Camp Friendship
by SetsuntaMew

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Zexion was practically livid. His evening was supposed to be Demyx-free. He'd already spent the day with him and he wanted some alone time. Zexion had lived by himself for almost two years and was not used to being in constant company with people. Unfortunately, his calming evening walk had been anything but peaceful.

Oh, it had started out nicely. The lake really was quite gorgeous, especially in twilight. However, the water had reminded him of Demyx, which had led to an odd flood of memories. Zexion generally remembered everything quite well. Or, at least well enough to know when something wasn't anything he'd actually experienced.

They started slow and simple. As Zexion walked along the lake, he'd catch glimpses of memories in his mind's eye. Black figures walking through blindingly white halls, adorned with a myriad of hair colors and a varying range of powers. Fire, lightening, ice, water... The shapes were all blurred at first – blink and they were gone – but the longer he walked for, the clearer everything became in Zexion's mind.

He tried to ignore them. He had to be crazy, seeing things in his mind like that. It could be the prolonged contact with so many new, different people...he never did well in those situations. Then everything started coming faster and sharper, all with one reoccurring theme.

Demyx. Zexion wanted one day where his thoughts weren't plagued by him. He wondered, was this a new way his mind had come up with to remind him, constantly, of Demyx's existence?

Maybe, just maybe, if he headed back to the cabin, he could forget about all of this. Zexion wanted some tea and a good book. He'd hide himself away in his room, call these strange visions hallucinations caused by too many children and not enough sleep, and be fine by morning.

However, his mind had one last bit to share with him for the evening. It was longer than all the others, too. It was sharp and clear, like watching a movie in his mind.

Zexion was walking down a white and gray hallway, adorned in a long black coat. Demyx, wearing similar attire, ran up next to him, slinging an arm around his shoulders and planting a light kiss on Zexion's cheek. Zexion rolled his eyes before turning slightly to grab the ties on Demyx's hood and pulling him closer, about to k---

"No!" Zexion yelled, shaking his head vigorously and holding onto a nearby tree for support. He felt shaken and confused, altogether unprepared to deal with any other illusions his mind had to other. He actually sprinted back to his cabin, keen on just drinking tea and trying to forget his entire walk.

Instead, he came back to find that Demyx had somehow managed to flood his room. Marluxia had gone from yelling and screaming in anger to crying over his 'poor, poor flowers' in a span of about 30 seconds, and Zexion was still trying to sort out his confusion and regain his composure. When questioned as to where Demyx was, Marluxia simply replied that he didn't know, but that he was probably over at Comity Cabin visiting a friend.

It turned out that Marluxia was right, as one of Comity's counselors knew exactly who he was talking about and even pointed him in the direction of the room he was in.

Zexion only felt mildly bad about almost breaking the door to the room, since one of its occupants was a huge trouble-maker in his own right.

He was satisfied to see Demyx jump in fear at his entrance. Good, he'd finally managed to get a reaction out of him that didn't involve smiling or hugging. Or, oh gods, his mind was reminding of earlier, and he did not want to think about that.

"Demyx," he said, trying to regain his composure, though he was sure that anger was emanating off of his body in waves. "Care to explain how you managed to flood your room?"

"It was an accident?" Demyx offered, fearful.

Zexion immediately went off on him, words coming out of his mouth that he didn't even realize he was saying.

"But you've done this before! How can it be an accident?!"

The sentence echoed in his head and his headache started to return in full force. Demyx hadn't flooded his bedroom in the past two weeks of camp...but Zexion was positive that it was true.

Demyx was obviously confused as he stared at Zexion in bewilderment and disagreed with his comment.

But there was a memory tugging at him again, hidden somewhere in the corners of his mind, telling him that what he had said was true. So he defended it, countering that he remembered Demyx flooding his room before. Zexion hated it, this previously unknown part of his mind that seemed to be taking over.

"Perhaps in a past life?" the blond sitting on one of the beds suggested. He considered it, thinking that it was just too strange. But everything that was happening was strange, so...

But Zexion really didn't have time for this, so he wrapped up the conversation with a promise to discuss it later and lead Demyx out of the room and the cabin.

And then he exploded.

"How the fuck do you flood a room, Demyx? There wasn't even a hose nearby!"

"I don't know! I was just thinking, and suddenly there was water everywhere! I didn't mean to make it happen, I swear!"

"So you're saying you just conjured water out of thin air? Highly unlikely," Zexion responded, despite everything in his mind yelling at him, telling him that it was no more unlikely than the strange memories or whatever they were that he'd seen during his walk earlier.

