The Bolton's Must Die

By Soul Eyes

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Gabriella paid the cab driver when he stopped on front of her house. Taking out her wallet she paid the driver and wished him a good night.Stepping out of the car she turned to face her house. Her shoulders fell when she saw three very familiar cars parked in her driveway. Sighing she searched the bottom of the bag of her bag for her keys.

Fitting the key into her lock she opened her door and for the first time ever did not want to be home. Leaving her jacket and shoes at the door she walked into the kitchen. Low and behold her three 'friends' were waiting at the counter.

"Sweetie your home," Mrs. Montez said looking away from the girls. "How was your day?"

"Good, mami," Gabriella said, her eyes never leaving the girls. "Do you mind leaving us alone?"

Mrs. Montez looked from her daughter, to the three girls sitting in her kitchen. "Sure," she said grabbing her mug off the counter. Walking over to her daughter she said, "I thought you said this was over." She whispered while taking a sip of her drink.

"It is," Gabriella said smiling at her mother.

"It better be." Turning to face the girls she wished them a good night and headed upstairs. Gabriella waited until she heard her mother close her bed room door. Licking her lips she walked over to the fridge.

The girls were silent as she poured herself some water. Taking a sip she looked back at the girls. "What are you guys doing here? I told you I quit."

"So what? Did you think you were going to get off easy? You've been doing this for like the last month and a half. You can't back off now. Were like in the finals," Amy said crossing her arms. In her hands she had a small recorder.

"This is just a game to you isn't it?" Gabriella asked looking at Amy. "Did you ever think of how morally wrong this is? I have a conscience, I can't do this anymore." She practically slammed her glass on to the table.

"Conscience? Please! You lost that the moment you let us into this house the first time. And what is so morally wrong?"

"We're breaking someone's heart." Gabriella said barely above a whisper. The girls looked up at her, Gabriella in turn looked away.

"Oh my god! You love him!" Amy said uncrossing her arms and standing up. Sharpay and Taylor stood up as well.

"What!?" Gabriella asked turning back to look at the girls.

"Oh no. I know that look," Sharpay said walking to stand next to Amy.

"Gabriella. You can't believe what Troy tells you. We've all heard the same thing," Taylor said coming to stand on Amy's other side.

"You see what happens when you lose focus," Amy said looking at Sharpay then Taylor. They both nodded their heads and looked at Amy. "For your information Troy is with you right now, because of what we made you," Amy said waving her finger in front of the three of them. "What were you planning on doing? Telling him the truth?" Amy laughed. "Yeah, Troy, this whole time I've been pretending to be someone I'm not so I could break your heart. But I've seen the error of my ways. And I still want us to be together," Amy said, changing her voice so she could sound like Gabriella.

Gabriella looked down at her hands, knowing Amy was right.

"The only thing left for you to do is finish this. And I have a plan." Gabriella looked up at them. "We have one more test for Troy, and if after this he doesn't ask you to be his girlfriend, then you can quit." Gabriella looked at the door her mother left through. "Either way, you're going to lose Troy. So why not do it our way and become a legend."

Troy parked his car in his driveway around ten thirty. Turning off the ignition he grabbed the bag that was sitting in the passenger's seat. Stepping out of his car he walked into his house. It was quite as usual. Only Kelsi's Broadway music could be heard coming though the ceiling; the song all too familiar to Troy.

Closing the door he began to climb the stairs, but stopped when he saw his dad at the top. "Where were you?" He asked, crossing his arms.

"Out," Troy said lifting up the bag.

"You know you had a tuxedo fitting this afternoon. That was the only reason there wasn't any practice today."

"Oh well I'll go before school tomorrow. They open seven, right?" Troy said, beginning to walk up the stairs again.

"That's not the point Troy. This dinner is important for the school. It should be the only thing on your mind right now, behind basketball of course."

"You mean it's an important dinner for you. You know, so you can have bragging rights for another whole year right?"

"What?" Jack asked shocked. He son never talked to him this way.

"Never mind," Troy again tried to get to his room.

"Who were you out with? It's the new girl right. Look if she's going to get in the way of your priorities then maybe you should stop seeing her. I'm sure someone new and popular will come along."

"Is that all you think I'm good at, basketball and dating popular girls?" Jack uncrossed his arms. Troy didn't let his father answer. "For your information I wasn't out with Gabby, which is her name in case you didn't know." Turning around he walked down the stairs toward the door.

"Where do you think your going?" Jack asked beginning to walk down the stairs.

"You just reminded me that I haven't seen Gabby all day today." Opening the door he didn't stop even when he heard his dad say it.

Jack Bolton walked down the rest of the stairs and opened the front door in time to see his son drive off. Running his fingers through his hair he closed the door. Turning around he saw his wife Kathy leaning against the doorframe that lead into the kitchen.

"Did you here all that?" He asked.

"Just the end; let him go to her. It's the first time I've seen him stand up to you. She might do him some good."

