Author's Note 1: Just for fun!

Emma sits at her computer desk and ponders all of the research she's done about musical theater in the past few months. "So many musicals, so little time." She mutters as she flips through a few pages of notes. "Too old. Too boring. Not enough parts. Not Harry."

"Did someone say my name?" Harry asks as he materializes on the bed.

"Hi, Harry!" Emma says brightly. "I'm just picking out your next role." Emma tells him as Harry holds up a rag Ron doll. "What? My roommate bought him for me, and they didn't have Snape!"

"The thought that you want to sleep with a Snape doll is even more disturbing than you sleeping with a Ron doll." Harry states as he tosses Ron back onto the bed.

"Just because he's on my bed doesn't mean I sleep with him, Harry. Get your mind out of the gutter." Emma tosses a Reese's peanut butter cup over her shoulder at Harry. "Eat that before I let the dementors out."

"Empty threats, Emma love." Harry says as he opens the sweet.

"Mm-hmm," Emma mumbles as she stares at one paper. "What do you think about leading roles?"

"I thought you decided I wasn't going to do one until later on in my career." Harry says as he leans over and steals another peanut butter cup from Emma's Christmas stocking on her desk.

"Get out of there!" Emma smacks his hand away.

"Has anyone ever told you that you're a very violent person?" Harry asks as he cradles his hand to his chest.

"Once or twice, but that's as I was breaking up with them." Emma says as she pushes all of the other papers away from her and ignores the resounding crash as they fall behind her desk. "I think I have found your role."

"Right." Harry decides to ignore the breaking up comment. "What's my role?"

"Doctor Frank-N-Furter." Emma says brightly.


"He's a transvestite and-"

"Oh, hell no." Harry says shortly. "Bad enough I want to be an actor...I'll never live that role down, Emma."

"Oh, come on! Think of it as a professional challenge!"

"It's just a little bit of drag, Harry. Nothing big." Emma says.

"Drag? Emma, I am already wearing wizarding robes. How much more drag-like can I get?"

Emma doesn't answer. She only closes her eyes with a smirk and opens them as Harry lets out a horrified scream. Birds scatter in terror the world over.

"WHAT IS THIS?" Harry demands as he looks down at himself.

"Your costume," Emma says as she turns back to her desk. "Oh, I forgot the heels!" She winks at Harry as black heels appear on his feet.

"EMMA! PLEASE DON'T MAKE ME!" Harry whines as he snatches Emma's comforter for cover.

"You are perfectly covered that way, Harry. You wear less when you swim."

"There is no way I'm going on stage in a black corset, fishnets and heels!"

"You're the character; I'm the fanfic author. You'll do as I tell you."

"You're not my mother!"

Emma's door opens and a small head pokes through. "Emma, roomie? Dinner's here and you owe me – HARRY POTTER! IN A CORSET!" Emma's roommate proceeds to fling herself at Harry and they fall on the bed. "Wait a moment...couldn't you put Lucius in a corset instead? You know I much prefer him."


Emma sighs and tunes out her roommate and Harry arguing over the comforter currently covering Harry. "No one is ever happy," She mutters to herself. She turns around and sees her roommate beginning to snog Harry. "Don't mess his make-up!"

Author's Note 2: Harry will not appear in Rocky Horror Picture Show. Sorry, gang. This is just for fun and getting me back into the habit of writing.