Authors: Mujaki no Tsubasa and Miss anonymous hp

Disclaimer: Naruto and all characters belong to Kishimoto Masashi.

Author's note:
Hello! This is Mujaki no Tsubasa. Some of you might know me, or heard of me, through the story The Best Mistakes published under MercuryChaos – my beloved co-author for TBM. Here I am again, with another NejiSasu story, also under role play format, but with a different partner - the equally awesome and wonderful Miss Anonymous HP, who also plays as Lee and Hinata in The Best Mistakes.

MercuryChaos and I are still working on The Best Mistakes, likewise with this one, though Twisted will be much shorter. If you like The Best Mistakes, please stay with us until the end. And no, we don't know how to approach it yet, but we will! Right now I'm very busy with school and life in general. And I still haven't touched my NaruGaa project that is due twenty days from now ; so The Best Mistakes will be rather slow. Please accept my sincere apology. I promise the next chapter will be updated as soon as possible.

Now, on to Twisted. I think this story's background is pretty easy to understand, and as you read along, you'll pick up the plot (though how small it maybe), so I don't see the need of explaining to you guys. I think you'd rather find out yourself, right?

He was early; Neji knew that. There was still at least thirty minutes left before the Uchiha was supposed to show up, but that did not make the Hyuuga feel any less annoyed. He sat in the study hall, alone, with a book opened in front of him. He already had a page full of notes written down. If he had to do the whole damn project by himself, so be it. He did not feel like waiting for the junior to show up.

And the Uchiha was a junior. Neji would have rather been paired up with someone in his grade; at least, then, he might have had some idea of their study and work habits. As it was, he never interacted with the younger boy. They only had one class together, Psychology, and they sat on opposite ends of the room. And because of luck of the draw, they had ended up being paired together.

Whatever. The kid hung around with that Uzumaki boy; anybody who hung around with that idiot couldn't be too bright. It looked like he was going to have to do the entire project himself. Fine. He worked better alone anyway.

The sky was dark with large black clumps of cloud, and thunder rumbled far along the horizon. People hurried along on the streets, trying to get back to their homes before the rain came. Dust picked up from the street and swirled around like mini-tornadoes. The weather matched Sasuke's mood perfectly.

Walking down the cement sidewalk, the Uchiha made his way towards the looming library building, his bag flung around his shoulder. A dark, gloomy look was plastered on his features as he pushed open the door, striding inside the cool conditioned area, eyes scanning the tables for a certain prick who, unfortunately, was assigned as his partner.

Being in opposite grade levels, Sasuke never knew Neji, or ever spoke to the senior before. They had Psychology together, but being Sasuke, he didn't talk to people unless he had to, and there was no reason for the two to socialize, until last week, when the Psychology teacher had randomly paired them together.

Spotting the long-haired figure at a corner of the library, Sasuke made his way over, scowl still in place.

Neji looked up as he heard somebody approaching him. He met Sasuke's expression glare for glare. This was going to be a fun assignment, he was sure. After a long minute of glaring, he started to gather up the papers and books that were strewn across the table. He shoved several sheets of paper into Sasuke's hands and started to walk off as he said over his shoulder, expecting the younger boy to follow.

"Those are the notes I've taken so far. I don't know if you've done anything for the project yet, but look over them to make sure that we're on the same page. We're going to work in the rooms in the back; it's quieter and there are fewer distractions."

As if to prove his point, a five year old kid ran by at that exact moment, heading toward the children's section. His older sister followed after, shouting about him stopping or he would be in trouble. Neji glared after them both. Stupid kids.

He continued, "I want to get this done today, so if I work on the Psychology part of the project, you can cite examples. I've pulled several books from the shelves, so we shouldn't have any problem finding information."

Perhaps he was a bit of a control freak, but he didn't care.

Sasuke stood there, staring at the sheets of paper that was just very rudely shoved into his hands, eyes flickering back and forth between them and Neji's back. Who the hell does this bastard think he is? He twitched.

