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Experimental Love

Just because it was 3 in the morning was no reason to delay science. Maddie and Jack were hard at work in their laboratory, finishing up the systems check on their experiment. This particular experiment was now on the latest of many, many tries. Corrections to data had been made, and calculations had been re-processed, so they were ready to try again.

Maddie tapped a few more keys on the keypad in front of her, and adjusted a knob on the machine to her left. Everything seemed to be in order, and seemed to be ready for this latest attempt.

Jack was checking the tubes and wires attached to the Stasis Chamber one more time, making sure everything was attached properly and that none of the wires were bent or frayed.

Danny was hiding just outside the door, watching his parents through a small glass window. His parents had been nearly obsessed with this particular experiment for much longer then the rest, and he wanted to see what it was.

After checking everything over a third time, Jack gave Maddie a thumbs up.

Maddie nodded and pressed a small button on the top of the keypad she still held, the machines in the room springing to life with clicks and whirs. They all watched carefully as a glowing green goo was injected into the chamber.

Danny recognized it as Ectoplasm, a common substance when dealing with ghostly apparitions, as his parents often did. Danny watched as electric bolts were shot through the Ectoplasm, causing it to twist and turn. Danny was sure that had the Ectoplasm had a mouth, it would be screaming. The whole ordeal looked rather painful to him.

As the bolts increased in frequency, so did the actions of the goo. It's motions turned almost frantic as it threw itself against the glass walls of the chamber.

Maddie pressed another button on her keypad and a light yellow substance was injected into the chamber along with the Ectoplasm.

That stuff Danny didn't recognize, but he figured that it was another of his parent's discoveries or inventions.

The Ectoplasm started to wrap it's writhing mass around the yellow substance, after a short time, it had encased the other mass and was starting to change color.

It's color went from glowing green, to a paler green, to a yellow green, to yellow, to a paler yellow, and finally, to white.

Danny's mouth dropped open as he saw the shape inside the chamber now. It looked like a human baby! Granted the white skin was a bit creepy, but still, the form was most definitely human.

Jack started re-checking the tubes and wires while Maddie kept an eye on the medical equiptment monitoring the chamber. After Jack finished he nodded to Maddie and she tapped another button, causing an increase in the machine noises as they were pushed into higher and harder functions.

The baby started to glow green again, and Danny looked at it in awe. His parents had just CREATED that baby! Too cool!

The baby started to grow.

Danny couldn't tell whether it was a boy or a girl, the baby was still curled up in a fetal position, but it was most certainly getting bigger.

Now it was a toddler, thick white hair covering it's head.

Now a small child, more like five, or six, and still growing.

Danny watched as the child kept growing, limbs getting longer, baby fat melting away, hair now at it's mid-back...

Beautiful. That was what it was.

The child kept on growing, now probably about ten. Still curled up, it's hair floating around it's head like a strange halo, Danny could make out no defining feature that pinned it as one gender or the other.

Danny was breathless, this was too amazing for words.

Maddie punched in a code on her keypad, the machines dying down for a second, before they screeched back to full power.

Jack turned toward Maddie with a questioning look in his eyes. She shook her head and tried the code again. The machines stayed on, not even acknowledging the override.

She tried a different code, worry becoming more pronounced in her movements.

The child kept growing.

Danny watched his parents try to stop the machines for a second, before turning his attention back to the beautiful child in the chamber.

It was now a teen, though there was no muscle definition. It had never walked, never done anything, not really even breathed yet, so there was no built muscle, only smooth white skin, and incredibly long white hair.

Maddie abandoned her keypad and pressed the manual override button. Nothing happened. As with the keypad codes, the machines weren't recognizing the override.

The teen was still growing.

It was hard to tell it's age, for Danny could not see any features, and the body was nearly completely obstructed by the long white hair that was floating about it, but Danny guessed it to be an older teen, based on the one part of the body he had seen clearly.

It's foot. It's fairly LARGE foot.

Maddie shook her head at Jack and rushed to the chamber, flipping switches and pushing buttons like crazy, trying to get a response.

Jack pulled her back, a bit roughly, and pulled the wires connecting the chamber to the machines. The machines stopped abruptly and the green glow around the teen went out immediately, plunging the room into a pseudo darkness, with only the emergency lights glowing a soft red in the corners.

Maddie pressed a hand to her eyes, pushing back the tears she felt there. They had been SO close that time. SO close. Everything had been calculated, and re-calculated, and re-re-calculated. So much time and effort into this experiment, and each time something went wrong. Each time they ended up with a brain dead, or deformed specimen that they had to 'dispose' of. Well, Jack 'disposed' of, Maddie couldn't anymore, she got too emotional and ended up in tears for days, impeding the research they needed to get done.

Jack wrapped his arms around Maddie. Letting her cry for another experiment lost. They had been working on this one for years. They were close, but just not close enough, and Jack was afraid that Maddie would break down soon. She was a Mother first of all, and the maternal instincts she felt for each specimen ment it was twice as hard for her to see them 'disposed' of. She had said once that she felt like she was killing one of her own children each time it happened. It was hard for her, and Jack was afraid that she would break before she asked him to stop the experiments.

Each time he suggested they take a break from them however, Maddie would shake her head and plunge back in, with or without his help.

Danny watched his parents hold each other. He felt the loss, maybe not as much as they did, but still enough to feel a few tears slip down his own cheeks.

Danny looked at the beautiful white hair still floating around the teen once more, then turned and silently slipped back up to bed.

Maddie pushed back from her husband and looked at the teen in the chamber.

"He was the best one yet." she said with a wavering voice.

Jack pulled back the hood of her suit and stroked her hair gently. "Yeah. He was."

Jack pushed Maddie towards the door, "Go on up to bed Mads, I'll take care of him."

Maddie started walking, then hesitated near the door. "Leave him till morning Jack, we're both tired, and he'll still be here in the morning."

Jack was about to object, saying it was better to get rid of it right away, but stopped when he saw his wife's face. She didn't want to be alone. Even though it wouldn't take but an hour or two to dispose of the body, she didn't want to face going to an empty bed, where she would think about what she could have done to correct the experiment BEFORE it had gone too far.

She couldn't be alone.

So Jack nodded and stepped out the Lab door behind Maddie, closing it and following her up to their bedroom, his arm around her tight, hunched shoulders.

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