Curiosity and the Cat

Author's Note: A one shot that shuffled into my head, sat down and glared at me. For this fic, our glowing little hero will be called 'Naoki'; I've read a few different names for him, but I like Naoki.

WARNING!! Contains Isamu x Naoki. Pre-Conception. Whee.

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The dark haired boy gave a soft snort as his eyes caught sight of the alarm clock by his bed, rising to answer the front door to his cocky classmate, Isamu Nitta. He'd been lounging around in his room, getting a head start on the homework half an hour before Mr. Nitta was scheduled to arrive.

It was now half an hour after the given time.

Naoki wasn't surprised, opening the door to find Isamu grinning at him, drenched from the rain. Resisting the urge to roll his eyes, his lip quirking instead, the slightly shorter teen moved aside to allow relief from the weather.

"Totally lost track of time, bus late - etcetera. Pick your own excuse," the grin never leaving, Isamu took off his hat and placed it on Naoki's short ruffled hair. He groaned and pulled it off quickly, feeling the freezing water trickling down the back of his neck.

"You were too preoccupied with your girlfriend I bet." Light grey eyes blinked at him, the grin turning into an 'eh?' as Isamu fought with a shoe to pry it from his foot.

"What girlfriend? I broke up with the last one on Wednesday." Shoes successfully removed, Naoki had a mere moment to blink before a sodden black jacket thwacked him in the face.

"Ugh!" Isamu chuckled at him, red shirt relatively dry thanks to the extra layer. Jeans clung to skin but there was no way he was shedding them if one of Naoki's parents were around. That would be beyond embarrassing. Water had seeped into his school bag, and he grumbled at the ink smudges on some of the pages as he followed Naoki to his room. "I thought you liked her?"

"Meh, she never shut up and was way too clingy. I mean, wanting to be around me is understandable, but she was like a leech or something." Naoki tried to stifle that little giggle he did that Isamu teased him about, ducking inside his room in an attempt to evade attention. Isamu teased because the giggle was the sort that would be cute on a girl, and Naoki had enough mildly girlish tendencies anyway. When he was deep in thought, he had this very soft curve in his lip and his eyes half-hooded, giving him an oddly gentle – almost effeminate – look. The girls thought it was cute, but he seemed to shy away from their attention which made Isamu all the more confused.

He wallowed in attention.

"Move up," the guest instructed, slumping down on his friend's bed with a relieved sigh. "Isn't Chiaki coming?" Naoki shook his head, little tufts of black waving. They amused Isamu for some reason.

"She's got something on with her family."

"Geez, the girl bugs me to no ends about 'keeping up with the work so I don't fall behind'-" here he did a squeaky impression of Chiaki, "-and then doesn't even show up herself!" Naoki returned to the question he'd been trying to answer when the other teen decided to finally arrive.

"I'm sure she's nagging you telepathically,"

"Oh God, imagine if she could mind reads...that would suck. Do you think she'd gossip more or use it to get even higher grades?" Naoki shook his head with a breath of laughter. He swore Isamu's mind wandered too much for his own good. "I reckon she'd be trying to brainwash people. If she could I mean...Whoa! What if she brainwashed us into being her slaves or something? Man, that's just scary...Are you listening?"

"Yeah..." The reply was absent and Naoki suffered a sharp poke on the forehead for it. "Hey!"

"You weren't listening!"

"Homework." The shorter boy held up the paper defensively, as if it alone was responsible for everything. Isamu stared at it for a moment, gave a low 'tch' and searched for a matching copy in his school bag. "That was the idea of you coming over you know, Chiaki told me you probably hadn't done it." Isamu lunged suddenly and grabbed the quiet teen in headlock, ruffling his hair.

"So you're gonna be my best friend in the entire world, ever, and give me the answers so she doesn't chew me out on Monday and Ms. Takao doesn't hate me. Aren't you buddy?" That damn grin again. Naoki frowned, removing the arm trying to choke him and running a hand back through his hair. The persistent tufts still stuck up defiantly.

