History Never Repeats Itself


History never repeats itself. Or so they thought. The future epic lovers of SM attempt to bring their past selves out of their present-day ugly relationship by sending Usagi and Mamoru on the ultimate trip into the Silver Millennium –as Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion. Yet it's highly unlikely that this could somehow bring a change in their set of affairs. Unless…

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"M-A-M-O-R-U C-H-I-B-A, what have you DONE!!!"

Usagi snarled viciously, her fists clenching, and swung at the gorgeous man in front of her wildly. "AAARGH!!!"

He dodged the charged fist swiftly, glancing sorely at the inane puddle of steaming black coffee that encircled his feet and then back at the drenched blonde pulling at her stained sweater. "It was an accident, Odango! I swear!"

"As much an accident as you calling me ODANGO!!!" She screeched, raising her chocolate milkshake threateningly above her head. Messy golden tendrils splayed over her flushed face, tumbling in disarranged, browned curls to the floor. "I'll get you back for this, baka, mark my words!" With a slight tip of her fingers, the contents of the cup dumped in careless, messy heaps above Mamoru's perfectly glossy, raven-black hair.

Motoki sighed sourly as he began mopping up yet another gracious spill, cursing the fact that his two best-friends were bitter enemies.

"USAGI!!!" Mamoru yelped, resting a soggy head on the arcade counter. Minute strands of black peaked out from underneath the glop of brown slush, wet damp against his forehead. "It could have been anywhere…and yet you choose…my hair…" He sniffed dejectedly. "My HAIR!"

"Yes, I can see why you'd be concerned. It is quite nice, actually…" Mamoru balked as Usagi cast a lopsided grin his way, eying him warily. "…nice for a mole-rat, that is…"

Mamoru sighed and looked down at the petite girl in front of him. "I don't see why you refer to me as a mole-rat…I see no similarities."

"Mole-rat…Mamoru…Mole-rat…Mamoru…don't you get it? She giggled, an obsolete vision of Mamoru fainting in fright over a scurrying mole-rat popping into her mind. Ah, the similarities.

He shook his head and stood up to leave. "Eh…no. I better go, Odango. Another second with you and I'll…I'll…" he paused and scratched his head. "I'll do…something."

"Ha! No macho comeback today, ay baka?"

Mamoru smirked, leaning against the swinging door casually. "Even I wouldn't put out that much time for you, my sweet."

Smile fading, Usagi pushed back her blonde bangs viciously, rolling up the sleeves of her sweater. "You arrogant, egoistic, moronic little…MOLE-RAT!"

"ENOUGH!" Motoki gasped, "This is really…"


"…Getting out of hand!" Serenity murmured, peering into the crystal ball with a toss of her golden locks. She shifted comfortably as the dark-haired man seated beside her slipped a hand around her petite waist.

"It is, indeed." The grip tightened as Endymion glanced into the crystal for a second time. "It's amazing how he can be…so…ignorant. Does he not notice all those wonderful features decked into that beautifully delicate, kissable face of hers?" Serenity blushed, peering into the man's stunningly handsome cobalt blue orbs shamelessly as he traced a steady finger against her rosy cheekbone.

She blinked and pushed his hands away tiredly. "Endy, concentrate." He groaned and pushed away from her, scratching his head thoughtfully.

"There must be something we can do. Something to make them realize what they're missing?"

"That's brilliant! Show them what they're missing." Her face glowed unnaturally, a rush of radiance overpowering her features. "Perhaps we could bring them into the future?"

He kissed her silver hair softly. "It would be too much for them to handle at this point…besides, Pluto would murder us."

"That she would." Serenity giggled. "What about to the past? It wouldn't risk any particular consequences…after all, we're dealing with events that have already happened."

"Not a bad idea," he retorted, pulling her against him again. "You go ahead. Now can we get back to our honeymoon…please?" He pouted boyishly and snapped a devilish grin on his face.

She sighed. "Fine…if you insist." Endymion frowned and kissed her lips lightly, eyes sparkling as she moaned in approval.


"NO!! Not again! How long have you two been at it?"

Usagi glanced at the blonde sheepishly, blushing as the twin buns atop her forehead nodded slightly. "I'm sorry, Motoki-oni-san."

"Mamoru…how long?" His glare was deathly.

"Possibly…a half an hour?" Mamoru laughed timidly, sifting a finger through his ebony bangs.

Motoki must have hyperventilated. "YOU TWO…HAVE NOTHING BETTER TO DO, DO YOU? I'M ASKING YOU A QUESTION! DON'T LOOK AT THE GROUND!" Usagi whimpered, allowing blonde cascading curls to shield her face.

