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Fanfic100 Challenge Prompt #20


Albus pondered the color of love as he stood waiting. An odd question, perhaps, especially considering his current location and the wealth of other thoughts that presumably should have been running through his mind.

What was the color of love? Was it the red of a heart? The purple of their favorite couch to cuddle on? The brown of the mud they were covered in that day she fell as they played in the rain and pulled him down after her? Was it the yellow of the sun as it lit her sleeping face each morning? Perhaps it was the blue of the lake as they swam with the Giant Squid that summer? Or could it be the green of the perfect emerald stone in her engagement ring, which had reminded him so of his own perfect jewel, his Minerva. He considered her eyes, dark, nearly-black, when filled with passion. Or perhaps the orange-color she had been, after being hit with a stray spell while she was still a student, when he had first realized how beautiful she was?

As he watched Pomona and Poppy walk down the aisle in their navy gowns, he considered all these colors and more. The music changed, drawing his attention once more to the doors at the back of the church. As he watched his Minerva, a beautiful bride dressed in traditional white carrying only greenery accented with a thistle, make her way down the aisle towards him, he realized the color of love.

It was the color of their tears of joy. The color of the happiness and contentment he always felt in her presence. The color of the pride he felt that she had chosen him. The color of her fierce independence and the way he felt when she let him take care of her. It was the color of her love, which he had felt hundreds of miles away and had led him home to her. It was every color and no color.

Yes, he decided as he took her hand and began to vow to love, honor, and cherish her, in sickness and health, for the rest of his days, love was colorless. He couldn't see it, but as she smiled up at him and he leaned down to kiss her, Minerva Dumbledore, for the first time, he could feel it all around.

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