Sasuke did not like group work. He despised it, more or less, mainly because every time he was assigned one or more partners on a project, he was the one who ended up doing all the work while the other idiots lazed around then claimed credit in the end. Furthermore, group work with a girl was absolute disaster. The shameless girl would either gawk at him the whole time they were together, or would pester him during every second of it.

And today, another reason was added to Sasuke's "Why Group Work is Unnecessary And Overrated" Anthology - bastardly partners who think they are the center of the universe and just wouldn't give a damn about other people. Yes, the poor Uchiha did not realize that he himself would fall into that category of "bastardly partners", but alas, he's human. And human could barely recognize their own faults, genius or not.

Scowling darkly, Sasuke followed the Hyuuga towards the rows of rooms in the back of the library. Might as well get this thing over with. There was no guarantee that he could stand breathing the same air with the arrogant senior for over two hours.

Neji walked into one of the rooms, closing the door behind him after Sasuke had entered. The noise of the library-though it was not even that much-died instantly. He threw his bag down onto one of the chairs and set the books down onto the table as he sat down. He kicked the chair across from him, causing it slide out from under the table and looked at the other boy as he gestured to the chair.

"Well, are you going to sit down or are you going to stand there all day?"

Without waiting for a response, he slid three books across the table toward the chair. "Those books should have enough information for sources on relationships throughout history. They're mostly books on mythology and fables, but they'll work. Find the ones that match our topic, cite them, and write down whatever necessary information we need. And while you're at it, you can start on our bibliography too."

He slid a blank sheet of paper over toward the Uchiha. He was being a bastard, but at least he was supplying the junior with what he needed.

"If that's not enough information, go find some other books yourself." Or, at the very least, he mostly was supplying him. "I hope you're good at art; that's the other part you'll be doing. I'll focus on the actual paper."

Never before Sasuke had felt as humiliated like today. He, the number-one student of that year's junior class, had never, ever depended on anybody. He had always been alone, doing everything he needed to do, and he was always the first one to finish an assignment. Always. The Uchiha's pride wouldn't allow to just sit and watch an upperclassman getting the upper hand, making a fool out of him just like that.

"Who do you think I am? Not an idiot, I hope?" An indignant growl slipped past Sasuke's lips as he glared coldly at the senior. Refraining not to throw his bag on the table, he sat down, glowering darkly as fingers shuffling through the pages. He was perfectly capable of gathering information, he could even do the whole project by himself in a day. And now this... this... prick was acting like Sasuke was a little child who needed guidance and help in everything.

And Sasuke hated it.

Neji gave him a dry look. "Actually, yes. I do think that. Prove me wrong by getting to work. But just don't expect my opinion of you to change."

And his opinion probably wouldn't. He never thought highly of people who sat around, threw hissy-fits, and never did anything productive, and that was the category Neji had placed the Uchiha in. The type of person who moped around, but never did anything about it to make the situation better. The type of person that would complain, but just take everything as it came in the end. People who were like that were fated to fail, and Neji would not waste his breath or thoughts hoping otherwise. He'd leave that to the counselors.

Being patient was not Sasuke's forte. Being patient with jackasses was never Sasuke's forte. And his patience and self-control was quickly wearing thin, anger bubbling inside his mind. "Watch your mouth." He snarled dangerously, dark eyes flashing in cold frustration.

Willing himself to calm down, the Uchiha kept his glare pinned on Neji, hands jerking the clasp of the bag open. He would not be provoked. Never. Uchiha Sasuke did not lose his composure just because some jerk was acting all high and mighty, pretending he was in control of everything. Right now the best solution was to finish the project as quickly as he could, then he would be out of the Hyuuga's company. Or else he would suffocate to death. Literally.

The heat of the glare itself was enough to let Neji know that he was being stared at. He did not react, however. Instead, he went to work, flipping open the last book he had been searching through and picking up where he left off. A silence fell over them and eventually felt Sasuke's stare leave, which meant the Uchiha had gone to work.

