Candytricks and sugartreats


Warnings/notes: Bakura/Ryou, hinted Yami/Yugi/Anzu, slightly ooc.

Disclaimer: I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh.

written at 26th october 2006, by Misura


"And I still don't understand why I can't just -take- the candy," Bakura complained, after yet another old woman who'd thrown one look at Bakura's outfit, frowned at Ryou and, after half a minute, reluctantly deposited one toffee in their bag. "I mean, she had a whole bowl full! She could at least have given us two of them!"

"I don't like toffees all that much anyway," Ryou said meekly. "You can have it."

"Oh, that makes it all right then! What, do you think she could read your mind? Do you think she took one look at you and knew right away that you didn't like toffees? Do you?" Bakura demanded.

"Well, no, I suppose not, but - " Ryou started.

"Of course not! She's just some greedy mortal who doesn't respect the spirit of Holloween! You should let me send her to the Shadow Realm!" Bakura nodded his head.

"Halloween," Ryou said.

"What does it matter what it's called?" Bakura made a dismissive gesture. "People like her deserve to be punished! I bet you even the Pharaoh would say that!"

"Yugi won't allow Yami to go trick-or-treating anymore," Ryou reminded Bakura.

"Hah. The Pharaoh's so completely whipped!" Bakura looked slightly cheered up at the idea, and Ryou cautiously congratulated himself on having been successful in getting Bakura's mind off the sending to the Shadow Realm of basically innocent and harmless old ladies. "What did he do, anyway? I asked him, but he said he didn't want to talk about it, and then you said I shouldn't pick on him, which was completely unfair, by the way, because I was only asking a question."

"Yugi says he played a Shadow Game with someone who picked 'trick' instead of 'treat'," Ryou said, reasoning that this information couldn't do any great deal of harm.

"They can do that?" Bakura sounded interested. "I mean, I guess they can, because you do ask them 'trick or treat?' but I thought that was just some sort of ritual, like Joey asking Kaiba if he'd rather shut up by himself, or let Joey do it for him."

"Most people pick 'treat'," Ryou said. "It's easier. I believe the 'trick' is supposed to be connected to your disguise; you have to stay in-character, so to speak."

"Hm-hm." Bakura looked pensive. "So if someone picks 'trick', it'd be okay for me to steal all their valuables, eat all their food and sell their women and children as slaves?"

"No." Ryou sighed.

"But, Ryou, I'm dressed as an Ancient Egyptian King of Thieves!" Bakura protested. "They should be grateful I don't set their houses on fire, too!"

"Firstly, our bag isn't big enough to carry any valuables," Ryou said, having learned from experience that it was little use to appeal to Bakura's sense of right and wrong. "Our television works quite well, and we don't need another DVD-player, computer or toaster." In fact, there were several toasters and DVD-players hidden in the basement, after they'd mysteriously vanished out of several households in their neighborhood. The police hadn't been able to find any traces of the thief, commented on how unusual it was for a criminal not to take any creditcards, and given up the search. Ryou hadn't felt up to fabricating some excuse to give them back, so he'd just soothed his conscience by telling himself toasters weren't that expensive.

"Secondly," Ryou continued, before Bakura could point out a solution to the small-bag-problem, "it's a Saturday, so the shops will be closed tomorrow. If you eat their food, they'll starve."

"That old witch deserved to starve!" Bakura muttered. "Although I bet she didn't have any good food around anyway."

Ryou didn't think there was anything he could say to that. "Thirdly," he ploughed on, "slavery is illegal nowadays. Besides, you were a thief. I thought you told me you only stole things, not people."

"No, no, I meant that I never kidnapped anyone and held them for ransom." Bakura shook his head. "That's just way too much trouble. I mean, imagine taking care of someone who doesn't even like you for days and days, and making sure he doesn't escape either. No amount of money's worth that!"

"You mean you did sell people into slavery?" Ryou asked, appalled.

