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Chapter Seven�

A curse, a push, and Sasuke was getting up from under Neji's weight, face paling rapidly as he grabbed the hem of the pants around his knees, pulling it up and tripping over it at the same time. The afterglow had evaporated as Naruto's words reached him, filling his mind with dread instead. Suddenly the Uchiha found himself in a similar situation like that day in the library, except… one would think that one's own home would be safe. Guess not. When did he tell the dobe where the spare key was anyway? He didn't remember. Maybe it was last year, Sasuke couldn't think. �

He could hear the clicking of the lock and the loud slamming of the door downstairs just as he finally figured out how to slip the sleeves on his arms, and panicked. Was the payphone that damn close to his house? What the hell did Naruto want in a Friday after school? Sasuke was just this close to strangling the dead last had he not trying to fix himself up. Another curse and a stumble, and Naruto's voice was there. �


Fingers fumbling as Neji quickly worked to get dressed, his heart pounding in his chest, he moved quickly (albeit clumsily), trying to erase all evidence of their previous activities. It was so wrong. They could not be caught like this. Sasuke's panic only made Neji's increase, the feeling increasing each second hew knew that Naruto was getting closer. He pushed his arms through the sleeves of his shirt and moved to try find some normalcy in his shirt. He wished there was some way that he could slip out of the room; slip out and disappear as to erase any suspicion that might show up. Hair thrown up into a ponytail (a messy one; so unlike him), he began trying to button up his shirt.

The door was flung open.

Neji turned his back to the door, hoping and praying that Naruto would realize that he was still buttoning his shirt up. And his tie was still missing—flung somewhere and forgotten. The boy was too quick. And there was so much evidence against them. The Hyuuga held his breath and waited.

"TEME! I knew you were here!"

The last button was finally buttoned underneath his trembling fingers as white eyes darted back and forth searching for his tie. Discreetly (or so he hoped), he began to tuck in his shirt as he turned his head to look for his missing item of clothing.

Neji walked over to the table, ignoring Naruto's presence completely (or trying to, at least). If he ignored Naruto, Naruto would ignore him, and everything would be fine. That was his hope, however. He tried to tell himself that it would not matter if Naruto found out (it wouldn't, would it?), but this was supposed to be a secret. They never actually talked about whatever "this" was and whether or not it was actually supposed to be a secret, but they had both been acting that way. Silence on both of their parts, playing the parts of strangers, acquaintances at best, and never had either of them said anything.

Would it be so bad if somebody found out?

Yes, it would.

How Neji knew that, he did not know. But everything seemed so secretive, so silent, so just a two of them thing that the idea of somebody else knowing seemed almost... wrong. Everything about this seemed wrong, but with somebody else knowing, it just made it worse. Everything was so much worse. And yet... Neji could not imagine stopping this now that it had started.

"You could have answered me, teme! What the hell were you doing that was so important that you couldn't answer the door or the phone?"

Neji grasped the tie in his hand as he picked it up.

"And what the hell is he doing here?"

He turned his head toward the blond to give him his signature 'Fuck off' glare as his body twisted away, hiding the wrinkled tie from view. Somehow, he knew this was not going to end well. And whether he meant just this meeting or everything in general... he did not know. And he wished he did.

One last tug at the button and Sasuke was fully dressed (but whether he looked presentable or not was still debatable) and he turned towards Naruto, dark eyes fixing an angry (albeit nervous) glare at the blond. There were a lot of times when the Uchiha regretted befriending this idiot - Naruto and Sasuke were two completely different people, and they had nothing in common, but somehow, they became friends and had stayed that way for years. Naruto's loud and obnoxious attitude were generally unbearable, and today, the Uchiha had just gotten another urge to break that dobe's neck.

"Student Council business. What are you doing here?" The dark-haired boy growled, one eye shifting towards Neji and making sure that the Hyuuga had fixed himself accordingly. It was dangerous. Too dangerous. Even though Naruto who was a natural idiot, he could be surprisingly intelligent sometimes. Sasuke's fingers twitched, pulling the last button into place and hoping that the blonde did not see. It would be horribly bad if he knew.

There was a thump and Naruto was seated on Sasuke's couch. Blue eyes darted at the two dark-haired boys and back to the littered table before him. "I can't come over?" he snorted, "since when were you afraid of me being in your house?" The eyes glinted, and Sasuke tensed. "Or were you doing something inappropriate and you were scared of me finding out, hmm?"

Naruto was strangely perceptive.

