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Title: Saving Me
Author: SkyyRyder
Rating: PG-13
Summary: The young daughter of Dave Bautista finds a way to save another young superstar from himself; while finding out about herself along the way.

Chapter 1

21-year-old Ryan Bautista was a very head strong young woman, the daughter of WWE wrestler Dave Bautista, better known as "The Animal" or simply "Batista." She was his eldest child from his High School sweetheart, who passed away giving birth to her. Ryan was the Personal Assistant to her father as well as the Merchandise Consultant for several of the SmackDown! Superstars.

Her long brown hair swayed back and forth as she searched the maze of a backstage area for her 39-year-old father. He had stood her up for lunch; he was supposed to meet her an hour ago in the catering room but never showed. Taking another left towards his locker room she found him talking in the hall way with one of the many Staff writers.

A look of displeasure seemed to be setting on his handsome face as he looked through the script. Ryan walked toward him; he lifted his blue eyes to see her coming his way. A smile replaced his earlier expression as he put his arm around her shoulders.

"I thought I asked you to wait for me in Catering?" He asked her.

"Yeah, but it's about an hour late for that one dad…" She smirked up at him.

Dave looked down at the gold watch adorning his muscular wrist, his eyes grew large as he saw what time it was.

"Jesus, Rye, I'm sorry…" He stated. "I got tied up with Jason here…" He pointed to the staff writer who simply smiled at the beautiful young woman.

"It's alright, just wanted to make sure you didn't get attacked by King Booker…" Ryan mocked in a fake British accent.

"Very funny…" Her father stated with a snicker.

"So what's got you looking like they just gave the title to Booker T?" Ryan inquired.

"An interesting new twist to a new storyline…" Dave stated as he walked towards catering with his daughter.

"Oh yeah, like what?" She asked taking the script from him.

"Like my daughter and I are rejoining Evolution." Dave stated as Ryan stopped in her tracks.

"Pause. Stop. Rewind." Ryan stated as she turned to look at her father. "WHAT?!"

"Yeah apparently we're going to be joining Randy, Hunter & Shawn as the new Evolution…" Dave commented as he pushed his daughter to continue walking.

"B-but… why me?" Ryan asked. "I'm not even a diva…"

"They want you to be our on and off screen PA. Vince has liked the way you keep my schedule under control, and the merchandise… so he wants you to be on and off screen with us…" Dave stated. He looked away from his daughter as if he was leaving something out.

"What is it?" She asked him.

"What are you talking about Ryan?" He asked as they entered catering.

"You've got that look on your face like you're leaving something out… on purpose…" Ryan stated as they both grabbed plates.

"I'm not leaving anything out…" Dave stated as he stuffed a water bottle in his mouth carrying his tray to an empty table.

"Hey Big Man!" A familiar voice came from behind them.

"Paul! What's up man?" Dave asked as the McMahon-Levesque's joined them. Paul, Stephanie and their daughter Aurora.

"Hey Ryan!" Stephanie smiled at her Aurora attached to her hip.

"Hey Steph it's good to see you again… hey Rorie…." She smiled poking the baby with her index finger.

"How do you like the new script? You're not going to kill me are you?" Stephanie asked looking at her worried.

"So there was something you were hiding!" Ryan stated pointing a finger at her father.

"He didn't tell you yet?" Stephanie asked adjusting Aurora on her hip.

"NO!" Ryan stated as she narrowed her eyes down at her father.

"You're going to start a relationship with…" Stephanie started to say when another voice came booming from behind them.

"It's the one and only… RKO…" Randy Keith Orton, Ryan glanced over at him and rolled her eyes. She had known Randy since she was about 11 years old. Her dad, him and John Cena all were in the OVW around the same time. Randy was also a third-generation superstar so he had been around wrestling almost his entire life.

Randy came over to her and sat down next to her, arm wrapped around her shoulders confidently.

"How are you my darling Ryan?" Randy asked smirking at her.

Ryan was about to say something smart back to him when it hit her, she was going to be in a relationship with the RKO kid… she knew it. That's why her father wouldn't tell her, he knew how much she despised him and his cockiness.

"You've got to be kidding me… STEPH!" Ryan glared at the woman across from her.

"I'm sorry but everyone really liked the idea…" Stephanie stated as she diverted her gaze.

"Get off of me Orton…" Ryan shrugged his arm off of her shoulders.

"Awe c'mon you'll have to get use to it sooner or later…" He stated as he moved some of her auburn hair out of her face.

"Orton…" Dave's strong voice bellowed out watching the young man try and put his moves on his daughter.

Orton smiled at his good friend and put his hands up defensively. Ryan got up from her seat and stared down at Orton.

"Later is fine with me…" She stated as she walked out of the catering room.

"You should have told her earlier Dave…" Paul stated as Randy smirked at his two friends.

"You think any woman would be grateful to get to be MY one and only…" Randy stated smirking.

"One and only my ass…" Stephanie stated under her breath as she excused herself and Aurora.

"Look Orton, don't take this the wrong way, but… Stay the hell away from my daughter…" Dave stated as he and Paul left the table, leaving Randy by himself.

Dave found his daughter sitting in his locker room her lap top from the company on her lap as she looked at the new emails from Vince and the writing staff with the Evolution schedule for the next month after the reunion.

"You should have just told me…" She stated as he closed the door behind him.

"I'm sorry… I didn't want you to freak out like you did…" Dave stated as he took a seat in the opposite chair.

"What do you expect me to do? He's your friend; you know how he is just as much as I do…" Ryan stated.

"I know darlin' but when Vince has his mind set on something… he goes with it… and you know that…" Dave stated as he glanced at his daughter.

"I know… well I've got quite a bit of work to do here… don't you have a match to prepare for?" She asked with a smirk on her face.

"You sound just like your mother…" He stated with a smirk as he grabbed his gym bag and went in to the shower.

"I'll take that as a compliment…" She stated putting all of her attention at the task at hand.