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To win a fair maiden's heart

Chapter 1: Our little secret

Sakura groaned as she heard her alarm clock go off. She turned it off and sat up, she let out a yawn as she rubbed her eyes. She quickly got out of her bed and changed into her clothes and made her way towards the kitchen for some breakfast. She hummed a happy little tune as she made herself some eggs and bacon.

After she finished eating her breakfast she looked at calendar, it was her 16th birthday. A huge smile crept on her face as she rushed over to the counter; she picked up a piece of paper and read it for the thousandth time. She let out a squeal of joy as she huge the paper. Just then she heard someone knock at the door.


It was Naruto at the door. Sakura placed the paper back on the counter and rushed towards the door. She opened the door to see Naruto with his goofy grin; he held up a pink and blue present up to Sakura.

"Happy birthday Sakura!" Naruto shouted.

Sakura smiled and took the present from Naruto.

"Thank you Naruto, would you like to come in?"

"Sorry I can't, I'm just here to give you your present and take you to Tsunade."

"Alright then, let me take this in and well leave."

Sakura quickly took the present inside her a little apartment and grabbed her keys. She locked the door behind her and headed to the Hokage's tower with Naruto. They decided to walk over on this beautiful day and not waste their chakra. After awhile Sakura notice that they were heading the wrong way and forwards Naruto's favorite ramen stand.

"Naruto I don't think we have time to get something to eat. I'm sure Tsunade is expecting to see us any minute now."

"Don't worry Sakura I know what I'm doing. Oh by the way you have to close your eyes."

"Close my eyes?"

"Yeah, don't worry I well lead you so you don't run into anything, ok."

Sakura thought about this for a moment but did what she was told. Once she closed her eyes Naruto took her hand, he pulled Sakura through the crowed streets towards their destination. She stumbled a few times as Naruto continued to pull her to who knows where, but soon came to a stop.

"You can open your eyes now Sakura." Naruto said as he let go of her hand.

When Sakura opened her eyes she saw all her friends in front of Ichiraku, even Tsunade and Kakashi were there to. They soon shouted surprise as she jumped a little, it was surprise birthday party. After she shook out of her shock she let a huge smile crept up her face. She giggled like school girl and ran over to her best friend, Ino, and gave her a bear huge. Ino hugged her back and soon dragged her over to where Hinata, Kiba, TenTen and Sasuke were sitting.

The party was a blast as they had cake, games and ramen of course, and opened presents at the end. Neji and TenTen gift was a beautiful and fancy fan that had pink cherry blossoms on it, Hinata's gift was a bottle of perfume, Kiba's gift was a book called 'Man's best friend', Shino's gift was $100, Choji's gift was a basket of muffins, which it was hard for him not to eat.

Sasuke's gift was a three silver picture frames that are hooked together with pictures of two of him and Sakura, and one of him, Sakura, Naruto and Kakashi. Sakura smiled when she saw the pictures of her team, they weren't the old pictures back when they were 12 but more updated.

She remembered that day when they took the pictures. Sasuke escaped from Orochimaru after killing his brother. But a few sound ninjas were seen outside the village, looking for Sasuke no less. They took these pictures when Sasuke was free to wonder around the village again. She thanked Sasuke as she set aside the gift and returned back to the other gifts.

Ino's gift was a beautiful pink kimono, Shikamaru's gift was another book called 'The clouds go by," Tsunade's gift was a giant bottle of sake, more like a joke really, Kakashi's gift was a scroll that teaches a new and rare technique and Lee's gift. Well it was more then needed.

His gift was him. For a week he would be her personal servant. And for his first task he would carry all of her gifts for her, even though she told him she could do it, but he said a beautiful blossom like her should never carry anything heavy.

After the party Sakura thanked everyone for the wonderful gifts and started to head home with Lee, who was carrying all of her gifts.


She turned around to see Sasuke running up to her.

"Sakura can I talk to you for a moment?"

"Sure." She looked over to Lee. "Lee you go on ahead and I'll ketch up, ok."

"Sure thing." Lee flashed her a shining smile and took off.

