I was listening to E Nomine's Himmel Orde Höle and it's kind following that song and sorta rambling. But, I like it and here you go. The last line, about the confession time, is taken from the end of Road to Perdition. The part at the very bottom is a line out of the song by E Nomine. So, enjoy and let me know what you think.

Oh, and it's sorta Catholic, kinda. With the confession part. So if it bothers you, don't read it.

Heaven or Hell? It's an interesting question. A man sat and pondered this very question in a pew at the front of the church. A beam of sunlight fell onto the red carpet before him. Dust motes swirled and danced in the light, unseen by the ageing priest. His hair, once a thick, chestnut brown was now striped with gray, though the man had kept his hair pulled back into an ever lengthening braid. The man stood with a rustle of his white alb and looked up at the crucifix hanging on the wall.

Heaven or Hell? He had been in the war, they all had. The men he'd killed, the thousands of lives that had been lost, did that mean he was doomed to Hell? But it had been for the good of other, so was that going to count for him? The man sighed and began to walk to the back of the church. Now he was a priest, still trying to make up for the sins. He and the others, what were they bound for?

Heaven or Hell? As he reached the last pew he stopped and turned once more, looking back at the face of Jesus. A smile suddenly played around his lips as he thought about it. God forgives those that are sorry, and he was sorry that he had killed.

Heaven or Hell? The priest turned once more to the door, but was stopped by a man calling out to him. "Father Maxell, it's time for confessions." Duo Maxwell nodded to the man and changed course, walking towards the confessional.

Heaven or Hell
Do you want to float like the Angels above the clouds?

Or do you want to fall into emptiness like the Daemonen abyss?

Thus decide you:

Heaven or Hell