November 2, 2006
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Pairings: Sephiroth/Cloud
W A R N I N G: This is about male pregnancy (possibly) and male/male relationships. We are letting you know now what the relationships WILL contain. So, if you are AGAINST such pairings, please find something else more to your liking, you have been WARNED.

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Prologue: Freedom

The tall lean figure of the General stood protectively in front of his shorter petite mate. Both were hidden behind their only means of protection, a shield of storage barrels, piled high to the ceiling. Sephiroth carefully peeked from their hiding spot to double check that they had not been followed. He saw no-one. They were safe—for now.

Just a few tantalizing feet away from the large Mako storage barrels, which they were hid behind, was the exit to their freedom.

Turning back towards the youth, Sephiroth didn't care for Cloud's skin coloring. The boy was much too pale and his face was damp from sweat. The General knew that he was pushing Cloud too hard, but they had to get out of the lab, they had to get away from this place at all costs.

"Cloud, you have a clear shot to the door. I want you to run for it and don't look back. I'll find you later."

"No! Sephiroth, I'm not leaving without you!" Cloud said, determination clearly showing in his unusually bright azure orbs, his small hands clenching tightly around Sephiroth's arms.

"Don't argue with me on this. Hojo wants her, and I will not allow that bastard to get his hands on her, or you," the General replied, in a tone much harsher than what he intended.

To soften his words he gently placed a gloved hand on his lover's distended belly.

"Our lives have been manipulated enough, and I do not want my daughter—our daughter—treated like a science experiment. If you love me, you'll get up and leave me, now." Sephiroth turned his head sharply toward the entrance.

Distance footsteps were coming closer, marching in unison, an army of feet.

Leaning in towards his lover, Sephiroth caressed Cloud's cheek and kissed his trembling pink lips tenderly. He knew they were running out of time—they were out of time.

The sound of voices could be heard from outside the heavy doors.

"Okay, we found them! Break it down!"


"Go!" he said, pushing Cloud away from his embrace, pushing again when the boy hesitated. "If not for me, do it for her. Keep her safe, Cloud."

With sad green eyes, the General watched his pregnant lover run out through the manufacturing plant's fire escape, and hopefully to safety.

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