"The only person who would do something like that is you, dead last. I'm not like you." The Uchiha retorted, scowling at the smirking blond.

Sasuke's hair was still a tousled mess, the locks sticking out in every which direction, and his lips still extraordinarily bright with color, bruised and worked through from Neji's own mouth. It was exciting and beautiful to see, to know that Neji had made the usually strict-looking junior look like that, and yet it was still so dangerous. Naruto was sitting right there, and Sasuke was looking at him, and Neji was just waiting for something to be said. Somethingwas said, but it was in passing, it was joke thrown out there with no real honesty behind the tease. Naruto had gotten so close to the truth... and yet the truth had flown right over the Uzumaki's head.

They were lucky.

"Shut up, teme! I'll beat you! You just wait!... Ew! Sasuke-teme, what the hell did you drop onto your floor?"

But not lucky enough.

Naruto was pointing brashly at a darkened stain on the floor. One that Neji recognized right away. It was not often (or ever) that Neji blushed, but at that moment, as Naruto pointed out the mess they had conveniently forgotten to clean - the mess of their spilt semen - the Hyuuga could feel the heat rushing to his face. Neji turned away, his heart pounding a million times a second.

Oh God.

They were caught.

It was all so quick. As those words left Naruto's mouth, Sasuke's eyes moved, and fixed themselves on the spot where the blonde's finger pointed to, and all of his insides felt like they were released from the thin threads that were holding them up since the second Naruto set foot into his room. Feeling his blood turn cold, Sasuke stood there, staring at the drying semen and for a whole minute, remained frozen.

"Well? What is it?"

The Uchiha snapped back to reality as the impatient question reached his ears.

"That's milk."

Why he said that, Sasuke did not know. Everything just went out of control.

The blonde cocked his head and glanced over to the almost-full glasses of water sitting on top the table right in front of the couch. Blue eyes then returned to Sasuke, narrowing just a margin of an inch as he realized the inconsistency in the Uchiha's words.

"Then why is there water on your table?" Naruto sneered, leaning forward and resting his elbows on spread knees, lips curling up in an amused smirk. And Sasuke twitched.

"I had a glass of milk earlier and didn't realize that there was a spill." The anger continued to build, rising with the nervousness as he dared not look at Neji, afraid that even just a glance could give Naruto a clue. "Are you here to interrogate me now, usuratonkachi?"

"Neh, Sasuke!" Naruto whined. "Can't I just visit my friend for no reason? I never see you anymore! You're always spending all your time with stupid student council business!" And as he said this, he made a flippant offhand gesture toward Neji.

Neji for his part was able to keep a blank face even while inside, his mind was whirling. This entire scene seemed so absurd. Milk. It was milk. Right. And yet Naruto was buying it, and Neji was grateful and he was pretty sure that Sasuke was too. But watching how closely the blonde kept getting to the truth, how closely he kept skirting across it without even realizing it, it made Neji realize how easily the Uchiha and himself were to figure out. They had always been quite keen on being the masters of secrets, of hiding things.

Maybe they weren't as good as they thought.

It frightened Neji in a strange way to see how easily they could be figured out, but it also excited him too. Excited him in a way that only Sasuke could.

"I'm the vice president, you idiot." The Uchiha growled, his hand grabbing the pen that was forgotten on the table just a few minutes ago. "I have things to take care of, unlike you, the school prankster." He stopped glaring at the blonde now, instead flipping the pages of the notebook where the plan for the festival was laid out.

It was true that Sasuke didn't spend much time with Naruto ever since that night he spent locked in school. But then it was not his fault. His mind was occupied with other... things... people... much more interesting than Naruto, to say the least. Somewhere inside he felt a tiny pang of guilt - he was Naruto's closest friend, after all, but it had been weeks since they've talked properly, or even played a game together. But then again, that bubbly moron had a lot more friends he could be hanging out with, so Sasuke taking a bit of time off for himself was perfectly reasonable.

"And I didn't know you and Mr. President here were buddies. I thought you didn't like him, Sasuke!"

Really, Naruto would be the death of Sasuke some day. The instinct of this guy was painfully accurate, but he was too stupid to realize that - something Sasuke thanked the heavens for.

"... We're just working together, that's all." Here the Uchiha couldn't help but dart his eyes a couple of millimeters towards Neji. Was this relationship just a convenience? Sasuke wasn't sure. It was just better not to assume anything, in case he let himself be trapped in the delusion of being something more important to the Hyuuga. Something he wouldn't want at the very least. Right, they were just working together, and helping each other relieve the stress of the workload.