Neji finished flipping through another book and added it to the finished pile. He looked up to see that Sasuke was doing…

…exactly what he had told him to.

It was ironic how much effort the Uchiha could put into whining and complaining even if he ended up doing exactly what he was told in the end anyway. "There's another book that needs to be added to the bibliography," he said, staring across the table. "I only have one more book to go through. Be done with citing the examples by the time I'm through so that I can start on the paper."

He picked up his last book, started with a new sheet, and began to skim the first page. "Oh… and Uchiha?" He did not raise his head from the book in front of him. "Watch your mouth."

Sasuke, despite how much he would like to pin the senior down and teach him not to look down on the Uchiha, was still a marginally reasonable person. Maybe if he just ignore all the snide comments from Neji, and do his part of the project as quickly as he could, he would be freed of the suffocating and irritating company. The more they got done, the faster he could end the association with the bastard.

But there had got to be a limit. At that comment, Sasuke's fingers froze and clenched, nearly breaking the pencil he was holding. Nobody could get away with insulting the Uchiha like that, he wouldn't let it slide so easily. His patience was tried past its limit already. And he was about to explode.

"I'm not your dog." The scathing glare sent the Hyuuga's way was strong enough that if it was a material object, would be piercing a hole into the white washed wall of the tiny library room. If this prick thought that Sasuke was a stupid push-over, then he would have to think again. Or regret it.

Eyebrows rose at that comment. "You're not a dog?" he repeated, giving the Uchiha an odd look. "Funny. Because you sure know how to whine like one."

The chair Sasuke was sitting on was violently shoved backwards as its occupant rose, his knuckles straining white and shaking on the desk. Screw it. He didn't need to finish the project here. Why didn't he think of this sooner?

"Forget it. I'll do the rest at home. Don't bother yourself." The Uchiha's voice came out as a strangled growl, as he tried his hardest not to snap and cause a scene by beating the senior into a pulp. Why the hell did they have to meet to do the project? The Internet was created for a reason.

Quickly shoving his things into the bag, Sasuke flung it across his shoulder and turned towards the door. "Goodbye."

Neji rolled his eyes at the junior's scene. "If you are told that you whine too much, usually you are supposed to stop… not whine some more." He flipped through his notebook and took out a printed sheet. "And, in order to do the project, it might help if you had the thesis." He leaned back in his chair paper in hand, staring at the other boy. Why was he not surprised?

"I do not whine." Squeezing his eyes shut, the dark-haired junior clenched his fists, his nails digging into the flesh of his palm. One more comment... just one more, and Sasuke would have to shut Neji off himself. Physically.

"You should record yourself sometime," said Neji, as he stared at the back of the junior. He could make out every single muscle up and down his arms as it tightened and tensed with his fists. "I assure you, you do. Quite insistently, too."

Somebody just didn't know when to stop. And it was going to cost him quite a bit.

In one quick movement, Sasuke whirled and seized the Hyuuga's collar, slamming him against the wall. "Bastard. Shut. Up." He ground out, teeth clenched together as his dark eyes blazed in unconcealed anger.

To say that Neji had been expecting to be pushed up against the wall would be a complete and utter lie. Still, he would not admit his surprise in a million years nor the fact that perhaps for a second - even less - he was slightly wary of what Sasuke's next action would be. It was quickly apparent that the younger boy was only pissed off and maybe more so than that, and he smirked down at him.

"Now what are you going to, Uchiha?" he asked, leaning down toward him, not even attempting to release himself from Sasuke's grip. "Hit me? And here I thought most people to have reached a maturity beyond that by this point in their lives."

"Hyuuga. I told you to watch your mouth." Sasuke's grip tightened as he pushed the senior harder against the wall. What the hell was the problem with this jerk? "I'm not somebody that you could insult whenever and however you want."

