The Bolton's Must Die

By Soul Eyes

Author's Note: I got this idea when I saw the movie John Tucker Must Die. Now some things may seem similar to the movie but not everything. High School Musical didn't happen but the characters are all the same. Enjoy! Read and Review. The italic's are Gabriella talking but some times it's a song.

Disclaimer: I don't own John Tucker Must Die or High School Musical.

My whole entire life I've been invisible. Well not completely invisible. I mean I've had friends. They've just never……..

"Were sorry Gabriella but your just too smart for us. And we feel that it might hurt our image." A geeky-girl with thick glasses and braces said smiled at Gabriella who simply stared at her.

Been that great. My mom works at a company that has us constantly moving so I never really had a chance to make friends. Which in a way is good because I never had to deal with the awkward good-byes. I never really had to say any good-byes.

When we moved to San Diego I was titled 'Freaky Math Girl' or 'The School's freaky Genius Girl.' Not exactly the best thing's to be called, but could you really blame me? Since I didn't make friends I occupied my time with school work which made me more invisible. Finally we moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico. Home of motocross race's and the East High Wildcats. Honestly I thought it would be the last place where anything would happen to me.

But this isn't about me right now. We can always get to that later. It's about him. Troy Bolton. He was something between and American Eagle Model and a surfer. He had the body, the tan, the hair and the eyes. Did I forget to mention that he was captain of the basketball team; oh yeah his father's the coach. He could get any girl. Including me……

Gabriella sighed as her mother hugged her. "Now I know you'll do great. Now put that beautiful smile on and go make some friends."

"Mom. It's touching but no matter how big of a smile I put on, I still won't make any friends," Gabriella said looking at her mother. Smiling a weak smile her mother kissed her on her forehead. Turning away Gabriella lifted her backpack onto her shoulder and walked into her new school…….again.

Gabriella walked into the auditorium and saw that all the other students had already arrived. Walking along the end of the aisle's she took a seat at the far end of the fourth row.

A very extravagant dressed teacher walked in, or more like strutted in. She had a way to have all eyes draw on her. She obviously knew how to work the stage. "Right, well I over heard that the gym is being cleaned and that the principle sent you here. Why he would send you here I don't understand. The theater is a place for learning the ways of true art and beauty. Not a place to simply load off unwanted children."

I know. WHACO!

"Now don't think that just because you're here you won't have to do anything. Cause you'll be wrong," she said lowering her glasses and looking at all of the students. "Each one you will work in groups around the stage. Think of it as if your helping this beautiful chapel of art realize it's true potential. It's not like you'll be using your energy for anything better."

Her name was Mrs. Darbus and she was the only female teacher in East High that wasn't completely smitten with the Bolton's.

"Sharpay, Taylor, Amy and you there," Gabriella looked up to see Mrs. Darbus pointing at her.

"Um, Gabri.."

"Yes, the four of you will work over there," she said interrupting Gabriella and pointing to her right. Standing up all of the girls walked onto the stage. "And no talking," she said as she turned to instruct the rest of the students.

As Gabriella picked up a brush to paint the moon, she could see that all of the girls really didn't want to be there with her. Taylor picked up one of the paint bucket's and held it as she helped paint the moon. Sharpay and the Head cheerleader Amy picked up the staple gun and started to staple the leaves on the branch's that still weren't on the tree yet.

One of the other cheerleader's who was helping decorate the camel waited till Mrs. Darbus left, then she ran over to Amy. Gabriella looked at the cheerleader as she came closer. Smiling she asked the question that would start everything.

If the Bolton family controlled fate then this would be the day that they should have made sure the gym wasn't being cleaned.

"So had did everything go last night?"

"Well I don't want to kiss and tell but I had a great time with Troy." Sharpay squeezed the trigger of the gun which sent a staple flying between the two cheerleaders. Shrugging it off she turned back to her friend.

"Do you think he'll ask you to be his girlfriend on your next date?"

"Well from the way things went last night I think so. I think by tomorrow morning I'll be Troy Bolton's first official girlfriend."

"Excuse me?" Sharpay asked lifting the staple gun so that it was pointing to the ceiling. "Troy is mine. I'm going to be his first official girlfriend." Sharpay walked around the tree so that she was next to Gabriella, looking at Amy.

