Standing on Your Head

Kinda follow-up to 'Curiosity and the Cat'. I think there might be a few of these on the way. Sometimes when I get snowed under with things and can't settle into the mood for a long story, one shots are really easy to sit down and type.

And there needs to be more IsamuxNaoki love.

Oh yes, indeed. nn

Sorry if anyone seems OOC, I didn't really get a very strong view of each character's personality through the game. Whether that's me being dense and needing to go and actually finish it (I'm one of the ones who heard about it through DMC, wanted it but didn't actually get it until a little while ago T-T) and then play through again several hundred times remains to be argued. :3

You reviewers are wonderful! –glomphugs!-

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters, I just wish I did. (le sigh)

It was rare that anyone else joined them on their free periods. Chiaki had a couple of tag along friends that sat with them sometimes and giggled over Isamu groaning at the evil that is assignments and Isamu himself was often invited to sit with the huge crowds of the 'in' crowd. He always refused; they were too high strung for his tastes.

Naoki had plenty of acquaintances, but Isamu and Chiaki were the only real friends he had, the only ones he counted on.

"It's cuz you're so quiet all the time, you never let anyone get to know you." Isamu had once commented, perched on the edge of his desk and munching an apple during the detention he'd got them both. "If you open up a little-"

"Mr. Nitta! No eating in the detention room! Back to your seat!" Ms. Angry-Old-Dragon had spat upon returning to the room.

"Hey Naoki..." The brown haired girl was frowning in strange mix of annoyance and bewilderment, struggling to tear her eyes from the page and admit defeat. When she finally did, she glanced round warily.


"I uh...I'm having a little trouble with this question..." She slid the paper across to him almost reluctantly. He knew from her look he wasn't to breathe a word about her needing help to Isamu.

"Hey guys!" Aforementioned teen dropped into the seat across Naoki. "What I miss?" Chiaki made to take back her paper, hopefully without Isamu noticing. Light grey eyes locked on like a homing missile. A grin spread across his face. "Oh-huu! Don't tell me the great Chiaki Hayasaka was asking for some help!" The girl glared at him.

"Shut up. I'm allowed to need help sometimes." Isamu laughed in reply, Chiaki's cheeks turning rosy pink as she set her lips in a thin line and attempted to get on with her work and ignore the newly arrived member of their little gang. Realising he'd obviously brushed on a sore spot, Isamu tried to lean into her line of sight.

"Awww, c'mon Chiaki, don't go all PMS-y on me...I was only kiddin', geez. You women are" He turned to their quiet companion. "Naoki, you're smart, what changes loads, really fast, really often?"

"Um...-" Chiaki gave a sudden squeak and fussed with her hair.

"Do I look okay?" Her male companions stared blankly back, blinking in unison.

"You mean okay as in...alive?" She playfully swatted Isamu's arm and swiftly left their bench, making a B-line for her long-time crush. He was captain of the sports team and one of those boys constantly followed by a legion of swooning girls. Isamu chuckled at the blue eyed girl shyly talking to him by the water fountain, ignoring death glares sent her way. "Our little Chiaki's growing up, seems like only yesterday she was condemning all men as self-centred pigs." Naoki smiled, flicking through the monstrous text book in front of him.

"That's just girls for you I'm afraid; nice and sweet one minute, mean and nasty the next." The light grey eyed boy gave a 'hmm' and fiddled with his necklace. Looking up at Naoki as they sat in companionable silence, Isamu wondered whether he should risk opening his clumsy mouth and arrange another study meeting at ne of their houses. After what happened last time, he doubted the quiet boy would agree.

That had been beyond awkward.

Realising he was staring, Isamu picked up another book to pretend to read should he nearly be caught. Neither of them had breathed a word to Chiaki, of that he was certain. Though she'd probably think it was cute or something, being all strange and female like she was. It had been difficult resisting the urge to kiss Naoki twice that night; after separating from their first, the younger had been staring wide-eyed at him in apparent shock and with a blush spreading over his cheeks and Isamu had felt his heartbeat against his own. It worried him how normal it felt. Trying to cover up the tracks of his irrational and curious mind, Isamu had merely given a slight 'hn' as if coming to a conclusion and sat upright again.

"Just checking my dislike for my girlfriends wasn't because I was gay or anything." Naoki hadn't looked any more comfortable with the explanation and was careful not to fall asleep again until Isamu left.

Looking at him now, the black haired boy wondered if the quiet one had felt that same...rightness about it. If he though Isamu was cute too. If he wished Isamu would kiss him again.

'Stop thinking.' He warned his brain before the temptation to pounce over the table became any worse. Did that mean he liked boys then?

Looking over at the other male students milling around, Isamu failed to find any of them appealing. But looking back at Naoki, he got the little warm fuzzies inside. Isamu glared at a page of the book; warm fuzzies annoyed him. was just Naoki he liked...which was bearable, because Naoki was girly anyway and everyone goes through the stage of confusion, don't they? Yes, they do now. So there was nothing wrong with him, it was just his stupid teenager-y hormones. In a couple of years he'll laugh at thinking Naoki was hot. was going several steps further than simply cute...hmmm...blame the hormones, yes, for they were evil and stupid and thus making him go mad.

Yup, problem solved.

"Isamu?" The teen jumped slightly and blinked at Naoki.

"Eh?" He managed to utter.

"Why are you glaring at an upside-down book?" Blink.


"Oh, okay," unconvinced, Naoki nevertheless returned to his work. Isamu turned the diagram-less book the right way round and hid behind it.

Chiaki better hurry. Naoki was distracted and leaning forward and Isamu was more than quick enough to give him another near-heart-attack.

'Damn hormones.'

A/N: And thus another uber-confused-Isamu and quiet-and-effeminate-Naoki. With a little added Chiaki! I don't actually think Naoki is very girly, just the way isamu sees him. I don't know why Isamu sees him as girly either...o-o bweh.

There are at least two more milling in my mind currently, post-game. One after the Musubi ending, the other after the-ending-where-everything-goes-back-to-the-way-it-was-pre-conception (whee!)