Neji winced slightly as a knot on the wall started to dig into his back accompanied by Sasuke's knuckles that were probably making nice indentions in his chest. He reached up and grabbed Sasuke's wrists with one of his hands-partly to ease the pressure a bit and partly to show that just because he was up against a wall did not mean that he was helpless, and Sasuke's collar with the other. He pulled the Uchiha closer so that their noses were almost touching and met his glare head-on.

"I also told you to watch yours. And I don't care who you are and what you think people can and can't do to you, Uchiha. I'll do what I please when I please. Last I checked, I don't need your permission."

The Uchiha's response was another push, his fist applying heavy pressure against Neji's chest. His heart was beating madly now, blood pumping in anger. His bottom lip was being abused by teeth digging down on the flesh, his pupils narrowed, giving Sasuke a feral, animalistic look. Uchiha Sasuke was losing his cool. And all because of this one bastard.

"You... "

Neji grunted, but he did not let up. "You what?" he hissed. He was so close to Sasuke now that he could feel the other's breath rolling down his throat in warm waves. "You what, Uchiha?"

The short, erratic breaths escaped the Uchiha's red, strained lips, drifting in between their faces. Sasuke had just now noticed the close proximity they were in, how their nose barely touched, how their bodies were pressed together, how Neji's skin burned against his own, how their eyes locked onto each other's, how the air felt hot and suffocating in the raw tension rising from the two, how their lips were close enough that a slight movement from either of them could result in a kiss.

But Sasuke wasn't one to give up. "You're a damn irritating Mr. Perfect." He growled, leaning in so that their noses brushed against each other's, his eyes still did not leave those pale orbs.

Neji's glare hardened as he resisted the urge to jerk back when their noses touched. The junior in front of him was an arrogant bastard, though, and while he would usually just walk away from such a childish challenge, Sasuke needed his ego deflated. "I didn't know you thought I was perfect, Uchiha," he said, mockingly and a smirk in place. "You should have told me. I would have returned the sentiment… Mr. Perfect."

How dare he... How dare he insult Sasuke like that? What was the problem with this freaking Hyuuga? "Funny." Sasuke growled menacingly. "I'm not perfect at being an arrogant prick bastard like you. Should I feel flattered?"

"About as flattered as I feel, I suspect," Neji said, dryly, "and you don't give yourself enough credit. You're quite good at being an arrogant bastard." He tightened his grip on Sasuke's wrists and collar before giving the younger boy a small warning jerk. "Too bad for you, I don't see any reason for you to be as arrogant as you make yourself out to be. In the end, it's all self-indulged lies then, isn't it?" He tightened his grip even more. "Now, let go."


Again, Neji tightened his grip threateningly. If the younger did not let go soon, he was going to knee him in the crotch. "Let. Go."

"You seriously think that I'd do whatever you say?" The corners of Sasuke's lips curled up into a smirk as he pressed even closer, shoving his knee in between Neji's legs for leverage. Somewhere in his mind was nagging that he was going too far. But there was no way he could be rational right now.

A gasp escaped Neji's lips at Sasuke's sudden move. The Uchiha had gone from just holding him up against the wall to pinning him against it simply by applying all of his bodyweight against the Hyuuga. Neji glared. "You will," he warned, darkly, "or I'll make you let go." With his hands preoccupied elsewhere and his kneeing area now blocked by Sasuke's knee, how he was going to 'make him', even he did not really know.

"Oh?" A full-fledged smirk was present on Sasuke's lips now, as his eyes flashed with malice. "And how would you do that?"

Neji growled low in his throat, quite done with this game. He was quite aware of Sasuke's knee between his legs, Sasuke's breath against his face and neck, Sasuke's body pressed against his, Sasuke's… he squeezed his eyes shut, banishing those thoughts from his mind. "Let go, Uchiha. Now." Or else he was going to do something they would both regret

"Make me." The Uchiha breathed, teeth baring as he kept hold of Neji's collar, body did not budge an inch. This was dangerous. Very dangerous. But he wasn't to turn back, not Uchiha Sasuke.

