Candytricks and sugartreats


Warnings/notes: Otogi/Honda, hinted Kaiba/Joey, slightly ooc.

Disclaimer: I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh.

written at 26th october 2006, by Misura


"Tell me again why we're doing this?" Honda groaned, staring at his reflection in the mirror.

"Well, -I-'m doing this because I think it'll be fun." Otogi grinned at him. "You ... well, I guess you're just one of those nice guys who do things because their boyfriends want them to."

"Huh." Honda stared at his reflection again. He thought he looked like an idiot - maybe not quite as bad as Joey had looked in his dog-suit, but close. "Can I still change my mind about being a nice guy?"

"No." Otogi sighed and rolled his eyes. "Really, Honda, what's your problem? Lots of people would be downright thrilled at getting to spend a whole evening with me. Although I'm still not sure about this eye-patch ... my eyes simply are too pretty to hide one of them."

"Why didn't you ask someone else then?" Honda muttered. He knew he could (and should) have simply said 'no' the first time Otogi suggested they'd go trick-or-treating on Halloween; Otogi'd probably have pouted for a week, but in the end, he'd simply get over it. Maybe then Honda could have talked him into watching a scary movie at Otogi's apartment, just to stay in the mood of the holiday. Otogi got scared easily - sort of like a girl, really, although Honda made very sure to never tell him that.

"Oh bother. I'm sure there were pirates without eye-patches or wooden legs." Otogi carelessly tossed the eye-patch on the couch, where three other outfits he'd proposed for Honda to wear were lying already. "If anybody asks, I'll simply say I'm so good with my sabre that nobody's managed to poke out one of my eyes yet."

"It's a cutlass, not a sabre," Honda corrected him.

"Who cares?" Otogi drew the weapon - it was a plastic imitation, of course, even if Honda'd already discovered that that didn't mean it couldn't do any damage when Otogi wielded it. Luckily, they'd been in Otogi's apartment; Honda's parents were freaked out enough by the fact that Otogi wasn't a girl. Honda suspected they'd likely ground him for the rest of his life if he'd have to explain that his boyfriend had broken his mom's favorite vase when trying out a Halloween-costume.

As far as Honda's parents knew, he was over at Yugi's to watch a movie. He'd given them Joey's cellphone-number, just because he knew Yugi couldn't lie if his life depended on it, and Joey still owed him for the last time Honda'd let him borrow his history-notes.

"Why can't I go as a pirate, too?" Honda inquired. What he was currently wearing had seemed like the lesser evil - he certainly didn't intend to risk getting caught in a Funny Bunny-costume, or, worse, a Cyber Commander-suit - but it still wasn't great.

"Because I'm a pirate already." Otogi shrugged. "Besides, you knew three weeks ago that you'd need to dress up. It's not my fault you forgot to pick an outfit that met with your complete approval."

Actually, Honda had hoped that if he 'forgot' about the costume, he'd be able to wriggle out of this whole thing. He should have known Otogi's plans wouldn't be so easily thwarted though - for all of his talk about luck, Otogi seemed to leave little to chance.

"I look like an idiot in this thing!" Honda complained.

"The better to show off your boyfriend's beauty." Otogi grinned. "Not that you could ever hope to look good next to me, of course. Just think of yourself as the comic relief. I'll charm the girls, and you can make them laugh. We'll make a perfect team."

"What girls?" Honda asked. Otogi still had a lot of fangirls, and his having hooked up with Honda hadn't changed their hanging on his every word, or swooning whenever he so much as glanced in their direction. Honda'd called them 'weird', Otogi had smacked him for being 'jealous', and several girls had burst out crying at the sight of their beloved Otogi getting into an argument with his boyfriend. Honda had limited himself to complaining about Otogi's fangirls in private after that.

"The girls who hand out the candy!" Otogi rolled his eyes. "Think, Honda! Their little brothers will all be out to go trick-or-treating, and their parents are far too lazy to answer the door every five minutes. So who gets stuck with the duty of giving sweets to snotty little kids who look like monsters?"

"You're crazy," Honda said. Well, he guessed that Otogi did have a point; Honda remembered that his big sister had usually been the one to guard the bowl with candy on Halloween. Still, it was ridiculous to present this whole trick-or-treat thing as some sort of opportunity to get to meet new girls.

Otogi was taken, after all, and he already had more fangirls than his Dungeon Dice Monsters-arena had room for. Honda didn't see why Otogi would want or need to meet more girls.

"All night long, they get pestered by kids who look and act just like their little brothers, and then, like a blessing of Lady Fortune, there's us. Two handsome guys of their own age. I bet we'll collect more candy than anyone else." Otogi rubbed his hands.

"So ... we're doing this for the candy?" Honda felt slightly mollified by that 'two handsome guys'; enough to let that 'blessing of Lady Fortune' slide by without comment.

"Honda," Otogi gave him a pitying look, "what -else- could we be doing this for? This isn't some sort of joke, you know. This is a battle, a competition, survival of the fittest and all that. It's serious."

"To you, anyway." Honda grimaced. Joey might complain about Kaiba obsessing over eating healthy and getting good grades (or at least better grades than Yugi), but Otogi was just as bad, in his own way.

"Do you, or do you not want to play the latest Final Fantasy-game three months before it's officially released?" Otogi crossed his arms over his chest.

"Well, yes, sure, but what does that - " Honda began.

"Then stop whining and start getting in the right mood," Otogi interrupted him. "Kaiba Corp.'s security's too good for even me to hack, so unless I win this little bet I made with Mokuba, I'm going to have to wait another three months, like every ordinary fool with a computer."

"Mokuba has - " Honda started, only to be cut off by Otogi again.

"Yes, he does. It's not like Kaiba can refuse him anything. Which, by the by, doesn't go for Joey, so you can forget about asking your best buddy for a sneak-peek. Kaiba's too much of a professional to allow his private life to harm his business - which is a pity, because otherwise, I could have just seduced him and gotten access to all of Kaiba Corp.'s secret files that way." Otogi sighed mournfully.

"Sometimes, I really do wonder why I put up with you," Honda informed him.

"Sometimes, I wonder the same." Otogi offered him a dazzling smile. "But then I remember that I am, after all, the most charming, handsome and greatest guy you'll ever meet, so I actually don't have anything to worry about, do I?"