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Summary: Nathan and Haley go to different schools and one day they keep meeting just by fate. This fic will take place all just in one day and every chapter (except maybe the last one or two chapters) will be all their meetings during that one day, and little glimses into the present (Nathan or Haley reminising about this one day). It'll probably be about ten chapters.



Nathan's POV

I was never one to believe in fate. All that "love at first sight" and "everything happens for a reason" crap. Life doesn't really work like that. But of course, no one actually believes in that stuff unless they truly experience it. Like I did, once. That day; that one day. This one friday in May was enough to make me a believer. That is, until the day was over and that little ounce of hope and belief in me disappeared. I know now, that no matter how slim my chances are, I will do anything to get that hope and belief back in me. But like I said before; things don't work that way.


May 1st

"Dude, I thought you said I could get the car today?" I said, annoyed into the phone.

"Sorry, bro. Brooke needed a ride to school. You can have it tomorrow. Just take the bus or something." Lucas said. Ok, so I'm happy Lucas and I became cool and actually act like family now, but it's times like these when I just want to smack him.

"The bus already left, it's ten minutes 'till school starts , and I'm barely dressed. Can't you at least pick me up?" I said, frantically trying to pull my pants on in record time.

"We're already at school, Nate. I'm sorry-" Not wanting to waste more time talking to my worthless half-brother, I hung up on him. Things were not working for me today. I brushed my teeth only to realize later that I had forgotten to use toothpaste. I had tried to gel my hair and then noticed that it was not gel I was spreading through my hair, but my mom's coconut-mango body lotion. And when I was almost out the door, deciding that for one days I could live with water-brushed teeth and fruity hair, I looked down to see that my pants I had so rapidly jumped into, were on backwards.


Normally I wouldn't have cared so much about getting to school late, but today was different. I had already been late to class a total of eight times in the last month. See, Tree Hill High had this rule about if you're late three times in one semester you get a detention. If you get three detentions, they call your parents. And in my case, once they call my parents, my $$ is grounded. Plus the basketball coaches are not exactly happy when you miss class once, but nine times, three detentions and a call home will guarantee you a nice, warm seat on the bench for the next game.

As I pass by St. Catherine's, Tree Hill's only private and catholic school, I'm tempted, as always, to glance over at the girls in their skirt-and-blouse uniforms, but I don't even look, because that would just slow me down. Now that is determination. Tim once told me that catholic school girls are always the most sluty. All I knew was that if they saw me checking them out, they would all run over, as if a boy looking at them was as rare as gold falling from the sky. And then I would have to endure damnation from a nun or something.

I was awoken from my thoughts as a pretty little brunette came up to me, looking a little uncomfortable. However, it wasn't from the itchy-looking vests the uniform required. It seemed like it was more the sketching-looking dude who had just droped her off, and who she looked back at and suddenly pointed to me.

"Do I-" know you. That's what I would have asked if she hadn't cut me off right then.

"Do you mind if I kiss you?" Before I could register what she was saying (instead I was busy registering how cute she looked in that uniform), she reached up and kissed me, square on the lips. Too shocked to have any form of a reaction, I stood there immobile as she pulled away, her cheeks slightly blushed. I followed her gaze to see the now-pissed guy that had dropped her off, driving away, then I looked back at her for some sort of explanation. However, all I caught was the sight of her now ten feet away from me, running into the school.

"Hey!" I tried to shout to stop her, but she either was ignoring me, or didn't hear. Either way, I didn't really have time to run after her. Her running into school like that reminded me that I was also now incredibly late for school. But somehow, that's not exactly what I cared about anymore, and it's not what I spent the rest of my walk thinking about.

Was it so weird that I could still feel her lips on mine?


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