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By Keiji

The memory of, like another daydream, but now I've found
The ice is breaking, we're still here
your body is shaking
and it's clear

It's clear...

Naruto would watch him.

He couldn't help it. Everyone else watched him too, from behind the glass surrounding the ice rink.

At first, Naruto thought he was just a show off, simply ice skating in front of the fangirls and audience. He had every right to be vain. He was an epitome of teenage beauty, curt black hair that silkily fell on either side of his face, paled black eyes and thin lips. He was tall and slender. Slender. A perfect figure of a perfect ice skater.

But later... the more Naruto watched, he was certain that he couldn't be a show off. Yeah, beautiful and popular, but not a show off. He skated not because people watched... but because he wanted to. The way he smoothly swerved on the ice, gracefully spinning. His pale skin was almost just like the smooth ice itself, and his black hair framing his emotionless face. But everytime he touched the ice, life would light up behind those seemingly empty black eyes.

Naruto didn't even know his name, but he knew they were in the same school. The same grade. But despite that, he probably would never be able to get to know him anyway. But that didn't stop him from coming to the ice skating rink to have fun, and sometimes, hopefully, catch a glimpse of him.

Naruto, Kiba and Shino were at the ice skating rink, having a fun time.

It was an indoor's icerink, located inside a mall. Sunlight poured through the mall windows from above.

They always had a fun time. Probably because they were all really bad at Skating, and spent more time laughing at each other fall over, rather than trying to properly skate. But that was fun anyway.

Naruto grabbed hold of Shino's arm.

"Nooo! Naruto! I'm slipping," Shino, who was usually calm and rather stoic, was suddenly fearful of falling over onto the ice.

"I got you!' Kiba mocked, skating over and grabbing onto the other side of Shino.

For a moment, Shino sighed with relief. He glanced at the two boys holding onto his arms.

"Um... no... stop!"

Kiba and Naruto laughed, suddenly skating forwards, dragging Shino with them.

"We'll crash!" Kiba yelped, laughing maniacally, stating the obvious.

The other skaters in the ice rink parted as the three boys sped over the ice, looking at them with immature disgust. Shino yelped, the barrier, the edge of the rink, was coming close fast. Kiba and Naruto let go, crashing into other people as Shino hit the wall and slid to the ice.

Kiba skated over quickly, still chuckling as he helped Shino up. Naruto brushed the ice off himself and went over to the two boy's.

"Kiba... get your hand off my ass," Shino muttered, trying to regain his composure.

Naruto was skating around by himself, impatiently waiting for the two to stop flirting with each other.

"Kiba, Kiba! Look at me!" He grinned as he tried to jump into the air and spin, but failed miserably. Instead, he clumsily dug into the ice and tripped over. "Owch," He muttered, but still grinning as he got back up. Kiba wasn't even watching. He was trying to get Shino to skate with him holding hands. Naruto's eyes crinkled as he brushed the ice off himself.

"Hey… Naruto…" Shino muttered from behind his collar. He pushed his black glasses up, nodding towards the other side of the rink. "I think someone has their eye on you."

Kiba and Naruto both looked across the rink to where Shino was looking at.

Sure enough, there was someone staring at Naruto.

"Isn't that the ice skater for our school? He's in our year…" Kiba squinted. "Were you checking him out, Naruto?"

"No!" Naruto blurted, turning red. "I didn't do anything."

"Yes! Isn't he that boy you keep watching? The really good skater…? The one with the really nice ass?!"

Shino raised an eyebrow, frowning at Kiba. Kiba blushed, and ignored Shino's questioning look. "he DOES have a nice ass..." He mouthed.

"I don't know, I don't care." Naruto simply blushed stubbornly.

"Well… he's skating over…" Shino pointed out.

"Ahhh… no!" Naruto tried to hide behind Kiba.

"Hey." The calm voice came. "Glad to meet you…?"

"Kiba," Kiba said, introducing himself. He grinned widely, showing his wolfish fangs. His eyes darted down to his so-called nice ass. Suddenly, without warning, Shino grabbed Kiba by the wrist and skated off with him as he protested.

"I just wanted to look…! Once…! You possessive bastard… you…" Kiba's voice trailed away, leaving Naruto all alone.

"Heheh…" Naruto smiled nervously, feeling abandoned. "My friends…"

He stared at the ice, concentrating hard on the skid marks and how the sun glinted off the little shards of seethrough white...

"I've seen you around here often," Said the voice.

Naruto felt frozen to the spot, melting at the sound of his voice. He glanced up, slightly entranced by the dark, empty pools of black. He noted how his hair also seemed to have a blue sheen. Stop staring. Idiot. Idiot. But how could he not stare? This was the first time he had been so close to him. Up close, he seemed even more handsome than he was from far away... beautiful.

The raven seemed to smirk. "Do you know my name?"

Naruto shook his head honestly, slightly embarrassed. Idiot... the best ice skater, and you don't even know his name...

"Sasuke, Sasuke Uchiha."

"Oh, cool, I'm… Naruto Uzumaki." He grinned, feeling stupid, then stopped grinning. Then he grinned again.

"I know."

Naruto blinked, his blue eyes slightly startled. He know's my name...!

"I saw you doing your trick earlier on," The black-haired beauty continued to say.

"Mmm?" Naruto blushed. Sasuke was referring to the trick where he fell over. I should've known. Probably come to tease me...

"Are you interested in being my partner?"

Naruto's blue eyes widened, a slight blush on his nose. "I uh... what?"

"...Be my partner? I know it's kind of awkward and sudden to ask a total stranger, but I need to be finding one..."

"No. Not me... eh... I'm really bad at ice skating if you haven't noticed."

Sasuke frowned disbelievingly. "So?"

"I... uh... I..." He really wasn't sure what to say. It sounded like a prank to him. Maybe it was a prank. But this Sasuke seemed pretty serious, at least, that was what his black eyes showed.

"Tomorrow morning. We'll have breakfast at the glacier-cafe." It sounded more like a statement, as if already confirming that Naruto had agreed.

"Wait, Uchiha..."

"Call me Sasuke."

Naruto fidgeted nervously. "...Sasuke. I think, you should reconsider." Naruto blushed. "I mean, there are so many other talented skaters."

Sasuke didn't even bother to respond, he looked at Naruto with a blank expression. "...Whatever."

"Wait!" But Sasuke had already disappeared into the ice-skating rink, merging with the crowds of people.

Sasuke knew that his name was Naruto.

Naruto Uzumaki...

Wasn't that the same name, Uzumaki, as the famous and legendary ice skater? Even though that was ages ago, Sasuke hoped that Naruto would be his partner. Sure, Naruto wasn't fantastic, but that was probably because he didn't get proper training.

Sasuke was surprised at that.

Naruto Uzumaki, a most likely descendant of the Uzumaki-ice-skater, should've been training already. He was, in a way, a little talented. But that was it. Wasted talent.

Maybe he already had a partner. Maybe that was why he seemed reluctant about agreeing to be Sasuke's partner.

Sasuke frowned slightly. He wanted Naruto to be his partner.


It was promising.

I got this idea when i was iceskating...

xx keiji

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