Demyx looked frustrated. "I don't understand it either, okay? It just...happened. I saw something in my head, alright? I'm not crazy, because it's not a hallucination. It's like a long-forgotten memory."

Zexion was never one for violence, but he was just so frustrated at Demyx at the moment. Half of it technically wasn't even his fault, since unless Demyx had somehow acquired the ability to mess with his mind, everything that Zexion had envisioned earlier was all his own. Also, never mind that he was couple inches shorter and probably a good deal weaker. He still wanted to do something.

Something consisted of marching over to Demyx, fully prepared to yank him down to eyelevel and bitch him out for everything. But the second he touched his shoulder, it was like he was transported to a completely different world.

He blinked, adjusting himself to his current surroundings. The familiarity of the place was almost shocking; it was the same hallway he'd seen earlier, in that godforsaken vision. Demyx was standing next to him, looking around in confusion and some semblance of awe.

"Where are we?" Demyx finally asked, breaking the heavy silence.

"I don't know," Zexion snapped in reply. Demyx took a step back from him, looking fearful again.

"It seems a bit familiar, don't you think?"

Zexion paused to consider it. He didn't particularly want to tell Demyx about anything he'd seen, but agreeing to one little question wasn't much, right?

"...yes," he replied. "It does."

"What are we wearing, anyway?" Demyx asked, picking at the sleeve of his jacket.

Zexion stared at his own attire, which consisted of a similar black jacket over black pants and a shirt, accented with black gloves and boots.

"A uniform of some sorts, I assume," he answered after careful consideration.

"But why are we wearing it, then?"

"I have no idea. I'm just as confused about this you are, alright?"

" always used to know everything that was going on. I remember. I don't know what I'm remembering, but it's in my head somewhere. I just can only access bits and pieces of it."

Zexion was shocked at Demyx's openness about the whole ordeal. He should have known to expect it though; Demyx was always open to sharing. However, this was not going to convince him to share his own bit of remembrance.

"And you were always clueless and clumsy," he replied, inwardly surprised. He hadn't meant to say anything, however, the words just seemed to continue. "Everyone used to pick on you."

"Do you think we're having some sort of joint dream or something? Because this definitely feels real," Demyx said, brushing off the subtle jab.

"No," Zexion replied, shaking his head in confirmation. "No, I think this is real and we've lost out minds."

"But not our hearts. We have those this time."

And then everything was falling away and Zexion was being pulled back to the realm of normalcy. He landed ungracefully about a foot from Demyx, who appeared to have landed in a similar fashion.

"We're going back to the cabin and never discussing that again," Zexion said firmly, getting up and dusting himself off.

Demyx looked like he wanted to disagree, but decided against it, probably because he realized that he was already in trouble anyway. Instead, he just followed Zexion silently back to the cabin.

Zexion's mind was reeling from the experience. It had drained almost all the anger from him, leaving him instead full of confusion. He didn't like it. He had felt a sense of familiarity the whole time spent in the castle, but the disconcerting part had been the snippets of memories and conversations that had been practically flying through his mind. He wanted to forget them and forget what had happened and just forget everything. It had all been so much more vivid when actually there, so much more real feeling than anything from earlier. But he wanted nothing more than to forget it all.

Especially the continuation of the vision he'd stopped earlier, which was now haunting his mind and his senses.


Demyx trailed behind Zexion silently, fearful of invoking the older teen's wrath. He was practically exploding with questions, but he knew that Zexion would just yell at him again.

Honestly, he had never expected Zexion to yell. He had expected a calm, collected rant about his horrible behavior, but not this. This side of Zexion was frustrated and angry, different and yet eerily familiar.

Demyx was also tired of the confusing things that just kept happening. First the vision and flooding his room, then Roxas's similar experience, and now his and Zexion's joint trip to that weird castle. He could feel long-hidden memories swirling around in the edges of his mind, but he couldn't quite reach them. It was frustrating.

He couldn't help but agree with Roxas's suggestion of a possible past life. It would make sense, and Demyx liked it when things made sense. Actually, he usually didn't care, but this was an exception. This was serious, not some little thing.

Unfortunately, it didn't seem like Zexion was willing to discuss it anymore, regardless of what he had told Axel and Roxas.

Before his thoughts could progress any farther, they were at the cabin and Demyx was being led into a back room, which was soon occupied with Cloud, Tifa, and Marluxia.

He was in trouble now.

"Marluxia, Demyx. There was a problem in your room this evening. We'd all like to hear an explanation for it," Zexion began calmly. "Demyx?"

