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Chapter 3

Sirius was pacing round and round in his room at Grimmauld Place. He was under house arrest and there was nothing he could do because as long as he held influence over Harry he could not be allowed to see him. He was furious with Dumbledore for manipulating said young Gryffindor but there was nothing her could do. He hoped Remus would return with good news and that he'd have a plan to save him. He was so engrossed in his thoughts that he didn't hear Remus come in.

"Hey Paddy old friend. If you keep pacing like that you'll wear a hole in the carpet."

"Hey Rem. How's Harry?"

"Not good. Vernon raped him and he ran away. Oh don't worry he's safe. He's with Annabelle Darcy. Look I told him that you were alive but he cried himself to sleep before he could write to you so I only have a letter he wrote for you whilst you were still 'dead'. Oh, and I have one for you from Belle as well." Sirius took the letters and sat down after venting his anger for Vernon's abuse.

Dear Siri,

I know that you're dead and it's just plain stupid to be writing to you but I need to tell you how things have been even though I know you will never read this letter. Gods I miss you Siri, more and more each day. You're the only dad I've ever known and I need you now more than ever.

Vernon raped me again today and this time I planned to run away to Belle and Matt's. However, this afternoon my best friend from childhood came back to England permanently after living in America for 3 years. He told me he loved me and I realised how much I love him too but even this is tinged with sadness because I know you will never be here to warn him to treat me well or be in for some serious pain from you.

Belle's said that she's claimed guardianship of me and that she has had me emancipated so I am living in Ravenclaw Manor in Surrey. I'm still terrified that Vernon will get hold of me again but I know that Matt, Lee, Dave and Dom won't let him anywhere near me ever again. I'm really going to miss them when we go back to school and they have to return to America.

I miss you Siri and I always will.

I love you dad,


At the end of the missive from his beloved godson Sirius had tears in his eyes because he could certainly feel the pain and need Harry was expressing in his words. However, he was wondering who exactly the 4 boys Harry talked about were and about how he knew Belle. So, pondering these thoughts he opened Annabelle's letter.

Dear Sirius,

As I write this Remus and I are talking about the wonderful young man we share as a godson. I know you have questions Sirius and I will answer them as best as I can in this letter.

Harry has known about me since he first met my son by Peter, said rat raped me two years before that awful Halloween night and obliviated me (my memories returned after he betrayed James and Lily), at school when he was six. I told Harry everything. About you and me, about magic and about Dumbledore's manipulations to keep Harry from me and from his heritage. He and Matt have been friends ever since and have three other close friends. Matt's best friend Liam Edwards and his older brother David and Harry's best friend Dominic Raven. All four boys are wizards like Harry but they go to Salem unless I can procure transfer documents from Fudge permitting them to go to Hogwarts.

Harry is a scared, sexually abused boy and he only trusts the boys and Remus when it comes to men apart from you of course. He needs you Sirius, now more than ever. He needs the only father he has ever known. You cannot replace James any more than I can replace Lily but he loves us as parents and right now he needs the support of a mother and father. Remus has promised me that you and he will back here within three hours and I hope and pray that you are because Lily's green-eyed dragon needs you so very much. He still has the grim teddy you gave him for his 1st birthday and I know that he still sleeps with it, which should show you how much you are needed. Please hurry.

Loving regards,


Sirius read the letter and knew immediately that no matter what he had to get to his godson. Harry needed him and he would get to him no matter what. Next thing he knew, he was interrupted out of his worried thoughts by the appearance of Remus who literally grabbed hold of him and apparated the pair of them out of Grimmauld Place.

As Sirius read his letters, downstairs Remus burst into the impromptu meeting that Dumbledore was holding in the kitchen. Everyone could see how angry the werewolf was and they hoped to god that it wasn't him/her that Remus was so angry with. He stormed across the room and punched Dumbledore hard in the face. Everyone was so shocked they didn't even lift a wand to stop Remus. Said werewolf threw the two letters, one from Annabelle and one from Harry on the desk.

"Read those aloud you bastard and let the order find out what their wonderful leader has done to their saviour!" Remus shouted angrily and Dumbledore did as he was told, starting first with Annabelle's letter.

To the ever annoying Bumblebee and the Order of the Flying Turkeys,

I have removed my godson from the dubious care of his aunt and uncle due to severe physical, mental and sexual abuse done unto his person. I have written to the ministry to obtain guardianship of the young man concerned since Sirius is no longer around and will emancipate him as soon as I am able to do so.

There, enough of the formal nonsense. How dare you Dumbledore? How dare you send Harry to the house where you knew he would be abused? It specifically said in Lily and James's will, one you were a witness to with me, that he was under no circumstances to go to that house but was to go to Sirius, the Longbottoms or me! I am so beyond furious that I am immensely tempted to have you brought in front of the Wizengamot on charges of going against the word of a will and of wilfully sending a minor back to an abusive environment even after evidence of abuse has been presented.

