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Davis struggled to keep on going. Tai was weighing him down. He just wanted to sit down and take a break, but he knew if he did he might just lose Tai. So, for the sake of his friend's life he kept on going. Where was the stupid river anyway? He swore he had saw one on the way there, but he couldn't be sure. He was very distracted then. His feet ached and he felt miserable. Most of the pain had faded from his earlier encounter with the sword. It was too bad that yet another pair of goggles had shattered and the Original Digi Destined leader himself had given them to him. He felt horrible that they had been broken. They were a part of Tai and his past and now they were gone. Stupid Spiritmon.

He saw something in the distance. It was crystal blue and the sun shone on it making it appear all glittery. It was water! The river! He rushed towards it, hoping it wasn't just a mirage that he was seeing because he was going insane. It did happen to be actual water. Sighing in relief, he set Tai down on the river bend. His arms still felt heavy and were sore. He bent down and put his hand in the water. It was cold. Perfect. That would cool Tai down. First he had to try to wake him up. He cupped his hands and gathered some water. Then splashed it onto Tai. He groaned and his eyes opened slowly. "Good. It worked. I thought I was losing you."

"Nope. I'm still here, but I'm kind of starting to wish I'd just die already. I'm sick of getting tortured over and over again." His weak voice was filled with sarcasm.

Davis smiled at him and lowered him down into the water. "You need to cool off. Your body temperature was rising greatly."

"Oh." Tai said, settling himself into the water. He leaned his head back and tried to relax. The cool water felt so good on his burning skin. "Is Ken okay?"

"For the most part." Davis said. "Matt and I found you guys right before Spiritmon was about to finish him off with a sword."

"Sword?!" Tai cried. "She never had a sword."

"She does now."

"Oh. Weird. I wonder if it has a certain purpose. What happened to you Davis? You're all cut up."

Davis dreaded telling him this. Even though there's a chance Tai already knew because his goggles were missing. "Spiritmon smashed my—your goggles with the sword and the glass cut me."

"Oh, that sucks. Now there's no symbol to tell if you're the leader."

"That's all?! You're not angry?"

"Well it's sad, but it wasn't your fault. That damn Spiritmon had to break them. Anyway, that's not the point right now." Tai's voice was weak, a reflection of the pain he was feeling. He groaned, and squinted his eyes as if it would help ease the burning feeling. He looked at Davis with such a look that Davis just had to ask what he was thinking. He knew it wasn't good.

"What, Tai?"

"You need to go back."

"What?! I can't! Tai, I'm not going to leave you here."

"You need to. This isn't about me. This is about the team, and the team needs your help."

"But what if you don't make it?"

"Then I don't make it. We're all in great danger, Davis. If we're freaking out because one of us is hurt and not focusing on defeating the enemy, then we're not doing any good. More of us are going to keep on getting hurt. Do you get what I mean?"

Davis nodded slowly trying to find determination. "Yes."

"Then get going." Tai urged him, feeling the pain radiate through his body once again. "When and if I feel better, I'll be back to help you guys."

"Do you even know your way back?"

"Davis! Just go."

Davis bit his lip and headed off in a sprint back towards the others. Hope was the only thing keeping him going; the only thing that could keep them alive.


An IM alert popped up on Izzy's laptop. He had been talking to Gennai and had managed to figure out several things. One: Digdestined leaders could open up portals to the digital world. Two: Those portals connected the digital world to the real world, resulting in Spiritmon being able to take on her real form, which just happened to be invisible. Three: The DNA bond between Kari and Tai had been enough for her to open up the portal. Four: He didn't know how to close the portals.

But Sora and Izzy had used the idea of making portals to their advantage. Sora and each of the Digimon sat on Izzy's bed, watching the genius furiously type away on his laptop.


He spun around in his chair to face them all. "Yeah, Sora?" She looked at him, realizing that his eyes were bloodshot. Sora felt bad. Chaos was happening all around them, and here they were sitting in Izzy's room. They weren't doing much to help. Their friends could be dying right now.

"Don't you think we should check on everybody? Or go help? Or something?" After an hour of silence, her words seemed to hang heavily in the air. Izzy threw his cell phone at Sora and she barely caught it. "You know I have my own cell phone, right?"

"Oh, right." She threw it back and he caught it and set it on the table. "Do what you want, you can call the others and ask them what's going on, but I need to talk to Gennai. It's my job as apart of this group."

"Don't you ever want to get in on the action, Izzy? Go help fight? Don't you ever get sick of being the one behind the computer screen figuring out the technicalities of everything?"

That made Izzy stop typing. For the first time in a while the room was completely silent. At least before there was the constant click-clack of Izzy's fingers typing on the keyboard, now it was as if Sora had shocked him. Izzy had never been asked that before. He just took on the behind the scenes stuff.

"You know, I don't think anybody realizes it, but you're actually the reason behind our victories. You're always thinking ahead Izzy, and you're always trying to do what's best for our group, even if it means sitting behind a computer for long hours. You do the part no one else wants to do, and you never get recognized for it. Sure we all do our part and we all fight for what's right, but you're the big reason why we succeed."

Sora's words seemed to sink in. The Digimon all looked at Sora, and began nodding in agreement. Tentomon flew up and landed on Izzy's desk. "She's right, you know."

"I guess…" Izzy trailed off. He seemed to be speechless. "I never really thought that I did that much. You guys go out there and do all of the fighting. You do all of the tough stuff. All of the things that risk your lives, and I sit here in the safety of my own home and have a conversation with Gennai. I'm not exactly a hero, Sora. I'm just a computer nerd."

