I've had some people ask about some specific things in this fic I wanted to clear up.

1. When Danny enters Jazz's room and has red eyes it is because Phantom literally pumped ectoplasm into Danny during sex. Ecoplasm is the only substance Phantom has,
therefore it takes the place of all other bodily fluids he would normally have.

This being said, Phantom is changing Danny's body's chemistry to become more ghost like and less human like. Because 'evil danny' has red eyes, Phantom made the change in Danny by forcing his body to quickly adapt to large amounts of ectoplasm forced into the blood vessels in his eyes, effectively breaking and permanently damaging them before 'killing' or 'deadening' them. To that end they are unliving body parts suspended in the unchanging ghost like state Phantom's body is in. As long as the body is provided sustenance, there is no decay and therefore the eyes stay the color they were 'killed' in. Red.

2. Phantom's possesiveness is directly related to Danny himself. Danny was the first person to show Phantom kindness, so he was the being Phantom attached himself to.

Essentially a 'bond'. An unwavering physical and emotional attachment that requires a certain amount of leway on either side to 'fill' the coiffers with the right kind of payment. IE touch, emotional support, spirtual support. Phantom craves this from Danny in ever increasing amounts until he feels that Danny is literally starving him by paying attention to anyone else. (parents, etc)

3. Jazz vs Jack & Maddie. When Phantom killed Jazz she ascended to a higher plane. Call it what you will, she essentially went to 'Heaven'. The ghostly plane is 'limbo' and the plane Phantom resides in is 'Hell'. Jazz let go of her physical holds, guilt, unhappiness, regret, etc and was able to rise from the plane of 'limbo' to the plane of 'heaven'. Jack and Maddie are stuck in 'limbo' because they refuse to give up their earthly possesions, namely Danny, and keep their regret, guilt and hatred. They will stay in such plane until this has been resolved or it grows until it meets the standard for 'Hell'.

4. No, I will not be writing any more in this particular world. I love Danny/Phantom, and will probably write something for them again in the future, but I don't think there is anything in this world that is salvagable to create a sequel. I also will not be writing any sidefics, prequels or drabbles for this world unless such mood strikes me. So please stop asking about it.

Thanks to you all for reading my lovely pretty thing! I so appreciate everything you each have said in your reviews and pms, I do love to get them so.

I have a few more ideas for fics, so let me know if you want to hear more from me!

Cam out!