"Your both wrong, because Troy is mine," Taylor said coming over with the paint bucket. The girls all looked at each other. Gabriella lowered her brush.

Uh-oh! World War Three anyone?

Sharpay was the quickest to react, she grabbed the other paint bucket that was near Gabriella and threw it's contents right at Amy. The blue gray paint landed right on her covering her red sweatshirt and shorts. Then she grabbed one of the tree branches and hit Taylor who fell dropping the paint.

And me being the idiot. I tried to stop the fighting and what I learned, never get in between three pissed of teenage girls. But that was common knowledge to most people.

Gabriella tried to grab the branch from Sharpay but was hit when Amy swung hers. Both Gabriella and Sharpay hit the floor. Amy tried to swing again but she slipped on the paint that was on the floor. Taylor then grabbed a branch and hit Sharpay with it while on her knees. Gabriella tired to get up but she was knocked over when the tree came tumbling on top of them. Taylor had pushed it over.

Amy and Sharpay were beating each other on the floor, Gabriella was trying to get up by pulling herself up with the moon and Taylor was trying to get into the fight; when Mrs. Darbus walked in.

"What is going on here!? Look at my stage!" she screeched. Sharpay, Amy and Taylor stopped fighting. "You four detention!" Huffing she threw her scrawl over her shoulder and stormed out.

Sharpay looked over at the other two girls. "If I even see you near Troy I'll..."

"What! Beat me with a tree branch! He's mine." Amy began.

"Don't even think," Taylor said.

"I can't believe the three of you!" Gabriella said standing up which turned out to be a little harder because the moon wouldn't stop swinging. "The guy cheats on all of you and your fighting each other. That is so pathetic," Gabriella turned and walked off the stage.

"Who the hell is she?" Sharpay asked.

This was ridiculous! Could you believe them!? Was he that good looking, or that amazing! That they had to almost kill each other over him.

Gabriella took out the map the principle had given her. She needed to find the nurse's office because her knee was killing her from the fall. It was lunch and she didn't feel like sitting alone in the cafeteria so she decided to get some ice for it. Looking down at the map she found the shortest route and took it.

Woke up around a half past ten can't believe that I'm late again. I grabbed my jeans off the floor then I hit the door. Just the same old same.

Troy parked his car in the student parking lot and grabbed his gym bag. His dad had him practicing late last night so he didn't get much sleep. He ran into school late, quickly turning a corner that would lead he to the gym faster.

Goes to show you never know when everything's about to change.

Gabriella was too busy looking around the halls that had GO Wildcats posters everywhere that she wasn't paying attention to where she was going. So it was safe to say didn't notice someone running right at her as she reached the corner and collided with another solid body.

Troy stopped with a look of shock on his face as he saw the girl in front of him hit the ground.

Just another day, it started out like any other.

"Oh my god! I'm so sorry," He said dropping his bags and trying to help her up.

"That's okay. I needed a bigger injury to take to the nurse," Gabriella said her head still down as she sat up. But as she lifted her head up Troy thought about how he'd never seen her before.

And that's how I met Troy Bolton.

Just another girl who took my breath away.

Brown eyes met with blue as Troy helped her up. Bending down he picked up her back pack and the map and handed it to her. "So your looking for the nurse's office?"

"Yeah." She said lifting her backpack onto her right shoulder and looking at Troy again.

"Well it's that way," he said pointing to the right. "By the way I slammed into you it was like you were going to make a left."

Nodding she blushed. "Well than I guess I should make a right."

"Yeah," he said nodding. As she walked away he bent down and picked up his bag.

"Oh," Gabriella started turning around. Troy stopped what he was doing and looked at her. "Thanks."

Then she turned around, she took me down.

As she turned back and took the left Troy could only smile.

Just another day that I've had the best day of my life.

Troy walked into practice to see all of the guys already running around the gym, putting his bag down near the bleacher's he saw Amy walking up to him.

"Hey," she said smiling.

"He---y." Troy looked down at her. She had her hair up in a messy bun with bit's of gray paint everywhere. She was wearing an ugly set of pants and a sweater. "What happened to you?"