Neji was not blind to the subtle look that the Uchiha threw his way, but he was unable to decipher the sudden quick meaning behind the look. Just working together, Sasuke had said, and it was partly true. They did work together - they worked very well together. Whether it was work that involved their intellect or their bodies, they fit perfectly together. But was that all it was? Did Neji even care if that was it? Should he care?

"I should probably get going."

The words were leaving the Hyuuga's mouth before he even realized that he was speaking. He picked up the pile of papers that were piled neatly on the kotatsu, shuffling through them, trying to look professional. The last paper he picked up was the one that Sasuke had been working on before he had interrupted him.

"Don't worry about the," he quickly glanced down to see what it was that he was holding, "schedule for the Spring Festival. I'll finish it."

His eyes quickly made a sweep across the room, checking to make sure he wasn't forgetting anything, before they landed on Naruto who had the most peculiar expression on his face. His face was scrunched up with his nose high in the air and it looked as though he was - sniffing? A feeling of dread came over the Hyuuga, but he quickly brushed it aside. He doubted the blond was smart enough to put two and two together even if the scent of their sin was still in the air.

He spared one last glance at Sasuke - he was disappointed, he admitted, that their meeting had been cut short, especially when it had been such a good opportunity to be alone - before he walked out the door.

Stirred by Neji's movement, Sasuke got up as well, skillfully hiding the downcast of his eyes. It was such a rare chance to be alone with Neji, only it had to end prematurely - because of a certain idiot's fault. Suddenly the guilt inside Sasuke vaporized.

"Where are you going?" Naruto whined, fidgetting restlessly on the sofa he was perching on.

"I'm walking Hyuuga out the door."

"Why? He can do it perfectly fine on his own!"

A vein popped on Sasuke's forehead. "I'm not rude to my guests like you." And he slammed the door behind his back.

Almost to the front door, Neji turned, curious, when he heard a door slam shut behind him. He was not quick enough to suppress the small smile that graced his features upon seeing Sasuke coming toward him, but he decided that did not matter. His eyes instead traveled down the Uchiha's body as he approached the Hyuuga, taking in how ruffled and yet sexy he appeared with his shirt wrinkled and his hair still a mess. Evidence - that Neji hoped only he would notice - was all over Sasuke's body of their time together. He was sure that Sasuke had marked him very much the same way, with noticeable bruising starting to show itself on Sasuke's neck and collarbone - just barely visible past the collar of his shirt.

Once Sasuke was close enough, Neji raised his hand to brush his fingers across a particular bruise - love bite - hickey - forming at the base of Sasuke's jaw. Then, he quickly let his hand fall, suddenly feeling kind of foolish (What am I doing?) for such a random gesture of affection.

"When are your parents returning?" he asked, suddenly.

Maybe... they could have a next time. And maybe... Naruto wouldn't interrupt them then either.

It was strange how the annoyance Sasuke was experiencing quickly died away at the sight of Neji's curved lips and the soft touch of the Hyuuga's fingertips on his skin. Sasuke hung his head, hiding the sudden heat rushing on to his face. He knew perfectly where and what Neji was touching, and even though he should be feeling alarmed, worrying about Naruto noticing the mark, the Uchiha oddly felt at peace. It was a foreign feeling still, for Sasuke was not used to it. Nevertheless, it was... nice.

"Sunday night... around 8:00 PM, they said." He mumbled, casting his eyes to the side, avoiding looking at the elegant features on Neji's face. "We can finish the work tomorrow..." He bit his lower lip - the sentence came blurting out before he had a chance to think. What was he hoping for?

"... if you'd like, I mean."

"Yeah. I'll be here," Neji promised, the original annoyance he had toward Naruto - the idiot - dissipating as he thought about tomorrow. They had tomorrow.

The thought of having another opportunity to be with Neji again so soon filled Sasuke with anticipation. He tried hard, even biting the inside of his mouth to keep a smile from breaking out. Sasuke stood there for a few more moments, before grabbing Neji's wrist and pulled the older boy down, his lips brushing against Neji's own flesh.

"See ya tomorrow."

"See you," Neji echoed, his voice soft as he pulled away from Sasuke's hold reluctantly. The 'goodbye kiss' that he had just received left his lips tingling, wanting more, and as cliche and cheesy as the Hyuuga thought of it... He found it all oddly pleasing. He spared the Uchiha one last lingering look before he finally walked out the front door, down the front steps, and disappeared around the corner.

