Two weeks later. Room 202. Office of Charles Borden, the Official of the Agency.

Currently he's not a very happy man.


Eberts waited until the phone was slammed down before asking. "Which one?"

"Her." The Official was barely containing his anger. It wasn't Eberts' fault, after all. "Apparently she has impressed certain people with influence at the CIA. The President has ordered us to 'share our good fortune,' by giving her up indefinitely."

"There are good points to this," Eberts observed, getting the short copy of her file out of the box. "We'll no longer have to worry about her influence on Darien."

"True. And we will no longer have to worry about how to control her. Let them try to figure it out." The Official laughed a bit at that thought. "She has definitely been a challenge to control."

"Yes, sir. When do we tell her?" Eberts asked, setting the file on the Official's desk.

"Tomorrow evening. I have something they can do during the day, and then she'll be gone by the following morning." The Official opened the file. "Besides, it's not like she's the only one with her range of skills."

"True, sir. Quite true," Eberts agreed.


This guy, who did art work with Campbell's Soup cans, once said, "They always say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself."

I remembered what I had promised myself I would do and I remembered what she had said. I also remembered that it was with me that she had fallen asleep this time.

Maybe that change I had been hoping for, waiting for had finally come.