The Boy Next Door

part two

author: ff-kh-luvrgrl

dates written: Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


ff-kh-luvrgrl: hey again! sorry it took so long to get this out. I'm still not quite sure exactly what's gonna happen, but i have a vauge idea...

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(A/N: this starts as a continuation of the lemon in the previous chapter. if you are a lil' confused, please go back and read it!)

(Zexy's POV)

Demyx experimentally wriggled his hips, causing me to groan. Grabbing his hips, I pulled out and slammed back in, getting a whimper/moan from Demyx. "Sorry," I mumbled, forcing myself to pull out slowly when all I wanted to do was pound away into this blissfully tight warmth. "No..." I froze, terrified. Had Demyx changed his mind? "Faster... Harder... please, Zexion..." Smirking slightly, I rammed into him, earning another pleasure-filled moan. I picked up a bruising pace, not slowing even when my muscles began to protest from the pressure being placed on them. One of Demyx's hands abandoned its place on my back to move to his weeping cock, neglected because I needed both hands to keep up my pace. Fisting himself, he pumped a few times before calling out my name, coating his hand and both of our stomachs with the milky fluid. His inner walls clamped down on me, squeezing almost painfully. I continued thrusting until I came deep within Demyx, buried to the hilt in his tight ass, moaning his name.

After a few minutes, I slowly pulled out of Demyx and stood shakily. We never even made it to the bed. I carefully picked Demyx up and carried him over to the bed, terrified I would drop him because my legs felt like they were made of jell-o. Placing him on my bed, I climbed in behind him and pulled the covers up. By now, Demyx was asleep, and I lay there listening to his steady breathing until I fell asleep, spooning him.


(one year later, Demyx POV)

Oh, God. I feel awful. I just spent the last hour puking my guts out. This has been happening a lot lately. I'm starting to get worried; this shouldn't be happening. Not to me. It's impossible! ...Isn't it? Leon - Seifer's current boyfriend, the one who made him apologize to Zexy for cheating on him - is coming to pick me up soon. I hope I'm wrong. However, it did happen to my cousin...

You know, it seems like there are a lot of gay guys in my family... well, in my generation, anyways. There's me, my cousin, Roxas, my other cousin... okay, that's only four, but still... I--

Whoops, there's Leon. I'm a little scared. Okay, I'm a lot scared. Now, what was Zexy's advice for when I'm scared? Oh, yeah: "Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Then open your eyes and do it. And remember: I'll be here with you the whole time." Zexy told me that the night I told my family I was gay. Roxas admitted it soon after; up until then, we had kept the secret between the two of us. Too bad he isn't going to be with me this time. Well, here goes...


(Zexion's POV)

Where is Demyx? Cloud says he hasn't seen him, Roxas said he thought he was with Leon, and Sora said he couldn't talk; he had to feed Vaan, his son. Seifer has no clue where Leon is, and both Leon's and Demyx's cells are off. I'm starting to freak out here. I will not freak out. I will not freak out. I will--

Door! Opening! Good! I run to meet Demyx, who looks exhausted. He's nodding to Leon, who has a concerned look on his face. That can't be good. "You okay, Dem?" I ask worriedly. He smiles tiredly, kissing my cheek.

"I'm fine, Zexy. Just kinda tired." I nod, then sweep him up into my arms, smirking when he squeaks in surprise. Carying him bridal-style, I walk to the bedroom, where I gently deposit him onto the bed. I remove his shoes and socks ad walk over to his dresser. After selecting some comfy pajamas for him, I walk back over to the bed and halp him change, despite his ongoing protests. When finished, I tuck him in and kiss him on the forehead. "You stay in bed. I'm gonna make you some soup, and I want you to just relax, okay?" "But-" "No buts. You're going to relax. Understand?" He nods, and I turn away, satisfied. Better go make that soup...


(About a week later, Demyx POV)

Leon came to pick me up again today, and the doctor did some more tests. Unfortunately, my instincts were right. Shit. "You want me to go with you when you tell Zexion?" I start, having forgotten for a second that I was still in the car with Leon. I shake my head. I need to do this alone. "You sure?" I nod, blinking back my tears. "Well, alright..."

We drive in silence until we reach my home. Getting out, I quietly thank Leon for the trouble, then walk to the door. Unlocking it, I turn and wave good-bye to Leon as I enter the house.

"...what historians call the stupid fucker period. Were everyone was 'Ahh. Is that a Roman road? Can we eat it?' And then we had the Dark Ages; 'Man, I can't even see! Who are you?' And we had kings in England like..."

Oh, good. Zexion's listening to one of his Eddie Izzard cd's. That should put him in a good mood. Taking a deep breath, I open the door to the den and walk in.


(Zexion's POV)

Laughing at Eddie Izard, I look up to see Demyx enter the room, looking tired, stressed, and especially nervous. Turning off my cd, I stand and walk over to him. I give him a big hug and a chaste kiss, then look directly into his eyes and ask, "What's wrong, Demyx? Please tell me."


(Demyx POV)

"What's wrong, Demyx? Please tell me." I close my eyes, but the tears escaoe anyways. I hear a sharp inhale of breath, and I'm suddenly pulled against a warm, firm chest. "Shh, shh, it's okay, Demyx. It's okay," he reassures me, holding me tight. I pull away and wipe my tears, then look up at him.

"Zexy, I'm pregnant."


me: ((laughs hysterically)) about one-third of the way through the first paragraph, I decided that this would happen. This is the end of this story, but there will be a sequal.

Demyx: O.O I'M PREGNANT?!?!?!

me: yup! - oh, and the cousin that it happened to (male that got pregnant) was Sora, and it was by Riku. Oh, and if anyone was wondering, the game Demyx had just gotten in the first part was Final Fantasty XII, which I got the day after I finished that part! (lol)

Demyx: O.o I'M PREGNANT?!?!?!

me: yes! You already asked that!

Demyx: o.O I'M PREGNANT?!?!?!

me: Demyx, sto-

Demyx: O.O I'M PREG--

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