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Notes: Dawn is being written as a mostly snapshot-styled fic. That is to say that it reads like a long series of drabbles and flashfic rather than your typical novel. It's just somewhat ended up being that way (with probably episodes of longer scenes mixed with shorter ones), and I actually like the feel it gives to the story when I write it like this. Sorry for the oddity of it all. :) Also, the chapters will probably often be fairly short due to this exact reason, but maybe I'll actually update more because I don't feel like I have to write as much. One can hope, right?

The following are not in order of happenstance. They're little snapshots of graduation for these three (and a half).

In the Dawn of Morning
Ootori Kyouya & Fujioka Haruhi & Morinozuka Takashi

Chapter One

Kyouya is not a sentimental man, and so he rides to school in silence.

He reads the paper, browsing for anything of interest. As usual, he finds several things – all in the financial section.

The world is normal to him, and graduation is nothing more than an irritant in his daily life.

Even as his speech rings out to cheers and tears and laughter, he stands and thinks, The restaurant needs to be remodeled and the staff retrained. With a bit of hard work and time, it should be able to reopen and do sixteen-point-three percent better quarterly.

» » »

Haruhi is not a sentimental girl, and so she walks to school without a spring in her step.

She walks like she always has, calm and unhurried, with plenty of time on her side. She is in no danger of being late, and she prefers to have this leisurely time before the rush to sales after school ends.

The world is normal to her, and graduation is nothing more than another checkpoint in her life.

Even as the speeches ring out to cheers and tears and laughter, she stands and thinks, We're out of celery. I should have bought some at the sale last weekend.

» » »

Mori is a quietly sentimental man, and so he walks to school with Honey riding sadly on his shoulder.

He listens to memories and reminiscing, to the sad lament of how I wish we didn't have to graduate before everyone, and we only met Haruhi this year. And sometimes, he says something too.

The world is far from normal to them, and graduation will tear them from their closest friends.

Even as the speeches ring out to cheers and tears and laughter, the host club gathers in their room, drinks to a toast, and Mori thinks, I will miss this.