I walk into the room with my assistant, Mihoshi, walking behind me carrying a large stack of notes. She trips, spilling everything onto the floor.

"I told you, only bring in chapter TWO," I shout!

"Sorry," she says as she looks at the mess she made. "Please don't fire me. I really need this job. Ever since the GP fired me for accidentally flying my ship into the Headquarters, it's been hard finding a job." As she says this, well, she's crying.

"Fine, it's fine. Let's just get to work." I sit down at my computer and turn it on. "While we wait, Mihoshi, can you please do the disclaimer? I don't want to be sued. Also make sure all the characters are ready."

"Mr. Darthvalgaav does not own Naruto or any of the characters. He also doesn't own any other series that he might crossover." She turns to me and gives me a short bow. "I'll go and make sure that all of the characters are here now." With that she leaves the room.

By this time my computer is finally done loading. Mihoshi enters the room as I enter Word.

"Problem," she cries!

"What is it?"

"I'm not playing Naruto's mommy!"

I face fault. Ouch.

"Of course you aren't. No one in there right mind would let you be in charge of a child. I got an original character for that job. Now, let's begin!"

Chatper 1: The second ace

The battle was over. Kyuubi, who had destroyed much of the Leaf Village, was defeat. He was now trapped in the body on a new born baby. It had cost the Fourth's life, but the village was now safe from the monster. However, one problem still remained.

"This thing is a danger to us all," said one Leaf ninja to his friend while pointing to the crying baby. "We HAVE to kill it."

"It doesn't feel right, killing a baby from our village," said the other. The two of them where alone in the room were the Third had left the baby. Their job was to guard the child.

"Then we won't. Let's just send it to a different village. Let them deal with the beast."

"I don't….."

"It's that or death for the runt. I think Wind country is a nice place to dump it."

So it was decided. That night the two of them took the baby Naruto out of the village and head into the Wind country. The plan was to go into the Wind country and find a nice sand dune near a road and leave him there. When they got back to the village they would claim he was stolen by an enemy and they chased him for as long as they could.

Before the left the child, one of them placed a note on the baby. His friend gave him a look.

"The note just gives a little information about him. His name, Naruto, and why we are doing this. I figure they have a right to know." As they began to leave the scene he looked back. Sorry kid, I hope someone finds you.

Naruto did the only thing he could do, cry.

"T-That is so-so saaaaaddddddd," cried an over emotional Mihoshi.

My shirt was beginning to get drenched with her tears. The vein in my forehead began to grow.


About an hour later, Aoi, Leader for the Sand ANBU and chief of interrogation, was walking down the road. She had long, messy dark blue hair the ended at her shoulders and lavender colored eyes. She wore a black trench coat over her ANBU uniform to hide the two boomerangs that where on her sides. Her figure was ideal for a woman of 25. She was returning home from visiting her parents shrine in Tea country when she heard the heard the cry of baby Naruto.

She slowly walked over to the child thinking it was a trap. The child had blond hair and blue eyes. He also had three whisker marks on each check. Then she noticed the note, which she picked up and read to herself.

"So, you're holding a demon inside of you and your village does this to you. You poor think," she says as she picks up the baby. "Don' worry, I'll take care of you. Ahhh, a scorpion!" She flicks it off and begins to race back to the Village Hidden in the Sand.

The sun was just coming up as Aoi approached the gates of the village. A figure in blue and white robes stood in front of them, waiting for her.

"You're late," said the Kazekage.


"Its fine so how are your parents, Miroku and Sango, doing?"

"They're fine, I can't believe you are asking me about them," said Aoi with a smile. She and the Kazekage had grown up together and he rarely asked about the well being of others.

"I don't care about them, however if something is wrong with them you might not be able to concentrate on your job," as he said this he finally notices the baby in her arms. His eyes bugged out. "It hasn't been that long! O.K. tell me what happened."

Aoi told him about the baby and the note. As she did this, the Kazekages eyes narrowed. Once she was done, he told her about the attack on the Leaf village by Kyuubi.

"So this is how they defeated the mighty Kyuubi," said the Kazekage as he examined the child. "Please tell me you aren't going to be keeping this son of a…"

Before he could finish Aoi's free hand went into her coat and pulled out a paper fan. Then she quickly moved behind the Kage and began hitting him up side the head.

"What have I told you about using foul language," asked Aoi as she continued her assault. When hit was over the Kage had several new bumps on his head.

"Why me," asked the Kazekage to the stars.

Smiling, Aoi took the now crying child into the village. She stopped and turned around to face the Kage as he got up.

"You know I think Naruto will be a great advantage to this village. Two aces are better than one."

"You must mean Gaara. True, he will one day be an ace, but that is a long time from now and much can happen."

Aoi's smile grew wider. "Regrets, my dear friend? You where the one who wanted to turn your son into a demon container resulting in the death of your wife. Who was the one who said no? Hmmmm, let me think. Oh ya, it was me. Don't give me that bull about future problems. This is what I want. I want to be this child's mother and to give him the best possible future. I want a family."

"Fine, but on two conditions," said the Kazekage with a hint of malice in his voice. She had hit a sore spot. He was still getting over the death of his wife that only happened a few month's ago.

"Very well, what are them?"

"First, you can't ask for a raise." Aoi face faulted.

"Fine ya cheap skate."

"The other is to tell Naruto, which is a weird name by the way, the truth of his origins. Where he is from and why they discarded him. Let's see how well he handles it."

"Very well," said Aoi. "Now, if you will excuse me, I have some things to buy now that I'm a mother."

"So, how do you think Naruto will take that news," asked Mihoshi.

I sighed.

"I would tell you, but that happens in the next chapter! You haven't even picked up these notes that you dropped when we first came in you ditz!"

"You don't have to yell."

"Oh, this isn't yelling. You will know when I am yelling. Now then read this." I hand Mihoshi a piece of paper.

"So what do you all think of my story so far," read Mihoshi. "Send me your comments and suggestions. Also should I get rid of Mihoshi?" She stops reading and starts to think. It takes a while. See ya next time.