In one swift movement, his hand released Sasuke's collar and caught his chin, pulling him forward so that their lips smashed together. Neji never did anything without thinking about it first; he was not one to act on impulse. Yet, none of that was thought out or planned… it just happened. And for a moment, instead of thinking, all he focused on was how good those damn Uchiha lips felt against his own.

Sasuke was fully prepared to be punched his lights out, or shoved to the opposite wall, or something to the physical pain matter, so when Neji's lips suddenly collided with his, the Uchiha went frozen to the spot. His mind immediately went overdrive, a million thoughts seemed to squeeze their way into his brain at once. There was the revolting thought of Neji's - a man's - lips on his, that commanded him to pull away and acquaint his fist with the Hyuuga's pale cheek. There was the glaring question of why the senior had kiss him in the first place. And somewhere in there was the strange pleasurable and arousing feeling that his lips and body were sending to his brain.

But Sasuke did not just go with the moment. He had much more self-control than that. Tearing away, the junior growled loudly and yanked tighter on Neji's collar, eyes twitching in fury. "What the hell!?"

Neji kept his eyes clothes moments after Sasuke pulled away, expecting a punch to the face or something that would cause tremendous pain. The yank of his collar cut off his air supply for a second before shifting and allowing him to breathe again, and all the while he kept his eyes closed. It was not until he was certain that was all that was coming his way that he slowly lifted his lids to gaze into the angry glare of Uchiha Sasuke. His hand was still on the other boy's face, and he had yet to remove it. Funny.

"I told you to let me go, Uchiha," Neji said, his voice low with warning.

"What the hell was that supposed to mean?" Sasuke spat, "You're telling me that you kiss anybody that grabs your collar to make them let go?"

His mind was a mess, and every time he tried to make sense of what happened, things just got more and more complicated. Sasuke did not believe the Hyuuga's words. There were so many other ways to force him to let go. Why kissing of all things? And then there was that... that... urge to reclaim Neji's lips again that drove the Uchiha insane.

"That's none of your business," he snapped, angry at himself for what he did. "Now I told you to… Let. Me. Go." He was wondering why Sasuke had not let him go yet, most would after what he had just done, and why he was still allowing Neji to cup his face, which he still had not removed. He was wondering a lot of things, but he pushed that all from his mind, intent on getting out of there as soon as possible. "Now, Uchiha." He growled, leaning toward him in what he was a threatening manner.

He had really considered letting go, and was about to, when the command got through his ears. The Hyuuga didn't know what was best for him, did he? "You ask nicely when you want people to do something. Bastard." Sasuke kept his hold, knowing in the back of his mind that he was plummeting into something that he would greatly regret in the future, but blind pride did not permit him to pull away.

Neji was tired of going in circles. He was tired of letting Sasuke have his chance to walk away. He was just plain tired of all of this waiting to see what the hell was going to happen next. So, watching the boy in front of him, he waited until the Uchiha had an ego boost - telling their upperclassmen to do something seemed to always boost it nicely - before he used both of his to grab the front of Sasuke's shirt use the sudden momentum to effectively switch their positions. Neji kept one hand fist in Sasuke's shirt while the other went to lean against the wall beside Sasuke's head.

The Hyuuga leaned toward him closely, so that his lips were almost, but not quite, touching his ear. "Fine," he hissed, mockingly. "Would you kindly let go of me?"

The shiver that just ran along his spine was not supposed to be there. Neither did the change in temperature he detected creeping up his cheeks. What the hell was his body doing without his permission? Gritting his teeth, Sasuke whirled to the side to face Neji, intent to give the senior another talk, when their lips brushed against each other's once more. This time purely on accident.

It tickled slightly, the light touch against Neji's bottom lip, and yet he did not react. He did not even breathe, too surprised by the touch that no smart remarks left his mouth. Instead, driven by Sasuke's intoxicating presence, he pushed forward-perhaps a bit more forcefully than he needed too-catching the Uchiha's lips on his own. He placed his hands on either side of Sasuke's head, pressing the younger boy into the wall as he kissed him senseless.