"No. You're going to ask for help if you get stuck." Isamu threw a childish hissing fit, whining and slouching where he sat. Irked that he was completely ignored, he narrowed his eyes and growled 'traitor' under his breath before turning his attention to the part of the book he was supposed to be answering about. Or something. He'd found the back of Naoki's neck ever-so-terribly interesting that day as he had been sitting behind him (moved for talking to the only other seat due to an absence and chair-stealing.) Thus, everything the teacher had been talking about had gone in one ear and out the other.

He was vaguely aware that Naoki had shifted to lie back on his pillow, book against his thighs and that it was getting darker, but not fully aware of how late it was getting.

Meh, Naoki wouldn't mind if he crashed here tonight.

And if he did, he'd give the infamous 'Isamu-Nitta-puppy-eyes-pout', no one could resist it, not even Chiaki. And that girl was a bloodthirsty dragon. He was proud when he'd almost finished the task that he'd be able to get her off his back for a while.

"Y'know this isn't as bad as I thought it would be. Goes to show I've got beauty and br-" Naoki was asleep. His eyes were closed and his head had lolled to one side, one hand resting on his stomach, the other on his chest. The book had slid from its resting place as his legs had relaxed and stretched across the duvet, perilously balancing on the edge. Isamu felt a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth, even though he didn't know why. Putting the book and his pen beside him, the dark haired boy leaned over his slumbering friend, waving a hand in front of closed eyes to make sure he wasn't faking it. Why he would be was beyond Isamu, but he was just checking.

Naoki grumbled softly in his sleep, shifting a little, arching his neck as he did so.

The taller teen shook his head; black bangs half obscuring grey eyes. Why was he so fascinated with him? He liked girls, so it wasn't like he, or anything. It was true that lately he'd been noticing every little thing Naoki did, but that was because they were good friends. 'You like girls, Isamu, not boys – girls. Giggly little things with boobs, not guys!' he sat up right again, leaning against the wall, staring out across Naoki's tidy room. Very tidy in comparison to his. There were some items of clothing on the floor, but that was nothing.

Isamu glanced back at the slumbering human.

He was curious, however. If, for the sake of argument, he did like guys – insert cringe fest here – how come Naoki was the only one he ever noticed in that way? Was Naoki like a one off or something? Was his brain just totally screwed up?

Isamu risked leaning over the boy again, closer this time, daring himself to go all dreamy and star struck...

HA! He didn't! That meant –


...that meant that Naoki shouldn't be allowed to moan so-so...Naoki-ishly...Isamu clapped a hand to his forehead. Crushes on a friend were one thing but a friend of the same sex? Wait a sec, when did he decide this was a crush? Was it a crush?


He watched the boy between his fingers, his hand some sort of guard to hide behind. Naoki, none the wiser, continued to sleep, oblivious to his friends inner battle and to the idea that he might be pounced on in a minute if Isamu's mind took an irrational turn. Isamu wasn't particularly rational to begin with. And he was a curious boy.

Maybe he should leave.

Yes...yes, he should. "Unnh-sorry. I must have drifted off...have you finished the questions yet?" Isamu didn't answer for a while, staring blankly at his best friend. His male best friend who had began to shift uncomfortably under the stare. "I-Isamu? Are you oka-!" Inquisitiveness and absurdity crashed headlong into one another in young Mr. Nitta's brain, with just the sort of long-wordiness that didn't allow him to think properly. Poor Naoki wasn't entirely sure what happened; one minute his friend was staring at him like he'd never met him before, and then suddenly he was flat on his back with aforementioned friend's lips firmly against his own.

All for the sake of an irrational teen's curiosity.

Cats were horribly hissy-spitty-bitey-clawy creatures anyway, Isamu reasoned, what was a few less in the world?

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