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Fanfic100 Challenge Prompt # 11- "Red"


It was the color of anger, of frustration, of fire. It was the color of her cheeks when he complimented her. But at the moment, red was most importantly the color of a phoenix. The phoenix she was anxiously waiting to appear.

When he left, he had refused to take her with him, though she had fought with him about it for hours. In the end, he had silenced her with a kiss, their first, and then left. He'd left her, standing in the middle of headquarters, her mouth hanging open, stunned senseless, unable to respond. Yes, he'd left, but not before he promised to send a note, so she would know he was okay. So she wouldn't worry.

She let out a nervous chuckle. How could she not worry?

"He's fine," Poppy said firmly, worried about her friend who had not spoken since returning to their flat.

Minerva missed the look of concern passed between Poppy and Pomona. She was too concerned with the small burst of flames next to her.

"Fawkes," she said, taking a deep breath.

He was okay.

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