The wolves are running again. I hear them panting in the inky blackness of night. I feel there need to be free, their wildness, and I long to join them. Although I have wolf like qualities I am trapped in between wolf and man. I am wild but not free; I am panting but standing still. I am on the prowl and I hunt, I am Bill Weasley and this is my story.

I guess I should start on that night when I was attacked during the battle for the Tower at Hogwarts. The DA was there and they fought bravely but they did not stand a chance against a beast like Fenrir Greyback. I had heard the account of how Remus Lupin was attacked and turned by this horrid creature. He stalked the night and he knew what he was doing. He attacked children on purpose turning them one by one. He was about to attack Neville Longbottom when I stepped in between this boy and the werewolf. Lucky for Neville and my self the man had not changed completely or I would be a full fledged werewolf today like Remus.

I fought the beast with wand and hand but was unable to best his brute strength, I felt claws rip into my face and teeth sank into my body, but yet I fought. I do not know what happened after that, I blacked out and awoke in the hospital wing surrounded by my family and friends. I soon learned of the death of Albus Dumbledore and was crushed by my grief. He was a great wizard, a good teacher, and a wonderful friend.

I knew that I was messed up I could see it in my mothers face, she was crying and it broke my heart to see it. My brothers and sister ripped it the rest of the way out of my chest as I noticed the looks of utter defeat and despair on their faces. I closed my eyes and when I opened them again I saw Harry and Hermione hugging each other for comfort and for friendships sake. They held on to the hope that Dumbledore instilled in all of us.

It was very hard to look upon that small ray of hope when I lay there all bloody and torn.

Fleur stood beside me and made me proud when she stood up to my mother. She said that she would stay with me and that we would be married. I knew differently when this all sat in and I became this new darker side of my self I would drive her away and I did

She left this morning in tears I told her that I would not marry her until I found Fenrir Greyback and killed him. She told me that she would leave rather than watch me be taken over with vengeance. Only Remus Lupin seems to understand that this werewolf needs to be stopped.

Harry and Hermione were at The Burrow having just arrived for the wedding of their friend when the bride left.

"We do not blame Fleur she tried but Bill has changed he is bent on stopping that creep before he has the chance to harm someone else. Hermione nodded but noticed that the others shook their heads maybe she was missing something.

"Well I agree that monster should be stopped and soon." She said and walked out of the house.

She spotted Bill as he stood on the hill outside his home in the dusk and she approached him. She smiled when he looked down at her, he smiled in return.

"You are not afraid that I will bite your head off like the others?" He asked as she stepped closer to him to lessen the chill of this autumn night.

"I trust you," she said as she looked him in the eye and he caught his breathe at what he saw there. There was trust and the glimmer of something else, Fleur never looked at him like that even before he had been attacked.

Bill turned his head back out into the growing darkness and growled he had to be mistaken Hermione loved his brother Ron. He glanced at her through his lashes and thought how cute she is never suspecting that the big bad Weasley wolf had a crush. He chuckled to him self.