A few minutes later, Sasuke suddenly found himself still gazing from the window panes at the sides of the front door after Neji had long disappeared. Jerking himself awake, the Uchiha locked the door and walked into the kitchen, finding himself a glass of cold water, still embarrassed at what he was doing up until then. More and more, he was starting to behave a lot more differently than usual, something he couldn't decide if it was a bad thing or not. The only thing he was certain was the cause of the change in his behaviors.

But it wasn't like he wanted to go back to normal. This kind of thing filled Sasuke's life with a sort of thrill that was oddly enjoyable, a drastic change in the monotonous life he had led before. The appearance of Neji - and the increasingly important the older boy's role in his life became - Sasuke decided that it wasn't that bad.

When he returned from the kitchen, Naruto was spread out on his sofa, a sour expression on his face.

"Took you long enough," he ground out in a pissed off tone, "just to walk Neji to the door."

There was something very big bothering the blond; something that even he did not quite fully understand, but it was all starting to come together. Naruto wasn't stupid; he could be slow, but he was not stupid. But in the time that it took for Sasuke to 'walk his guest out the door', some pieces of the puzzle had finally come together in his head. He didn't want to believe it, though.

Sasuke ignored the blonde's remark. Naruto's temper was something he had gotten used to, being something closest to a best friend to the idiot. He sat back down on the carpet and resumed the planning. The Uchiha wanted to get as most work done as possible before the older boy's arrival tomorrow, so they could have... more spare time...

If there was one thing Naruto hated, it was being ignored.

"Sasuke..." he growled, standing from the sofa as he slowly started to cross the room toward his black-haired friend.

He opened his mouth, ready to yell at him to listen to him when he's talking! - when he took a deep breath and the memory of what he had figured out only moments before came flooding back into his head. His eyes glanced toward the 'milk stain' on the carpet that the Uchiha still had yet to clean up, before pinning the stoic boy with a hard glare.

"What's that smell?" he asked, bluntly.

Maybe it was because Sasuke had gotten used to doing this kind of thing with Neji, that his body system - particularly his nose - had disregarded the distinct smell of sex. He was frozen, nonetheless, at the question directed at him, piercing into him with a cold, icy stab.

"I don't know what you're talking about." He managed to respond, stubbornly dismissing the obvious scent heavily hanging in the air. Maybe playing innocent wasn't the best idea, but Sasuke couldn't think of anything else. His mind was in panic.

"What's that smell, Sasuke?" Naruto repeated.

He knew what it was. He knew... but he wanted the bastard to say it for himself. He knew what it was without a doubt, but he didn't want to believe, unless the Uchiha said it and confirmed his suspicions. Because Naruto was suspicious, and he definitely knew more than he was letting on.

"It's just your imagination." Sasuke snapped, unconsciously pushing the pen hard against the paper almost to the point of tearing it. He would not admit it. Not in a million years. Not in front of Naruto. No way.

Something inside Naruto snapped, and he stomped forward, and stole the pen from Sasuke's hand. But unlike the gentleness that Neji had displayed when he had plucked the exact same pen from his hand, it was yanked away violently and then thrown somewhere across the room. Naruto gripped the collar of Sasuke's shirt roughly, making him look him in the face.

"Damnit, Sasuke!" he snapped. "Don't lie!" Then, in a much quiet but no less dangerous tone, he continued, "You and Neji weren't working on student council stuff, were you?"

The Uchiha couldn't hear the sound of buttons tearing behind the ringing in his ears. Anger rising, he tore himself from Naruto's hands and took a step back, glaring at the blonde with full force of his eyes. "What does it have to do with you? It's none of your business what I do!" He retorted, slapping Naruto's hand away, the indignancy and pride took a hold of his actions.

For almost a full minute, Naruto simply stared at Sasuke as the full extent of what the Uchiha said came raining down upon him. Sasuke, in not so many words, had just confirmed his suspicions. And as those words, and what they meant, and who they meant it had happened with, circled through his head, he found himself baring his teeth in a growl in a very canine-like fashion.

"You can't... not with... what the hell is wrong with you?"

... Right.

Of course this would be the reaction if someone found out about the two of them. It was only natural. Men didn't have sex with each other, did they? That was what they called a 'sin', wasn't it?

Sasuke's legs felt weak, his back found the wall without him even knowing. He stood there, eyes still glaring at Naruto, but not only with anger, there was a twinge of resentment, of a wounded heart. "I can. I can do it with whoever I want to." Naruto had no right to tell him what to do. Sasuke's life was his own, and he could do whatever he wanted. "If you're here to lecture me on what's right and what's wrong, then you can get lost."

