me: HIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!


me: NO!

Peter: AND THE COKE, TOO!!!!!!!!!!

me: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME?!?!?!

((Axel walks in, in black pj pants and holding a worn-out Roxas Plushie))

Axel: can you two PLEASE keep it down?! SOME of us are trying to have pleasant dreams!!!

???: would you like me to help you go to sleep? I think a concussion would work nicely...

((Peter, Axel, and Riku - who has just walked in, holding a pillow with Sora on the cover - turn and look at the stranger. Axel and Riku scream like girls at the sight of the stranger's big sword, while Peter just armors up, looking nervous))

me: may I introduce my latest (and possibly final) muse... Paine! (FFX-2)

Paine: you were right. these guys are wusses.

Axel and Riku: HEY!!!!!!

me: Paine, would you be so kind as to do the disclaimer? (and warning, if you don't mind)

Paine: sure. ((turns to readers)) in no way, shape, or form owns Kingdom Hearts, except for the copies of the games she possesses. Don't sue, or you might find my sword up your ass.

((Peter, Axel, and Riku blink, waiting))

Peter: aren't you going to say something?

me: what? why?

Peter: I get in trouble whenever I threaten the readers...

me: yeah, but Paine's cool. and she's a girl, like me, so back off.

Paine: plus, I gave her Tidus' sword, Brotherhood.

RIku: won't he notice that it's missing?

Paine: I doubt it. He's too busy having Wakka screw his brains out.

((I giggle))

me: ANYWAYS, on with the fic!


(Zexion's POV)


A new school year and what do I get? My boyfriend dumping me for some freshman... Okay, so technically I broke up with him, but still. A FRESHMAN?! That really hurts. And, alright, Hayner is now a sophomore. Plus, this annoying bitch just moved in next door, along with her two brothers.

OH, MY GOD!!! Marluxia is SITTING next to LARXENE (the bitch), FLIRTING!!!!!!

I'm going to kill him...

Axel already has his eyes set on Larxene's younger brother, Roxas. I have to admit, he is pretty cute. I doubt that I'll be seeing Larxene's older brother, as Larxene is a senior, like me. Besides her, there are about twenty-seven new seniors (that I know about), new meaning they just moved here. I stupidly volunteered to show one of the new students around, so I'm stuck waiting next to the entrance to the science labs for him.

Hmmm, a hot blonde... usually, I'd think mullets were kinda trashy, but he pulls it off nicely...

That's strange; he's walking over to me. I wonder why-

"Are you Zexion?"

"Umm, yeah, why?"

"I'm Demyx!"

Demyx? Demyx! That's the guy I'm supposed to be waiting for! (Why on earth the adults don't think that it's necessary to tell you another student last name, I will never know)



Talk about being saved by the bell! I grab Demyx's wrist and run, arriving at the classroom in about 60 seconds, a panting Demyx right behind me.

The teacher frowns at me, and I look down. My clothes look very messy. Looking at Demyx, I realize how bad this could look... My sexual preference is not exactly secret,,,

"ZEXION!!!!! As much as I can tolerate you I will not stand for you having sex on school grounds! You and your new boyfriend are suspended for a week!" The teacher roars.

"But, sir, we--"


Great. Just great. I lead Demyx to the principal's office. Once she sees us, I explain exactly what happened. Mrs. Lulu Norua ((A/N: spell her last name backwards to discover who her husband is!)) bursts out laughing. After she calms down, she tells me to go home anyway, and to take Demyx with me. "Have a great week, you two! I'll make sure that it says you were given a week off, as it seems that this was all a big misunderstanding."


(Zexy's house)

Demyx blinks at my house, apparently surprised. when I ask him what the matter is, he answers me truthfully, confusing me even more.

"I didn't know you were my neighbor!"

Oh, no... that means... Demyx is Larxene's twin brother!


okay, that's enough for this chapter!




