A/N- This is my first new story in months! This idea just popped into my head yesterday when I was amazingly bored because my best friend went away for two weeks. I can't wait until she's back! The name comes from one of my favorite books ever, Speak, which I highly recommend. I also recommend a Great and Terrible Beauty and Rebel Angels by Libba Bray, a great fantasy writer. Enjoy, and please review! I should be updating sometime next week, hopefully.

Summery- Lily survives the night Voldemort came, but has been in a coma for the past 21 years. When she awakes, Lily can't remember a thing, and is sent to be taken care of by a Dr. Hermione Granger, who doesn't know who she is. Slowly through flashbacks Lily learns who she is, there's just one problem: a spell won't let her tell anyone.

Disclaimer- Its Jo's sandbox, I'm just playing in it.

Chapter One

I was running in a dark graveyard, panting heavily. I don't know how long I've been running, or even really why, I just know that I can't let the light close behind me catch up. Somehow I know that it's bad.

I pause just for a moment to catch my breath, wiping away the sweat the covered my arms and kneck, and made my silk nightgown stick to my body before continuing to run. My throat is dry and screaming for water, but I have none. It had been long gone. The wind was strong and playing with my hair, and I felt grateful for its coolness, but it felt almost as if it were trying to push my towards the light.

Great. Even the wind was against me. I tripped over nothing. It seems like gravity is against me too. I quickly get up and continue running, but it's too late. I scream loudly as the light hits me.

The light, the evil light would not go away. Even with my eyes closed it was too bright. Wait a second. Why were my eyes closed? I hadn't closed them, had I? I realized there were voices close by. I didn't recognize any of the voices. But why were there people hear? A moment before the graveyard had been empty, other than me and the dead bodies of course. Had they come with the light? All this thinking was giving me a headache.

I listen more closely to what the voices are saying, but all I can make out is a loud buzz. It reminds me of a mosquito flying near your ear when you're sleeping, the noise, and how annoying it was. No matter how many times you slap your ear, turn over, or cover your head with the pillow, it just won't go away.

Not knowing who the voices belonged to, or what the voices were saying made me curious. I slowly opened my eyes, but the brightness was too much, and I quickly shut them again. I wait for a couple moments, seeing the specks of brightness from opening my eyes, before trying again. This time I open them more slowly, and it works. I am in a bed now, in a room that is completely white. Even the three people in the room are wearing white. The lack of color frightens me.

"She's awake!" One of the people, a man, exclaimed.

"Of course she's awake, Jonathon. Didn't you hear her scream?" A woman snapped.

"Of course I did, Sarah. It would be impossible to not have heard it, but she's been asleep so long, it's hard to believe she's finally up." Jonathon retaliated.

"Oh stop squabbling like a pair of children. In case the two of you have forgotten, we have a patient to attend to." A black woman scolded.

But before Jonathon and Sarah could defend themselves, a woman came in. She had light brown hair, and chocolate brown eyes. Even though her teeth were crooked, she had a nice smile, even if she was dressed entirely in the dreaded white.

"I'm sorry I'm late, but I had to take my friend's sick daughter to the doctors. The front lady told me you were all in here." The woman gasped. It looked as if she had been running, and that made me like her more than the others.

"We forgive you, Dr. Granger." The black woman said, speaking for all of them. I noticed that Dr. Granger was the only person in the room who wasn't on first name basis with the other doctors (I assume they are doctors anyway), and I wondered why.

"What's your name, dear?" It took me a moment to realize that Sarah was talking to me. What was my name? I thought deeply for a moment, but my mind was one blank. I was starting to freak out now. Why couldn't I remember anything other than running away from the light?

"I don't know." I croaked out. It took all my effort to not cry in my frustration and fear.

"It appears our patient has lost her memory. I have a new assignment for you Dr. Granger." The black woman began. I could see a mixture of excitement and fear on Dr. Granger's face. Why was she afraid?

"You are to take our patient home with you, and try to help her gain her memory."