Author's Note – written actually durig science this time…yes, we had a substitute.


"I…I just don't understand why she was so terrible…" Elphaba whimpered. Her eyes became shiny with tears.

"Don't cry," Fiyero ordered. "I talked to her and she was um…dazzled by me, so she was showing off."

Elphaba blinked away her tears, but one escaped her green eye. Fiyero caught it just before it made contact with her cheek. He put his hand under her chin, lifted her head, and kissed her sweetly on the lips. She opened her eyes and smiled. "Where is Glinda? I want to talk to her," Elphaba finally decided.

"She's still at the mall…I think…wait until she comes back." When Fiyero saw the look of impatience on Elphaba's face, he said, "Just wait, Elphie. It'll be okay…" I hope…


Later that night, Elphaba was sitting cross-legged on her bed, reading her favorite book when Glinda came trudging into the room. Neither of the girls looked up from their task at hand. Glinda headed for the closet that the two girls shared to put her new clothing away. Elphaba continued reading her old, tattered book.

When the blonde shuffled out of the closet, Elphaba didn't look up. When Glinda sat on the raven-haired girl's bed, she still didn't look up. She only looked up when the smaller girl gently pulled the book away, placed the bookmark on the page, and closed it.

"What?" Elphaba questioned coldly.

"Elphie…I want to apologize for my horrendous behavior in the mall…it was uncalled for. No matter how hot Fiyero is, I shouldn't have acted like that. It's just…people expect so much from me…I really do like you…I love you as a sister. You're my best friend, Elphaba. Can you ever forgive me?" And, with that, Glinda's voice broke and she began to cry.

"I don't know, Glin. How can I know that you won't do that again? I need to know that I can trust you."

"You can trust me. I promise."

Elphaba had to do a double take, then decided that she could trust Glinda. She had never in her life said 'I promise.' "Alright. I forgive you."

"Thank you, Elphie. Thank you so much."


Even later that evening, Elphaba began to get ready for bed. When she walked into the shared walk-in closet to get her pajamas, she stopped. In front of her, hanging in plain view, was the sequined black dress. On the floor in front of the dress was a pair of satin, royal purple shoes.