Demyx looks at me weirdly. "Um, yeah..."

"Sorry. I just didn't expect Larxene's brother to be so cu-- I mean, so nice when she's such a- well, a, um-"

"A bitch? Pain in the ass? Or c. none of the above?"

Laughing, I pull out my keys. "C'mon. You can stay at my house until school is over." Finding the right one, I unlock the door, pulling Demyx in after me. We're too busy laughing to notice the sounds until I enter the kitchen. I freeze, a look of horror on me face. "Zexion? What's wrong..." his voice trails off as he sees what I am looking at. My older brother is getting screwed by his boyfriend. On the table. Where I always sit.

"SAIX!!!!!" My brother and his boyfriend freeze, and Saix chuckles weakly. "H-hi, Zexion. Didn't expect you to be home so soon..." "No, really, I couldn't tell," I say flatly. "Um, Zexion, we can go to m--" "No. My brother isn't even supposed to be home right now. He's supposed to be at college. What gives? Xemnas finally get you kicked out?" Xemnas' eyes darken dangerously at that, but I continue anyways. "Were you guys screwing in a public place again? By the way, thanks for making such a great impression on my new friend, who just so happens to be our new neighbor." At this, Saix pales considerably. I turn and walk out of the kitchen. When I am out of view, my shoulders slump, and I sigh defeatedly. "Let's go, Zexion," Demyx states, grabbing my wrist. "We can hook up my PS2. I got this great new game..."


(six months later)


"I'm bored, Zexy! Let's go get some candy!"

"Where the hell did that come from?"

"Well, it's almost Valentine's day! That means chocolate galore!"


"Zexy, will you be my boyfriend?"

My head snaps up, and apparently he doesn't like the look of shock on my face, because he slumps dejectedly. "Forget it. I was just--"

"DAMN IT!!!!!!! I was planning to ask you on Valentine's Day!" His face lights up, and he pounces on me. "I can't wait for Valentine's Day!" he exclaims excitedly. I smirk slyly. "Neither can I." I grasp Demyx's head on the back of his neck and pull him towards me. "Happy early Valentine's Day, Demyx," I murmur, then kiss him softly on the lips. I pull back, and we look at each other, and suddenly we're attacking each other, ripping off each other's clothes. I'm so glad we're in my room!

By the time we break apart, gasping for breath, most of our clothes are gone. Kissing his lips briefly, I slowly slide down his body, nipping and kissing in random places. By the time I reach his erection, he is already gasping for breath. Nervously, my tongue darts out to tentatively lick Demyx's length. He moans, so I take him into my mouth slowly. All the while, I'm trying to remember what Saix had told me when I had asked for advice about my feelings for Demyx. I slowly lower my head onto his erection until he hits the back of my throat, nearly causing me to gag. I instead stick to bobbing my head up and down as far as I am comfortable, I start sucking on him, humming all the while. He comes quickly, screaming my name. I start to slowly kiss my way back up my new lover's body, but he grabs my hair and yanks me up to him, kissing me soundly. He moans when he tastes himself on me. "Do you want this?" He nods immediately. I reach for the bottle of hand lotion that I always keep on my nightstand, squirting a bit onto my fingers. I hesitantly insert a finger into his hot passage, and he whimpers, reaching for the lotion. He squeezes a fair amount onto his hands, and for a minute I'm not sure what he's gonna do until He grasps my cock. I groan, adding another finger, He starts pumping, and I add another finger, curling them in him . His back arches deliciously, and I groan. His hand leaves my cock and removed my hand from his ass, pulling me closer to him. "Now, Zexion. Need you now." Well, who was I to deny my blonde lover anything? I slammed into him, causing him to yelp in pain. "Sorry," I murmured. "So sorry, babe. Just hold still, it'll feel better in a minute." I don't know what all I said or how long I talked, but eventually he moved against me slightly.


me: i know. I'm evil.

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((Riku is silent))

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