this may not be as good as some of the others due to a bad case of brain lock.

there are a couple of thank yous i'd like to post here.

to eve-chan: for the suggestion of a sano one. i did kinda have one started but that suggestion gave a kick in the right direction.

and to warg: for the suggestion of putting a warning on some of my stories. i guess i had no idea people would find them that funny. oops.

Ways to tick off Sano

1. Call him a rooster head. This one is far too easy as Sano is quick to get ticked off.

2. Tell him that he and Saitou have to work together. They actually make a good team, but do not let either of them hear that. If they should hear you be prepared to die painfully and quickly.

3. Tease him about Megumi actually likening Aoshi better. Watch him deny how he feels and then get very mad that Megumi is thinking of anyone else.

4. Never ever under any circumstances should you lend him any money. He will blow it on gambling and other such vices. If you happen to loan him some watch out he will be back to ask for more. (This one is not so much to tick off Sano as it is ticking you off. He will whine and beg until he wears you down and you give in just to shut him up.)

5. Tell him Tae has permanently banned him from the Akabeko for unpaid tabs. You will be graced with his presence all of the time because he has no where else to mooch food.

6. Hint that maybe Katsu has decided to become part of the Meiji government, and will now print only good things about the officials. He will become very mad and storm off to find Katsu to beat some sense into his head.

7. Hide his fish bone. Sit back and have fun as he frantically tries to find it. He may become agitated and mad. At the last minute bring it out of hiding and hand it to him. You could end up with a knock on the head.

8. Go off to fight some really bad guy and leave him behind. He will get angry and try to find you only to get helplessly lost. When he finds you duck fast. He may have learned a new move and will try it out on you.

9. Hint that you heard that Saitou called him a loser. He will try to find Saitou and will return home upset because he was ignored, again.

10. Put him in a small room with Chou, a lot of name calling will be heard. He will just be mad because there is no winning in a name calling contest.