Eyes widening in surprise, Sasuke made an indignant noise in the back of his throat and grabbed the Hyuuga's shoulder, futilely trying to pull away from the kiss. All coherent thoughts flew from his brain, leaving only the overwhelming feeling of Neji's lips on his, the surprisingly soft flesh moving against his own, and the senior's body warmth flooding over his skin.

There was a moment of uncertainty where Neji was sure – positive - that Sasuke was going to pull away. Instead, he stayed right where he was, and he used that to his full advantage. He worked Sasuke's lips, pressing roughly against them as he ran tongue and teeth across each lip. His hands slid down the wall to grip Sasuke's shoulders, nails digging into clothing and bruising skin.

Flinching, Sasuke retaliated by biting down on the Hyuuga's lips with his own teeth, nibbling on the flesh in frustration. The fingers on Neji's shoulder dug down until he was sure that even his blunt nails had made some indents in the senior's skin. This was not a mere squabble anymore, this had turned into something completely different. And while Sasuke was supposed to be getting away and never see Neji again, his body stayed, and reacted to the latter's touches, no matter how wrong it was.

Neji hissed into the kiss, clutching to his grips tighter as the Uchiha fought back with just as much vigor. His tongue ran along the back of teeth and gums as they fought with each other for dominance over the kiss. An arm wrapped around the Uchiha's waist pulling him closer so that their bodies were completely flesh to one another as his other arm left a map of trails along Sasuke's side as the Hyuuga's hand massaged and works the muscles in his hip and thigh.

Cursing the traitorous body of his, Sasuke grabbed on to the Hyuuga's long mane of hair and tugged on the locks violently while trying to stay on his feet. The treatment Neji was giving his muscles felt too good for him to ignore, and the harsh kisses they shared burned his skin, and as much as he wanted to deny it, he was aroused. Very aroused.

The older boy stumbled them backwards, searching for a surface… any surface to lie down on. The edge of the table pushed against the back of his knees as he bumped into it, and reaching out blindly - his mouth now moving to leave kisses and bites along Sasuke's jaw line - he knocked his stuff off the table. He moved them, pressing the other boy against the edge of the table this time, before throwing Sasuke down onto the hardwood surface and immediately following after.

"Hyuuga! Stop!"

Wincing as he was shoved violently on top of the table, Sasuke took the opportunity when their lips were torn apart to gasp, eyes wide and glaring at Neji. His breathing was uneven, and his lips were swollen from the previous abuse. Registering his position, the Uchiha felt his body heat up even more, noticing how Neji was in between his legs, how the long-haired senior was hovering above him with a predatory expression. What exactly was the Hyuuga going to do?

Neji stopped, only moving to brace himself on the table with one of his hands. He raised a single eyebrow as he stared down at the Uchiha. "Stop?" Even though his body was screaming at the younger boy for putting the breaks on, he stepped off to the side, so that if Sasuke wanted to go, he could. "I didn't know you were so afraid, Uchiha; you should have told me back when I was kissing you the second time."

It suddenly felt like somebody had dropped a stone in Sasuke's stomach as Neji's warmth left him, but Sasuke did not allow himself any moment to falter. His heart was still racing, the flush on his cheeks still did not show any signs of fading, and his nerves were twitching like crazy. But Sasuke's dignity was still there.

"I'm not afraid!" He growled indignantly, propping himself on his elbows. "And why were you kissing me in the first place!?"

"Probably for the same reason you ended up kissing me back."


Sasuke opened his mouth to protest but closed it again, not another sound escaping his lips. He did kiss the Hyuuga back, there was no way he could deny that... but... why... he didn't know. It was an unconscious action that he couldn't explain. And probably he didn't want to know why either. He was confused. Extremely confused.

And he was still painfully aroused.

To be continued.