The rage that had been building inside Naruto immediately began to disappear as he stared at his best friend, realizing the effect his words had on him. That... hadn't come out the way he meant it to. He clenched his teeth, angry at himself.

"That's not what I... I didn't mean..." Forming sentences was becoming increasingly difficult. He took a deep breath, trying to calm the unnecessary anger that he felt. "When did you and... him... first...?" And he let the question trail off, knowing that Sasuke was smart enough to figure out what he was asking.

Letting out a deep sigh, Sasuke fell to the ground. "If you want to know when we first had sex, it was two months ago." He leaned back, head turning away and avoiding the blonde's eyes. Someone he couldn't look at his best friend in the eye. It felt like he had been deceiving Naruto all along, even though clearly it was not his fault. It was also the first time Sasuke talked to someone about their relationship, and as he mentioned it, a tint of red appeared on his cheek.

Naruto was surprisingly still as he heard this information. His stance rigid and stiff, with his head bowed. He hummed in acknowledgment at the answer; it made since. Two months ago had been about the time that he had started noticing the Uchiha starting to become scarcer and scarcer in his life.

"Why... him?" His voice was low. Too low. Dangerous.

That was a question that made Sasuke still. Why Neji? He had never really known the reason. "... I... I don't know." It was true - he didn't know. There were much thoughts in regard to the Hyuuga when Sasuke and he weren't together, but none came to any coherent conclusion. The only thing Sasuke was certain of was that Neji drew him in, aroused his interest in a way no other can. There was...something about him that made the Uchiha's heart race, that made him lose composure, lose himself and succumb to his desires.

Neji was special.

"That guy... he interests me."

"Interests you?" Naruto said, unable to keep the slightest sound of disgust out of his voice as he began to advance on the Uchiha.

Sasuke was still sitting with his back to the wall, and Naruto was walking - more like stalking - toward him. There was a burning question on his mind, one only the dark-eyed boy could answer, and he couldn't leave - wouldn't leave - until he got an answer. He stopped right beside Sasuke, looking down at him for a second, before he lowered himself into a crouch so that they were eye to eye. For a long moment, the silence stretched between them as neither spoke... until it was finally broken by Naruto who spoke in almost a whisper.

"Don't I interest you, Sasuke?" he asked. "Why not me?"

It was a full minute until Sasuke could find his voice. "... You?" He stuttered. The meaning behind Naruto's words was obvious, yet Sasuke didn't want to accept it. They were best friends, and Sasuke had always thought of Naruto as a best friend. Then... why did he ask this question? "What... what are you talking about?"

Blue eyes narrowed at Sasuke's ridiculous question. Wasn't he supposed to be best friends with a genius? Naruto's mouth dropped open to speak or say something, but, last moment, he changed his mind. He would just show him.

Then, without a second thought, he leaned in and kissed Sasuke full on the mouth. Fuck Hyuuga! He was just as good as that arrogant prick!

Naruto, by nature, was a rash and impulsive idiot. Sasuke knew that perfectly well, yet he was totally thrown off guard by the blonde's action. He was frozen right there, lips still joined with Naruto's but his mind was drowning in a whirlwind of thoughts and emotions. There was the sensation of being kissed by Naruto, strange and foreign as it was. There was the sudden realization that he had kissed somebody else and not Neji, but he quickly dismissed it - it wasn't like he considered Neji his boyfriend, nor would Neji consider him his boyfriend. There was never any promise, any official declaration of the sort. But why did Sasuke feel like he was a traitor?

He pushed Naruto away, his heart beating at a irregular rate, his breath rasp and harsh. "W-What the hell do you think you're doing?"

Naruto fell back off of his feet at Sasuke's shove, but he found himself giving the Uchiha an unimpressed look. "Sasuke," he sighed. He couldn't believe that his friend still did not know what was going on. And he thought he was slow on the uptake. He pinned the Uchiha with an unwavering stare.

"I like you," he said, finally, his gaze not shifting a bit as he declared this. "And I don't mean best friends for five years like. I mean, I like you, a lot. More than I probably should."

Somewhere inside, Sasuke was still in a state of denial. It wasn't that he was shocked because a guy confessed to him. Hell, he had had sex with a guy without ever saying any of that mushy crap. But... Naruto was different. Sasuke had always thought that Naruto only looked at him as a friend... because that was what friends were supposed to do, right? He never knew...

And suddenly, the situation just got a lot more complicated than it already was.