Harry is a scared sexually abused boy and I will not allow any of your near him until you can prove that you will not hurt him. You can however contact him via letter through my son or myself at 19 Wisteria Walk.


Annabelle Green (nee Darcy)

The entire room was shocked into silence bar Ron, Fred and George who all bowed their heads. They had known what was happening to Harry and had been powerless to stop it. At least now Annabelle had removed him to safety. At least now he had a chance to be happy. The Order was so shocked that they sat there opened mouthed whilst Remus angrily gestured for Dumbledore to read the second one.

To Dumbledore,

I write this on 15th July 2004 as I prepare for the worst. My uncle has abused me physically, mentally and…and sexually ever since I was a child but the abuse has got worse and I don't think I'll survive the summer. I can never forgive you Albus Dumbledore for what you have done to me but I am placing my trust in you to ensure that my wishes are carried out as I specified.

Last Will and Testament of Harry James Potter Ravenclaw Gryffindor Black

Witnessed by Annabelle Davinia Green (nee Darcy), Matthew Alexander Green and David Luke Edwards.

Hey guys, I guess my uncle finally killed me so you're all here now to hear what you have out of my inheritance and probably hoping that I'll explain what I mean by Potter Ravenclaw Gryffindor Black. However, before we continue, I wish to inform you that Professor Dumbledore is not the only person with a copy of this will. The goblins have a copy and Madame Bones and my godmother both have one too.

Well, lets start with the name. I am obviously a Potter due to that being my father's name but what no one but Sirius and I knew is that he adopted me by blood ritual just before I returned to Hogwarts to start my fifth year, thus explaining the Black part of my name. Gryffindor is obviously to respect my ancestor on my father's side and Ravenclaw is to honour my mother's ancestor. Yes, you heard right, my mother was not a muggleborn; in fact she was actually squib born.

Now, onto the less pleasant stuff: At the time of my death my fortune amounts to 1150 million galleons in monetary wealth which is equal to 4 Billion Pounds as well as various properties and businesses and the vault which holds my family's antiques.

To Ron Weasley, the best friend I have within Hogwarts walls, I leave 80 Million Galleons, my Firebolt, the Marauders Map and my shares in the Chudley Cannons Quidditch Team and Quality Quidditch Supplies. You are also left my Penthouse Flat in Chelsea o use as you wish

To the Weasley Twins, I leave you 60 Million Galleons each and the lease for your shop in Diagon Alley as well as my shares in Zonko's joke shop.

To Remus Lupin, my father's only remaining friend, I leave 120 Million Galleons, Grimmauld Place, Prong's Palace and the entirety of the Potter, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw and Black Libraries, though I will ask you to let my childhood friends and Annabelle read them too. Make the Marauders proud Moony.

To Liam Edwards, David Edwards and Matthew Green, I leave you 120 Million Galleons each as well as selected pieces of my personal jewellery. Thank you for being the best friends I could ever have asked for.

To my godmother Annabelle Green nee Darcy I leave 100 Million Galleons and my shares in Flourish and Blotts, the Apothecary and the Leaky Cauldron.

Finally we come to my best friend in the entire world and the man I love but have never been able to admit my feelings to. Dearest Dom, I have always loved you and I always will and I am sorry that I never had the courage to tell you my feelings before it was too later. To Dominic Raven I leave the residue of my estate that comes to 370 Galleons in monetary wealth along with various properties, antiques and businesses.

To the Order of the Phoenix, the remainder of the Weasleys and Severus Snape I leave only my hope that you will come to realise your mistakes before it is too late. To those I love, you know who you are, do not mourn for me. I'm going home to mum, dad, Cedric and Siri. Be happy and never forget that I love you.

Harry James Potter Ravenclaw Gryffindor Black

The room was astonished, devastated and furious. How dare Harry talk about them like that? This was all that the majority of the Weasleys, Hermione and the Order could think. Ron, Fred and George were astonished at what Harry planned to leave them when he died but were devastated that he had thought that his life was coming to an end.

"We have to get Harry back! It is obvious that outward forces are manipulating him! Alastor you are in charge of this find and rescue mission!" Dumbledore said angrily before destroying the will. Remus and the three youngest Weasley boys were furious and ran out of the door ready to escape, the older Weasleys, Dumbledore, Tonks and Shacklebolt hot on their heels. Fred grabbed Ron and apparated out quickly followed by George whilst Remus ran upstairs and apparated out with Sirius. When the 5 men arrived at the Shrieking Shack they removed the tracking and silencing charms before quickly apparating again: The Weasleys to Prong's Palace where they would be safe until Harry sent word and Remus and Sirius apparated to Wisteria Walk to see Harry.