especially from him and not Sora. So with very little prodding, the whole plan came out. Sora's two wonderful friends were planning on surprising him by attending the camp as well.

In Roxas's mind, Sora really shouldn't be complaining so much about camp. If he knew his friends were coming, he'd probably be excited and asking "are we there yet?" every few minutes. Roxas, on the other hand, had no such luck with friends. He spent more time to himself, and therefore, had very few friends. He didn't have a close relationship with anyone, not like what Sora had with Riku and Kairi. Because of this, he was almost excited for camp. There'd be people he'd never met before, people who didn't simply classify him as Sora's quiet twin brother and ignore him.

Despite Roxas's excitement about making new friends, he still wasn't happy about the camp situation. If it weren't for his parents' upcoming divorce, he wouldn't be going. It was really a bit of a bittersweet trip, and he was starting it out not expecting anything particularly special to happen.

"I want to stop at the McDonalds!" Sora yelled all of sudden, shocking Roxas into walking his character off a cliff in the game. "I am soooo hungry. It's been over three hours since I've eaten last!"

Their mother turned around to answer Sora. "We're almost there, darling, could you just wait?"

Roxas rolled his eyes as Sora pouted. Then the car veered towards the exit, heading to the McDonalds.

"Yay!" Sora was thrilled. "Thank you daddyyy!" Their father grinned while their mother glared.

Twenty minutes later, they were back on the road, Sora happily munching away at a kids' meal and Roxas eating a cheeseburger. Fast food wasn't his favorite, but he had been hungry too. And who knows what kind of food would they serve at the camp?

"We'll be there in about an hour, okay boys? So be ready," their mother informed them.


Riku was beginning to rethink this idea of theirs to go to camp with Sora. First of all, it had been really hard that morning when they had said "good bye" to him. And then, Riku and Kairi had to wait to let Sora's family get far enough away before speeding off. They had to take an alternate route so that they wouldn't be seen, but it probably wouldn't get them there first, which had been the original plan.

Also, the route sucked. They were most definitely lost. All the back-country roads looked exactly the same to him. He swore he had seen that same cow five minutes ago. It was getting ridiculous.

"Kairi, are you sure you're reading the map properly?" he asked.

"Yes, Riku, I'm positive. It's really not that hard," she answered, slightly frustrated. That was probably because he had been asking the same thing for the past hour.

"But everything looks exactly the same!"

"That's because you've spent your whole life in the city," she told him, sighing. "It'll do you good to get out in the country. But if you really want to get on a main road, turn at the next left and go for two miles, then turn left again. We're probably either too far behind or enough ahead that they won't see us."

"I knew you could save us from the unending country roads! I swear that cow was following us."

"Riku, I think you're beginning to imagine things. Just keep your eyes on the road and follow my directions, okay?"

"Yes ma'am," he said sarcastically, earning himself a glare. But at least they'd be getting back on a main highway, and they'd be able to get there faster. He was almost positive that Sora would get to camp first, thus ruining their entire surprise. Well, not the whole thing, but a big part of it. Beginnings were everything, you know?


Axel was in a lot of trouble. He hadn't meant to light his room on fire, and he certainly hadn't meant to burn the garage down either. Fire was just so wonderful. And he had been, for the first time in his life, scared out of his mind. When he had been sitting there with both his parents glaring at him, he was almost certain that this was the final straw. He was eighteen now, they could kick him out and he'd have to go live with his older brother.

Somehow, his parents had decided to instead send him off some godforsaken camp in the middle of the country. They were going to spend the summer fixing everything that he had burned, and the last thing they wanted was Axel ruining it. They were giving him one last chance before they kicked him out on his ass. As lucky as he was for the chance, he was still pissed that he had to spend his summer at camp. But seeing as there was nothing else he could do, he settled on glaring at the back of his parents' heads.

"Now I know you're unhappy about this Axel, but it's for your own good. You can't keep burning things down. The insurance only covers so much, and they're becoming suspicious. You're lucky to be even getting this chance," his mother told him sternly. "Besides, you need to make some new friends besides that horrible group your brother hangs out with. This is a wonderful opportunity!"

Axel spent a lot of time questioning how this naïve, oblivious woman could possibly be the mother to two of the biggest "problem children" in town. Even when her sons were dropped off at all hours for a near-endless list of reasons, she still kept positive about everything. Though, once Reno had moved out, she had begun threatening to send Axel to live with him, or warning that he would turn out like him if he didn't shape up, stop burning things, and make better friends.

She also treated him like he was five years old. Come on, summer camp? The whole idea was ridiculous and demeaning. He'd probably be the oldest one there. His mother had spent hours trying to convince him that "teens" went to this camp, too. Great, he'd be spending a summer with a bunch pre-pubescent thirteen-year-olds who thought they were cool 'cause they were "teenagers" now.

He sighed. It was still another hour or so until he'd get there, so he should value the time her had. Camp Friendship, indeed. He certainly wasn't expecting to make any friends.


And that's that. A simple little prologue. I'm not sure how much I'll update during NaNoWriMo, but I thought I'd post some. Leave reviews because I need all the advice I can get!