"You're our computer nerd. We wouldn't have come this far without you, and I'm sure the others would agree. We need you Izzy. Just as much as we need Tai, Matt, or anybody else. We're like a puzzle. We need all of the pieces to be whole. We fall apart without each other. We're just not complete."

"Great metaphor, Sora!" Biyomon congratulated her.

"Thanks." She laughed, and then set her eyes upon Izzy. "It's true."

"I guess…I sometimes would like to be in on all the action and not behind the computer screen. I would like to be out there with the rest of you guys, but this seems to be where I belong."

"And there's nothing wrong with that, Izzy. You're amazing at what you do, but today's your lucky day. We're going to trade places. I'm not too bad with computers. Why don't you let me handle things back here? I can do it and you can go experience the thrill of fighting."

"I like that plan, although I'm a little scared."

"I think we all are, Izzy. We're fighting for our worlds and for our lives. It's quite an amazing thing; a thing we're proud of, but also a very terrifying thing."

"I'll do it. I'll go." Izzy seemed to gather the courage. He grabbed his digivice and cell phone and stood up. "Biyomon and Agumon will stay with you. I'm going to take Tentomon and the other Digimon with me, and bring them to the others."

"Why Agumon?" Sora questioned.

"Because I'm going to send Tai back here with you. I have a feeling he's not doing too well, and he's been through a lot lately. I think it's best we let him sit behind the scenes for a while."

Sora nodded. She felt her stomach tighten in knots. She hadn't gotten much of a chance to clear things up with him and now she'd have to see him. She had to put everything aside. What had happened months back wasn't of any concern now. Right now they're worries were staying alive and solving the problem in front of them, and that meant defeating Spiritmon. "Okay."

"We'll be in touch. Call every hour with constant updates on Gennai's information and remember that you're not completely safe here. Spiritmon could come back, and with the assumption that she seems to have made copies of herself it could be anytime soon. Stay safe, Sora."

"You too." And Izzy ran out of the room, with the Digimon following.

Taking a deep breath, Sora got up and took Izzy's place in his computer chair, feeling as if she was taking somebody's place. She poised her fingers over the keyboard and told Gennai that he had someone else to talk to; that the computer nerd was out on the battlefield.


Yolei, Mimi, and Cody reached Izzy's apartment and pounded on the door. When the got no reply, they let themselves in and rushed to his bedroom. Sitting in front of the laptop was not who they expected. "Sora?!" Yolei gasped, and she spun around to face them.

"Hi guys. You were at the portal at the hospital, right? Updates?" They stared at her for a moment, trying to comprehend the situation. Sora had taken on a new position.

Cody recovered first. "We checked it out and sent T.K and Kari into the portal."

Sora seemed to be writing down Cody's response on a notepad in front of her.

"It's all my fault! I know it was stupid!" Yolei cried, but Sora didn't seem angry.

"Don't feel bad, Yolei. Being a digidestined means taking risks. I'm sure they'll be fine, and them going into the portal might just help us figure things out. I'll try to call Kari. In the mean time, you guys need to get to the forest and help handle Spiritmon while I work on things here. Cody and Mimi, I want you guys to go directly to the scene and help out as much as you can. I also want a report from one of you on what's going on. I need to tell Gennai as much as I can to get us help. Yolei, I need you to get Tai back here. It's on Izzy's orders. Move out!"

They all stood there dumbfounded for a second before nodding. "Wow, Sora. I don't remember Izzy acting like a drill sergeant."

Sora laughed. "I'm just stressed. Izzy's job is a lot harder than it looks. It's like running a business. I'm in over my head."

"You can do it." Mimi told her.

"Where is Izzy anyway?" Yolei asked.

"You'll see. Now get going, and keep your cell phone's on."

"Got it!"

Sora turned back to the laptop, and tried to shake the pessimistic thoughts out of her head. They were going to get through this. She told herself this over and over again, as she picked up her cell phone and dialed Kari's number.


Darkness seemed to be the only thing surrounding T.K. He almost felt as if the darkness was suffocating him. It was hard to breathe. He looked around, but all he could see was gray. His surroundings seemed familiar. He was in the digital world. He'd recognize this place anywhere. It was his second home, but the shades of gray covering it didn't seem all too familiar. He knew it was the result of Spiritmon. Kari sat next to him. They had been walking around for who knew how long and had seemed to only come across gray. They couldn't tell anything apart anymore. The Digital World seemed to just becoming a gray blur as time went on. Suddenly a ring filled the air and Kari fished out her cell phone. Surprisingly, it still worked. She answered it with close to no expression. "Sora, hi."

"Kari, where are you and T.K?"

"We're in the digital world, but it's gray. Darkness seems to be taking it over. It's all we know. And we don't know how to get back. This place is beginning to take its toll on me. I'm beginning to feel gloomy."

T.K seconded that. He didn't feel so well either. Suddenly it felt as if the world was crashing down around him.

"I'll see what I can do. In the mean time, stay together and try to think positively. It's the best advice I can give you."

"Will do." She said, as T.K moved closer to her and wrapped his arm around her waist. "Any updates?"

"Not much. I'm taking Izzy's position and talking to Gennai. I'm not sure how the other's are doing, but your brother is coming back with me. I'm hoping to see him in one piece. I'll call you back soon."

"Thanks, Sora. Bye." Kari hung up and the two stared into the emptiness that was becoming of the digital world. They wanted out. They wanted to run, but they had nowhere to go. Just endless miles of gray ahead of them.

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