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After dumping Hunter, Adam, and John off at three secluded locations Randy and Dave finally got back to the house.

Ric was in the kitchen with Riley.

"No, it's WOOO, not WAAA!!" Ric joked.

Riley was whimpering softly.

"What are you teaching my son?" Randy asked coming in the kitchen.

"How to be the man of course, somebody's got to show the boy." Ric said.

"Where's Ryon?" Randy asked after giving Riley his pacifier.

"I sent her upstairs. She was making me nauseous from pacing around. I made her a drink and told her to lie down." Ric replied.

Randy nodded, glancing up the stairs then at Riley.

"Go ahead; we'll watch him for you." Dave said.

Randy went up to their bedroom and opened the door quietly. He smiled when he saw cartoons on the muted TV. She always watched them when she was nervous. She was asleep, the covers tangled around her like she'd been having a bad dream. He kissed her cheek gently and decided to go take a quick shower before waking her up. He discarded his all black attire and got into the scalding hot shower. He let the spray beat on him to relieve some of the tension that was still pent up from dealing with the three douche bags. He examined his bruised and cut knuckles knowing that Ryon would make a fuss over them. He began lathering up his body when the shower door swung open and Ryon rushed into his arms still fully clothed. He could feel her shivering with emotion despite the hot water.

"Shhh…Ry Ry baby. I'm fine. Everything is over with now." He soothed her.

He felt her push away from him. She narrowed her eyes as she inspected every inch of his perfect body. She lifted his hand and kissed his knuckles. She looked into his eyes on the verge of tears again.

He shook his head, "It's fine baby, don't get all worked up."

He ran his hands up and down her arms that had the remnants of a breakout of hives.

"Ryon, why did you get so upset? I told you I had everything under control." He scolded.

"I couldn't help it. I was afraid something was going to go wrong and then I started thinking about Riley…" she trailed off.

He bent his head and kissed her thoroughly as he removed her soaking wet clothes. He was fully erect by the time she was undressed and their lips broke apart from each other.

He kissed her neck passionately, "It hasn't even been six fucking days, how in the hell am I supposed to make it six weeks?" he groaned.

She smiled devilishly as she glanced down at her favorite part of his body, "I might have an idea."

She kissed his chin and dragged her lips lazily down his neck to his collarbone. She moved to his chest and flicked his nipple with her tongue before enveloping it in her mouth. Randy cursed softly and held his hands out to steady himself on the bathroom walls. She giggled as she moved down to his abs, knowing he had a love/hate relationship with her foreplay. He loved the way she set his body on fire with her erotic exploration of it, but he hated being patient while she did it. His breathing became haggard as he felt her tongue slide into the crevices of his hips and her breasts graze his erection. He repeated his mantra of "six weeks, six weeks, six weeks", to keep himself from impaling her through the shower wall. He was about to explode and she hadn't even gotten to the most sensitive part of his body yet. She gently pushed him to the back wall of the shower and knelt down in front of him. He had stopped breathing entirely as she looked up at him with her beautiful eyes. She took his hands and placed them on either side of her face as she generously wet her full lips. She gave him a sly grin before slowly taking all of him into her mouth.

"Fuck Ryon!" Randy moaned loudly as she slid the length of him back out of her mouth.

His eyes rolled back in his head as she swirled the tip with her tongue. She gently traced kisses along the underside of his cock, watching his face morph as waves of pleasure rippled through him. He was trembling slightly as she went down on him again. She felt his body seize up as she gently massaged his balls.

"Oh God…" Randy groaned, when he made eye contact with her again.

She was slowly making her way back to the tip when he fisted both hands in her wet hair and pushed himself to the back of her throat. He heard her whimper which sent him over the edge. He thought he would fall over as he came into her mouth. Black spots were dancing in his eyesight as he gazed into her face. When he felt her swallow he untangled his hands from her hair and slid to the floor of the shower. His chest was rising and falling like he'd just sprinted a marathon. He pulled Ryon to him kissing her face all over.

"You can make it six weeks if I do that right?" she giggled against his lips.

He nodded still panting. She laid her head against his chest loving the way his heartbeat always pounded after he achieved an orgasm. He cradled her to him running his fingers through her hair as the shower continually misted them with warm water. He had dozed off for a few minutes with he felt her stir.

"I'm going to get dressed and check on Riley so Ric and my dad can leave." She said brushing her lips against his.

He nodded slowly, still recovering from his release, "I forgot they were here."

"I guess it is true that men only have enough blood to run one head at a time." She joked.

"Shut up." He grunted, standing up.

After Randy had finished his shower he collapsed on the bed to wait for Ryon. Now everything was perfect. They never had to worry about anything ever again. He heard Ryon in Riley's room over the baby monitor. He could hear Riley's soft cooing. He smiled at the though of him in Ryon's arms. He loved the way his son's eyes lit up when he saw Ryon. He was lost in though when Ryon came into the room.

"I love him so much." She whispered crawling in the bed to snuggle against him.

"I know you do." Randy replied faintly.

"So what are we going to do now with now more drama to deal with?" Ryon asked lacing and unlacing their fingers together.

Randy chuckled, "Well, I was hoping to talk you into having another baby with me so I can experience everything I missed." He said trying to read her expression.

"Is sex all you think about anymore?" Ryon laughed.

"I had to go without it for all that time, Ry. I'm just thinking about making up for all of those missed opportunities." He joked, rolling on top of her.

"You are impossible." She said shaking her head, "Don't get me all worked up, that's not fair."

He pinned her hands above her head, "He said we couldn't have sex, he didn't veto anything else." Randy repeated the line she'd told him.

He kept her arms pinned as he pulled off her clothes.

"What are you talking about?" she laughed, thinking that he wanted an encore of their shower scene.

"Shh…" he whispered slowly inching his face to her hips.

Her eyes widened in surprise.

"Randy!" she yelped as she felt his lips on her inner thigh.

"Relax Ryon." Randy commanded softly.

Ryon grabbed handfuls of the sheets when she felt his warm breath at her apex. He opened her up with his thumbs and ran his tongue from the bottom to the top of her core. Her hand flew to her mouth to cover a scream of ecstasy. Randy smirked to himself at her reaction. He loved making her squirm.


Randy and Ryon were never bothered by Adam, Hunter, or John ever again. They kept up their end of the bargain fro fear of Randy and Dave making good on their threats. Six weeks surprisingly passed very quickly and on Riley's first birthday Ryon announced that she was pregnant again with a girl whom they named Raime Kadence.

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