I couldn't help but notice last night that when Sawyer was telling Kate to close her eyes(wow he looked vicious, didn't he?)it seemed clear there was something involving him she shouldn't see….likely his death. But the gun was pointed at the back of her head, not at him. This scenario popped into my mind, and I actually think it's a little likely…not that they'll actually kill him(they'd better not…). And then there was the whole scene with them having sex(finally….)so….anyway, I'm defiantly a Skate and I just had to write this once I'd thought of it. Hope you enjoy it.

No, I don't own LOST. Or Sawyer. But I'd love him….lol


It was fitting that it was raining. Somewhere in her head, Kate knew this. It should be raining, it should be dark. It should be just as cold as her heart felt. She could feel the gun, pressed to the back of her neck but it was all happening so fast. All too fast. She couldn't breathe. Pickett crammed the barrel into her skull with this right hand and pressed her up against the bars with his body. Sawyer was seething.

"You bastard. Get off her."

Pickett glared. "Take it easy, boy. I'm just giving you something that's gonna be useful." Using the hand he had used to hold Kate, Pickett pulled a gun from behind him and shoved it at Sawyer. Slowly, suspiciously, Sawyer took it. Stepping back to take Kate's bound wrists in his hand again Pickett gave Sawyer a malicious grin.

"Now, Sawyer, you're gonna take that and end your miserable life, and Kate here is gonna watch you die." Sawyer's eyes were narrowing dangerously. "And if you don't do it, well…" The jab of the gun to Kate's neck was all the clarification needed, but he spoke anyway. "I'll take her life instead. Then I'll kill you anyway. But if you do this, then I'll let your pretty lady live."

"NO!" Kate was screaming now, and she struggled with Pickett. Sawyer heard Pickett cock the gun.

"Freckles, be still." His voice was soft but commanding, and Kate stopped struggling. Pickett shoved her forward, pushing her face right up against the bars.

"You better hurry it up, Sawyer. I'm not a patient man." Sawyer could hear Kate's sobs, her screams. His blood was boiling, but there was nothing he could do. Nothing he could do for her. There should have been. He had failed her, once again. He always did. But he would not let them take her life. Even if it meant his, even if he had to hurt her, he would give her that one sacrifice. He would give himself, for her. Just as he had always known he would.

With a soft tenderness despite his fury, Sawyer spoke to her. "Close your eyes, Freckles."

"NO!! Saywer, no! It's not worth it! Please!"

Saywer shook his head. His voice was hard now, demanding. "Kate, close your eyes. Now."

"NO!" Kate heard him cock the gun and another sob escaped her. "Sawyer….please…."

Her pleas tore at his heart but the look on Pickett's face hardened his resolve. "I love you." He forced the words out, giving every ounce he could to control himself. He had had many years of practice, all leading up to this moment. Sawyer toyed with the gun, lifting it. "Come on, Freckles." Sobbing, barely breathing, he all the same heard her words.

"I…I love you….Sawyer….don't."

One last time. "Close your eyes." She obeyed, shut them tight, summoning up the memory of being in his arms in the sun yesterday, his lips on her skin. That was what she wanted, what she had to hold onto. She could not forget. The sound of the gunshot wiped away her dreams and she slumped against the bars, sobbing uncontrollably. Always the stubborn one, in a twist of fate she would finally be obedient to the one she loved. She refused to open her eyes.