"They were slaves already!" Bakura defended himself. "All I did was take them away from one master and sell them to another. Most of them were better off that way - well, some of them, at least. And I also allowed a few to join my band of thieves. And I only did it once."

"Oh," Ryou said weakly.

"If you want to blame anyone for making people slaves, you should look at the Pharaoh. Why do you think the Sennen Rod can turn a person into a mindless puppet? I'll give you a hint: it's not because the rulers of Egypt disapproved of slavery." Bakura snorted. "Bunch of hypocrites!"

"Uhm, doesn't this look like a good house to try again?" Ryou said, not entirely happy with the turn the conversation had taken. He'd studied Ancient Egypt, of course - his father owned hundreds of books on the subject - but Bakura's stories tended to make everything sound a lot grimmer and less civilized than the books made it out to be.

"Are those pumpkins supposed to be scary?" Bakura scoffed, appearing to be willing enough to drop the subject of Pharaohs and slaves for something a little closer to the here and now.

"It just shows that these people have gotten into the right mood." Ryou put on his best winning smile and prayed that he'd be proven right, and that they'd get a bit more here than one toffee.

"Bakura?" The door was opened even before Ryou could ring the doorbell.

"Anzu?" Ryou wasn't sure if he ought to be relieved or disappointed. "I didn't know this was your house."

"Just give them their candy and get back to the living room, so that I can - oh, it's you." Yami glowered at Bakura, who glowered back. "Tombrobber."

"Hi, Bakura!" Yugi, of course, wasn't far behind his other half, although his expression was much more friendly. "Have you collected a lot of candy already?"

"Not a lot, but some." Ryou held up the mostly empty bag.

"People sure are frugal around here," Bakura added, not looking away from Yami.

"Maybe they just don't feel like giving any candy to thieves," Yami suggested.

"While these two guys have a staring contest, why don't you come in for some hot chocolate?" Anzu proposed to Ryou. "It's a bit chilly out there, isn't it?"

"Thank you," Ryou said. "It is, yes."

"Are you cold?" Bakura turned his head to stare at Ryou. "Why didn't you say something earlier?"

"Hah. Is that what you call 'taking care' of your host?" Yami sneered. "Letting him catch a cold by dragging him around on a cold winter's night without any scarf or warm jacket?"

"What are you suggesting, Pharaoh?" Bakura narrowed his eyes.

"Have you ever noticed how some people don't seem to be able to walk into the same room without starting a fight?" Yugi asked Ryou.

"Rather childish, if you ask me," Anzu declared. "I mean, even -Joey- has grown out of that. More or less."

"He and Kaiba have become rather good friends, haven't they?" Ryou said. "They always seem to be together. We went past Joey's apartment earlier, but there was nobody at home."

"I will say this for Kaiba: at least he makes sure Joey actually studies." Anzu sighed. "I just wish he'd be a bit more social about it. He could drop by at the game-shop sometimes - instead of just dropping off Joey there before going on to work."

"Can we continue this conversation inside?" Bakura inquired. "There's someone in danger of catching a cold, and unlike -some- people, I'm not too self-centered to think of anyone except myself."

"Self-centered?" Yami bristled. "Me?"

"I've baked pumpkin-pie." Anzu beamed at Ryou. "Yugi says it's turned out very well, but I'd like to hear your opinion, too. It's a new recipe, and I'm really not sure about it."

"Pumpkin-pie sounds delicious," Ryou said politely, allowing Bakura to shove him inside.

"Maybe we should drop by at Kaiba's house later on," Bakura mused. "He's rich, so he should have lots of good candy. Do you know where he lives?"

"I'm -not- self-centered!" Yami stated. "I'm not!"

"Kaiba's mansion is practically on the other side of town," Anzu told Bakura. "Sorry. Have some pumpkin-pie, and stop sneaking candybars into your pockets when you think I'm not looking.."