"So Sasuke, what do you want to talk about?" She turned back to him.

"Well I was wondering if you would like to go out sometime?"

Sakura was shocked that her first crush was asking her out. She brushed a few strands of her short pink hair behind her ear as she stared at Sasuke. It has always been her dream that Sasuke would ask her out, but her feelings for Sasuke had died along time go when she and her team rescue HIM.

She then remembered that she needs to get home and get ready for HIM. Because HE was coming for her 16th birthday, well that's what the letter said. She looked at Sasuke again and smiled sweetly at him.

"Sasuke, I'm very flattered that you would ask me out but. I… well… I'm not quite ready for a relationship you see. Sorry."

Sasuke was taken back by her answer but understood.

"Sure I understand. I'll see you later then Sakura, happy birthday." And with that he took off.

Sakura ran off to ketch up with Lee, who was almost at her apartment now. Lee just smiled when Sakura was walking next him now. Once they reached her apartment Sakura quickly unlocked the door and helped Lee in.

"You sure got a lot of lovely gifts Sakura, but I see that you haven't open Naruto's yet." Lee stated.

"Your right I almost forgot his gift." Sakura picked up Naruto's gift and sat on her light brown coach.

Lee joined her on the coach and watches her open the present. Inside the box was a beautiful picture of a cute little raccoon and fox sleeping together under a cherry blossom tree.

"It's so cute. I wonder how Naruto got this?" Sakura asked as she got a better look at the picture.

"It sure is adorable but I wonder what the raccoon means. I get the fox and the cherry blossom tree but the raccoon doesn't make since." Lee asked.

Sakura felt a blush rise to her cheeks as she knew what the raccoon stands for. She placed the picture down on the round coffee table and turned to Lee.

"Lee thank you helping me carrying my gifts back home, but if you don't mind I think I'm going to hit the hay." Sakura yawned.

"Sure thing." Lee got up and started to head for the door. "Umm… Sakura."

"Yes Lee." Sakura walked over to Lee.

"I know I asked you this a hundred times, but would you go out with me?"

"Lee you're a great guy but, I'm not looking for a relationship at the moment. Sorry I hope you're not upset."

"Of course not I can't stay mad at you; I understand that you are not quite ready for a relationship. Well good night lovely Sakura and happy birthday." Lee waved goodbye and left.

Sakura waved goodbye and closed the door. Sakura turned towards her gifts and quickly put them away before she went to bed. After she finish with the rest of the gifts Sakura took Naruto's gift with her to bedroom. She hangs the picture over her bed and went to her dresser. She pulled out a pink tank top and light blue pajama bottoms with little cherry blossom on them. Once she finish changing into her pajamas she rushed over to her closet, she opened the closet door and reached up to the top of the closet and pulled down a black t-shirt and red pajama bottoms.

Sakura smiled when she remembered that HE left these behind the last time he visited. She walked over to a chair that sat in a corner in the room and placed them there. She let out a yawn as she unlocked the window and walked over to her bed. Sakura slid under her yellow covers and reached over to turn off the lights, letting out one last yawn she snuggled into her pillow and drifted off to sleep.

It was late now as Sakura still off in dreamland as was nice and warm in her bed. The window blow open as a gust of cold wind entered the room. Sakura shivered as she let the cold wind hit her. She slowly opened her eyes to see a dark figure closing the window.

"I was afraid you wouldn't come." She lazily asked as she sat up.

The dark figure looked over to her and smirked as he made his way over to the bed. Sakura then notice that he changed into his pajamas that she laid out for him, she also notices that he had a red and pink present under his arm. He reached the side of the bed and sat the edge of it.

"And miss your sweet 16." He kissed her forehead. "Happy birthday." He held out the present.

She smiled and took the present from him. She quickly opened it to find the cutest thing in the world! It was a stuff raccoon that had a picture frame in its hands. And in the frame was a picture of her sleeping in his arms under a cherry blossom tree.

"You looked so peaceful on that day." He whispered.

"And you looked so cute Gaara." She said as she kissed him.

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