"Oh this," she said looking down at her attire. "Oh, some stupid girl slipped and all this paint flew at me. I had to change into something and this was all they had in the nurse's office. But now that I'm here with you it all seems like nothing." Smiling she stepped closer to him. "But this isn't what I wanted to talk about. These awful girls said that you've been going out with them?"

"And you believed them? You know there's only one girl for me." Smiling he turned to see his dad coming in. "Gotta go." Walking away Amy joined the other cheerleaders a huge smile on her face.

Gabriella walked into the auditorium for the second time that day except this time it wasn't as clean. The stage had gray paint all over right stage. The decorations for the musical were thrown all over the place. How big was the fight?

Hearing someone coming she stood up straight. A tiny brunette whose hair was up in a hat with glasses walked across the stage. "Oh!" Seeing Gabriella she threw all the papers. "Don't scare me like that!"

Running up the stage she helped the girl pick them up. "Sorry."

"What are you doing here? For most people besides Sharpay they hate being here."

"Well I'm here for detention," Gabriella said standing up the girl following.

"And you're here early?" Gabriella looked away. "Well maybe you might make a good impression on Mrs. Darbus. Your new here right? What did you get detention for?"

"That," Gabriella said pointing to the mess on the stage.

"You did that!? Forget it, you'll never be on her good side. No matter how early you come."

"Well I didn't really do it. It was all Troy Bolton's fault," Gabriella said shaking her head.

"He got to you already? Jeez, usually with new girl's he waits a week," the girl said looking at Gabriella.

"No it wasn't that. These three girls found out that he was going out with all of them. They starting fighting and I tried to stop. Not a good idea I learned."


"Hey did you write that?" Gabriella asked changing the subject. She was looking at the papers she had just helped pick up.

"Yeah. I'm a composer."

"Is this going to be your play/musical?" Gabriella questioned as she looked at the props.

"No. Mrs. Darbus would never pick one of my compositions."

"Well do you mind playing some of it." Just as the girl was about to answer. The doors to the auditorium opened and the trio of girls walked in from three different entrances.

"Maybe some other time," the girl said walking away.

"Hey wait!" The girl turned around. "My name's Gabriella."


Kelsi. What a girl. When I saw her I kinda saw a piece of me. Maybe that's why I liked her so much. By the way she talked about him, I doubt she was also one of the Bolton fan girls. And that was also a plus.

Smiling Gabriella watched the girl walk away as Mrs. Darbus walked in. "Right. After the show you girls pulled this morning I think it's only fitting that you all clean it up. You are not to leave until this whole auditorium is spotless. I want to be able to see myself in this stage. Have fun girls. And no talking!" Walking away Mrs. Darbus went into her office.

Sighing Gabriella grabbed a bucket and started to scrap the paint. Not even two minutes in and the girls were already at each other's neck.

"Sorry to burst your bubble girls but I talked to Troy during practice today and by what he said. He's all mine," Amy said sponge in hand. " He couldn't believe that actually believed you guys and that,"

"And that there's only," Sharpay continued.

"One girl for him," Taylor finished.

" I can't believe this! He is going out with all three of us." Amy said throwing her sponge.

"Either can I, I mean why would he want you two when he has me," Sharpay said standing up to invasive.

"Yeah, guess he does like them dumb and blonde," Taylor said laughing.

"What!" The two girls screeched.

"Oh my god," Gabriella said sighing.

"Excuse me?" Sharpay asked looking at Gabriella.

"Huh?" Gabriella lifted her head.

"Got something to say?" Sharpay asked as Taylor and Amy looked Gabriella's way.

"Well I just thinking that if I was that mad over what a guy did to me. I wouldn't fight over it, well not against each other anyway."

"And what would you do exactly?" Amy asked.

"I'd get even." Gabriella said as if was simple as day.

"Who are you?" Sharpay asked.


And this would be the first step to the most life changing experience.

Hope you guys liked it so far! Music and songs will a big part in this story just like High School Musical. So don't be surprised if there's a song in like every chapter. There going to help tell the story. Read and Review! I would really like to know what you think! And I give credit to the song Best Day of my life to Jesse McCartney.

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