"Toki," Mamoru began, glancing at Usagi seriously, "You're scaring Odango Atama."

"Since when did you care?"

He shrugged carelessly. "I dunno…it is mainly my job, you know."

"That's true."

A pair of azure, sky-blue eyes peaked out beneath endless strands of gold. "Motoki…why are you being so mean?"

Motoki sighed, setting the usual bitter black coffee and chocolate milkshake in front of his two most valuable customers. "I guess I'm just…fed up with your constant, pointless disputes." He patted Usagi's hand gently as she blushed crimson.

"Jeez, Odango…you could at least try to hide your incessant crush."

"See, this is what I mean!" Motoki shrieked, turning a slight shade of pink, as Usagi once again began to engage in a verbal debate with Mamoru. "You guys can't stop! It's like a disease!"

"Well, if this is true, Toki-san," Usagi began, turning his way and frowning, "Why haven't you gotten used to it by now?"

Mamoru nodded thoughtfully. "Odango Atama has a point there –-for once. With our constant bickering you would think someone so close to the both of us would be immune to it by now."

"I just…thought…that if I could somehow get you two to stop fighting you guys might actually become friends or something along those lines."

Motoki sighed as he watched the blonde girl set his eyes on him and slurp her milkshake loudly, sucking insolently at the prune red cherry half submerged in the chocolate heaven.

"Cut it out Odango," Mamoru retorted nonchalantly, reaching down to grasp hold of her arms and forcefully yank them off her precious cup of milky sunshine. She let go of it with a gasp, pursing her lips and then wailing at the top of her lungs:


Perhaps if he'd known what was coming next he would have ran in cowardice to his apartment. Perhaps not. Either way, he suddenly found his ear being cruelly tugged towards his predator's ranting mouth, twitching at the string of insults Usagi issued and at the murderous look on her face as she dragged him out of the arcade, across the streets of Tokyo, and plopped him securely into the nearest dumpster.

All the while thanking god that there were no mole-rats.


"Endymion!" She squealed, running into him and latching her arms around his muscular torso. "What's happening to me?"

"What do you mean, love?" He asked, wrapping his arms instinctly around her waist and gazing down at her. Serenity squirmed under the intense pleasure those mysterious cobalt eyes were giving her and quickly blinked the feeling away.

"I'm…disappearing." Her voice was muffled against his plain cotton shirt, her tone soft and moaning as she raised her silver head to glance down at herself.

"You look fine to me," he soothed, stroking her back gently. She cried and pulled away, leading him to the high glass mirror that stood at the entrance to the palace.

He gazed in awe at the young woman that stared back at him. She was beautiful- no doubt- with her high cheeks, petite nose…the golden hair that billowed down her shoulders in graceful waves that reminded him of the spurts of ocean tides he had enjoyed back on Terra. A set of wavering porcelain eyes peered back at him, pale blue with the sensitive specs of gold that rimmed her pupils. His eyes wandered over her flawless face to the slim arms plastered to the side of her body, wondering what had glazed the beauty's brilliant orbs with an aura of impish fear. That was before his eyes met the gaping hole that had once formed his wife's stomach.

"Serenity…" he murmured, gasping wistfully, "It must have something to do with the present…"

She sniffed and buried a tear-stricken head in his shoulder. "Ano, we exist because of them, right?" He nodded and wiped a glistening tear off her pale-struck face. She looked up at him, suddenly stifling giggles and turning away in shame.

"What's so funny?" he asked, raising her chin up to meet him.

"Your hair," she said simply, and so he turned back to the high mirror to take a look at himself. The snowy whiteness atop his forehead that had once shone so brilliantly black was indeed quite amusing.

"It doesn't suit me much, does it?" Serenity burst out laughing as he quirked and eyebrow, examining the thin gray strands in displeasure.

She turned to him, still in a fit of laughter. "It must be more serious than we thought."

He nodded. "It is. Time is running out…and they have yet to live their destinies –our destinies."

"Endy, do you think…"

"Yes…" he replied, a secret smile playing on his face as his midnight blue eyes faded to a greenish twinkle. He rubbed his hands together in anticipation. "…let the games begin!"




A lot of things that might not have seemed so deliberate actually were. Like after the first scene from the future, we come back to the present, and it almost seems as if Mamoru and Usagi were kissing or something. How long have you two been at it? Because that's where we leave of w/ Serenity and Endymion. Ha. As if. That was just funny on my part. Lol