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Silent As the Night

He messed up badly, to the point that it may actually cost him his life. He didn't even know why he'd agreed to it, he knew it was dangerous, but knowing that he could prevent something bad from happening, and doing nothing… well he couldn't live with it. That must be his reason; the choice seemed a lot simpler then, but now, after all this time, he sees things very differently. He had never thought there was a chance he could die, he didn't think about any of the effects it could have on him, or those around him. The whole thing is so twisted; he barely believes it to be real.

His vision sharply blurs, halting all thoughts of regret, as another wave of agony hits him. He sits huddled in the corner, bracing himself against the wall, the feeling of nausea rising with each passing second. It's dark, very dark, and despite the warm season he's numb with a piercing cold. He knows he's not going to get out of this, not without help. Reaching into his pocket he gropes around for his cell phone, he should have done this weeks ago. Upon finding it he flips it open, and presses the needed buttons "Damn it." His dry voice curses, at his lack of coordination, his fingers fumbling uselessly over the phone. "Ahh!" Another sharp jolt of pain sores through him, and the phone goes crashing to the ground. His breathing quickens, and he closes his eyes trying to regain his composure. It doesn't take much longer to realise that he's not going to regain anything, so making a grab for his phone; he pushes the first button he touches, and prays for the best.

Ten Weeks Earlier

"Bang! Bang!" a loud pounding jolts Danny Taylor from his sleep. His eyes travel to the alarm clock next to his bed, and an annoyed groan escapes his throat. 2:10. Laying his head back down, he tries to ignore the sound, hoping he'll just drift off to sleep once more.

"Bang! Bang! Bang!" His eyes flick open as the noise refuses to let him be. "Danny!" The noise is followed by the muffled yell of a familiar voice. Without hesitation this time, Danny jumps out of bed and rushes to the door.

As soon as the door is unlocked the culprit storms in.

"Danny! I found her, I found her! But I think she may be in trouble!"

"Whoa Kate, slow down," he coaxes, while gently grabbing her by the shoulders, forcing her to concentrate, "Okay tell me again."

She takes a deep breath, trying to calm her shaking body. "I found Jodie."

Danny interrupts, "Jodie was missing?" He questions, concern lacing his tone.

"Well no, sort of… she kept disappearing, so I, I followed her." Kate stops, waiting for Danny to say something disapproving, but at his silence she continues. "She's getting round with a crowd," Danny gives her a sceptical look, and she quickly adds, "this isn't just some kind of over protective mother thing, I mean it! She went into some club, covered top to bottom in black- clothes, make-up, and everything. I tried to follow her in, but the bouncer stopped me." She turns to Danny, a pleading expression on her face. "Please Danny, you've got to help me, she's only sixteen."

As much as he wanted to help his friend, there wasn't much he could do, kids rebel, that's all there is to it, and if he goes down there and stirs everything up, he'd probably make matters worse.

"I'm sorry Kate, I can't."

Her eyes shine with something close to betrayal, while her tone holds a strong desperation, "I need your help, I can't do this on my own."

Guilt floods through him, he'd known this woman for years, they'd meet in AA, and helped each other through some tough times, including the death of Jodie's father. They'd once come close to having a relationship, but soon realised they were better off as friends. Friends that would do anything for each other, and never let one another down. He sighs, knowing he can't turn her away. "What did you want me to do?"

An hour later they are sitting in the car, just outside the club, where Jodie had entered. "I can't believe you're making me do this," Danny mutters, while checking his reflection yet again.

Kate gives him a nervous smile. "Just be thankful I didn't make you wear the make-up."

He sends her a glare in return, then opening the door, he steps out of the vehicle.

The cool October breeze swishes through the bustling street, making him almost thankful for the long black trench coat covering his body…almost. Making his way over to the entrance, he watches as the bouncer gives him the once over. Along with the coat, Danny's also sporting a rather ugly pendant, hanging loosely around his neck, as well as a few dark, and devil-like rings on his fingers- where the seemingly innocent Kate obtained such items from, he was sure he didn't want to know. Finally the bouncer nods him in, his cover obviously working. Danny takes a few steps toward the door, but before he can open it, the large man lays a hand on the agents shoulder. "You know someone in there?" mumbles the deep voice, matching perfectly with his rough exterior

Danny hesitates, quickly forming an answer. "Yeah, Jodie, she told me to check the place out, said I might be interested," he calmly replies.