A black car parked in front of the Bolton house watched as the basketball star himself walked out and into his car again. The young man with brown hair and blue eyes looked on. Smiling he turned the car on and followed when the door to the house closed.

Gabriella shut the front door as the girls left. Sighing, she slowly walked up the stairs and closed the door to her room. The last thing she wanted right now was to have to deal with her mom. Turning off the light to her bedroom she laid down on her bed. With her face on her pillow and her eyes staring off, only the moon lit the room.

Turning on her back she looked up at her ceiling.

I didn't know if I was going to be able to go through with their last plan. In a sense they were right, I was going to lose Troy either way. The thing that was worrying me was why my heart ached when I thought about it. I just wanted to know what I felt about Troy.

Gabriella was well lost in her thoughts when her phone began to ring. Looking over at her nightstand she moved to grab the phone. Speaking of the devil, Troy was calling her. Taking a deep breath she hit the accept button, answering the phone.


"Wow, it's amazing how your voice can make me forget everything bad,"Troy's voice came from the other line. From the way his voice sounded she could only imagine he was smiling.

"Hm, same here," Gabriella said smiling. She lay back down on her back. "So what's going on? I wasn't expecting your call."

"I got into a fight with my dad, so I guess I wanted to get my mind on something else."

"Do you want to talk about?" Gabriella asked, concerned.

"Maybe. But not over the phone."

Confused, Gabriella sat up a little. "What do you mean?"

"Come join me. It's nice out."

Looking at her phone she turned around when she heard a knock on her balcony doors. She was so surprised to see Troy standing outside on her balcony that she dropped her phone. Smiling Troy hung up. Seeing Troy's smile she couldn't help but smile herself. Walking over she met him outside.

"What are you doing here?" She asked closing her door.

"Tell you the truth, I don't know," laughing he put his hands in his pockets. "I was just going to come and pick you up but, I thought sitting out here would be better." Shrugging his shoulders and motioning his eyes to the left, he looked back at Gabriella.

Smiling she followed to where he was signaling and her breath caught in her thought. On the floor of her balcony was a large blue blanket, a single candle and two plates with a slice of cake on them. "What's all this for?" She asked looking back at him.

"I like being spontaneous. Plus Zeke called me after school and told me he got a sweet cake I had to try." Smiling Gabriella looked at the 'picnic' then back at Troy. Holding his hand out he guided Gabriella toward their 'feast'.

Sitting down Gabriella was the first to bite into the cake. Giving Troy a thumbs up while she chewed, Troy smiled and took a bite himself. "You should definitely ask Zeke were he got this. It's good."

Laughing Troy continued to eat. "Zeke will be glad to hear you like his cooking."

"He made this?" Gabriella asked shocked.

"Yeah. But it's his secret passion. I found out around a year ago and ever since then I've been his secret taste tester. But now that he'll know you like his food, don't be surprised if you see different types of food appearing in your locker."

"I'm sure I won't mind," she said laughing. Stopping she took another bite. "So what's the reason you fought with your dad?"

"Same old, same old. My dad thinks I'm only good at basketball and I'm always trying to convince him that there are other things in life. To say the least it doesn't end well."

"I can imagine. Everyone in school sees you as the basketball king. I pretty sure it would be hard for them to see you as anything else but a jock," Gabriella said taking another bite.

"I just hate having everything revolve around basketball. I mean I love playing, but some times I liked to try other things." Looking out at her backyard Troy turned to look back at Gabriella. "Sorry I'm dumping all of this on you. It just feels great having to talk to somebody. Chad or the other guys would never want to listen."

Smiling Gabriella set her plate down, "as hard as it is to believe. I understand what you mean. Just because you're good at something, they think that's what your whole life should be about. When that's not it at all."

"Yeah," Troy said looking up at her. "What is it that makes your parents think it's the only thing you can do?" Troy asked, curious.

Gabriella looked up at him, "if I told you I'd have to kill you."

Troy's eyes knotted together as he watched Gabriella take another bite of the cake.

There was no way I could tell Troy that my mom saw me only as a good math student. How could a popular cheerleader be seen as only a nerdy math student? That wasn't possibly. Troy would defiantly figure everything out and I didn't want that.

In her thoughts Gabriella remembered about that last test they had for Troy. This seemed to be the perfect opportunity.

Looking up at Troy again she saw him looking out in to her backyard. She had to figure out a good way to sell this. "Wouldn't it be great to shock them and do something they never thought we'd do?" Gabriella asked putting down her fork.

"What do you mean?" Troy asked turning away from the yard to look at Gabriella. She had to put in the back of her mind how gorgeous he looked in the candle light.

"Well take Zeke for example," she began. "He cooks, but you never think he would. It's almost like saying that Chad was a secret backup dancer for musical theater." Gabriella couldn't help but contain her laughter.

Troy began to laugh as well. "Yeah that would be the last thing Chad would ever do." Troy held his arm over his stomach.

"What about you?" Gabriella asked. Troy looked at Gabriella confused. "I think I have a plan that can show everyone were good at other things."

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