He bristled at the cold tone in Zexion's voice. He knew that he was an annoyance, but Zexion had never treated him like that before...

"I accidentally flooded it," he answered.

"You accidentally flooded it," Cloud repeated slowly.

Tifa was staring at him like he was insane. "How?"


"Demyx and I already discussed it," Zexion said, saving him from having to explain his problem with water.

Demyx looked up at Zexion in shock, who mouthed 'We'll talk later' at him.

"I don't want him in my room anymore," Marluxia said, speaking for the first time in the meeting. "He destroyed all my precious flowers. My poor, poor babies..."

"Yes, I don't think he could be trusted with a roommate anymore," Tifa said. "But we don't have any more rooms...Perhaps he could stay with a counselor?"

Demyx then noticed that both Cloud and Tifa were looking pointedly at Zexion. He briefly considered that they had planned this out beforehand and almost disregarded it when Cloud said something.

"We discussed this while you two were gone, and it seems like the most logical explanation."

Zexion was glaring at his fellow counselors. "Whatever," he said dismissively. "I don't have another bed in my room though, so he'll be taking the couch."

Counselors got couches in their rooms? At least he didn't have to sleep on the floor.

"Then it's settled," Tifa announced, clasping her hands together in what appeared to be glee. "Demyx, grab what's left of your stuff and move it into Zexion's room. He'll lead the way."

Zexion didn't say a word as Demyx gathered his belongings and moved them into the older boy's room. He pointed towards the dresser on the other side of the room and Demyx took it as an invitation to put his clothes away. He had just finished and was sitting down on the couch when a blanket hit him in the head, followed shortly by a pillow.

"Thanks," he said quietly.

"Don't mention it," Zexion answered sharply. "Any of it."


"I don't want to talk about it."

Demyx knew he shouldn't say anything, but he just had to know.

"What did you see?"

Zexion, who had been lying on the bed gazing at the ceiling, sat up to look at him.

"I said-"

"That you didn't want to talk about it, I know! But I do. And if it's personal, that's fine, but you could at least let me know that's why you don't want to talk about," he finished quietly.

"You really want to know what I saw, then?"

"Yes!" he answered enthusiastically, barely noticing that Zexion had gotten up from the bed to walk across the room.

"This," he said simply, pulling Demyx up from the couch and practically slamming him in to the wall. "Is what I saw."

And then Zexion was kissing him and Demyx faintly recalled gasping in surprise before it ended, nearly as quickly as it had begun.


Demyx opened his mouth to say something, but Zexion cut him off.

"What kind of former life did I have? Because I've decided that that's what those visions must be from. It's impossible for us to have such similar memories without them being directly related, so they must have some sort of special meaning. I don't know. It's confusing. It would be so much easier if they weren't so jumbled! Why can't it be simpler?!" he finished, slumping down to sit on couch unhappily. Demyx sat at the other end.

Zexion was spazzing out like crazy, and Demyx wasn't quite sure how to stop that. He was still a little dazed. In some past life he made out with Zexion? He really wanted to know what he had been thinking.

Not like it had been bad or anything, just...sudden. And very un-Zexion-like. But Zexion had been completely different since he had come to get him out of hiding at Axel and Roxas's room.

"Maybe we should just...go with the flow? Let things come as they do," Demyx finally said.

"Go with the flow? Hm...I feel were always like that."

"I'm easygoing! It's just how I am. And, er, probably always have been, I guess. Former life...that sounds really cool. We must be extra-special to get more than one life!"

"Either that, or we messed up the last one and now we get another chance."

"I bet Axel and Roxas were like Romeo and Juliet," Demyx said dreamily. It just seemed like something that would involve the two.


"Yeah! It just seems like the two of them."

"And now they're all over each other. As marvelous as it is for those two, the rest of us would rather not have to check to woods for them before trying to take a relaxing walk."

Demyx smiled. Zexion was finally calming down. Things could go back to normal, or at least close to it. Seeing as there were on the topic of relationships anyway, he decided to try to get to know Zexion better.

"Do you have a girlfriend or anything back home?"

"No," he answered. "You?"

"Nope. No boyfriend either?"

Zexion glared.

"You never know..."

"Demyx. I'm not gay. I don't even know why we're having this conversation. And don't say a word about earlier. I can tell you're dying to."

"You know, you could have just told me what you saw," he said, knowing full well that he was risking invoking Zexion's wrath again.

All he got was another glare.

"I'm going to bed."

"Okay!" he replied cheerily. "Good night Zexy."

He smiled when he didn't hear a complaint about the nickname.


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