The guy nods again, and moves back, letting Danny pass. With a thankful sigh of relief- not audible to all- the agent opens the door and begins to ascend down a narrow, dark flight of stairs.

"Boom-bop, boom-bop!" The loud thump of music, beats through his ears, making it impossible to hear anything else, and dulling the other senses. Reaching the bottom of the stairs, he's lead to a dimly lit room crowded with bodies, dancing to the dark tone of the song. Danny roughly scans the room, hoping to spot Jodie from there, rather than mingle into the crowd. Unfortunately, this time luck runs against him, as there's no way he can possibly distinguish her from the mass of back clothing. Slowly he starts to push his way through. Managing to get to the other side of the room, he now realises it's completely hopeless, amongst the crowd he still can't see anybody, other than the people pushed right up against him. Getting irritated and feeling slightly claustrophobic, Danny prods his way back to the edge of the room, trying to find some breathing space. Suddenly his heart picks up, as he finally spots his target. "Jodie!" He yells, trying and failing to grab her attention over the loud atmosphere. He rushes towards her, pushing hard to make the crowds part, and getting angry glares along the way. "Jodie!" He tries again, but still she remains oblivious to his call. The smaller girl is soon lost amongst the others, and Danny can't help but feel disappointment. He continues on his path, towards the place he last spotted her, hoping that she's still there and just sheltered from his sight.

"Watch it!" A guff faceless voice yells from his left. Danny doesn't acknowledge them, and keeps moving.

Reaching the spot, he looks on feeling defeated, as there's no sign of his friend's daughter.

"You in or our?"

The agent spins round to come face to face with the bouncer from earlier, and in his shock, he answers stupidly "Huh?"

Danny curses himself inwardly, as the guy gives him a questioning stare. "You said you're a friend of Jodie's, she's gone in," he replies, while pulling back a black curtain to reveal a doorway- something that Danny would have never noticed.

"Thanks," Danny yells over the music, regaining his calm composure.

Still a little confused about the bouncer's presence, and how he seems so willing to let him into a clearly restricted area, Danny precedes to find Jodie.

Upon first entering, everything seems normal enough, sort of like a high flyers area- a bar, lighter music, and couches, with various people sprawled about them. The room, just as the larger one, is extremely dull, the kind of light that takes a while for your eyes to adjust to. Spotting Jodie near the bar, and alone, he cautiously marches toward her. "Jodie, are you ok?" He quietly asks, gently grabbing her arm as he does.

"Get away!" she shouts, physically jumping backwards, and out of his grasp.

"It's ok, it's Danny," he replies, trying to calm her. She's visibly shaking, and her eyes hold a wild feral-like fear.

"D-Danny?" she stutters, her body beginning to still.

"He nods, reaching to grab her arm once more. "I think he should leave."

Jodie remains glued to the floor, even when Danny starts to pull her along. "What are you doing here?" she questions, her voice holding a distant tone.

Danny sighs, knowing the question could lead to anger, then possibly him getting kicked out on his ass. He'll have to tread carefully.

"It's not safe here," he pauses, planning his next words, then decides to go with blunt honesty, "you realise these guys took you here for one reason?"

Complete horror slips across her eyes, as they stare blankly into Danny's.

"I do realise, but I don't think you do." She monotones, lost in her thoughts.

"Come on," he pulls her along, really worried about her reaction, and not understanding her words. She allows herself to be lead out, and without any interference from the occupants, they arrive back into the larger room. Thankfully the bouncer's nowhere in sight, so they merely push their way through the crowd, race up the stairs, and back into the cool night air. The agent swiftly checks the area, thinking that maybe the guy had come back up to the main door, but again there's no sign of him.

"Jodie!" A voice yells, a car door slams, and a moment later, Jodie's pulled from Danny's grip and locked into a tight hug by Kate. "Thank god you're ok!"

Danny stands back and watches the two, a small smile spread over his lips. Suddenly a thought comes to mind, instantly striking the smile away. Jodie is hanging onto her mother for dear life, her body shaking with sobs. What started out as a mere act of teenaged rebellion, turned into something so much deeper. Jodie's words play around in his mind, "I do realise, but I don't think you do." Something bad is happening in that place, something Jodie will never be willing to tell them. What is it, remains a secret.


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