Sitting on the beach, as the sun sets, Kermit leans back on his elbows pondering the events of the day. He kicks up one flipper and gazes longingly into the sky above, as it slowly fades from dark blue to black. The stars begin to sparsely appear, announcing their daybue, as the green fellow takes a deep breath and mumbles, "Well, I guess I'd better get this over with." Reluctantly, he rises to his flippers, straightens his collar, and makes his way over to the edge of the water, where a lone, chubby, snouted, silhouette, stands silently sulking.

"Piggy," Kermit begins, "It's not that I don't want to commit! It's just that--well--the thought of marriage scares me!"

"Yah, well...well that's all well and good, frog," Piggy growls without looking at him, "but you've broken one to many promises to me! I'm through! Done!" She drops her head and begins to cry, "Finished..."

"Awe, Piggy! I never made any promises to you."

"You did so, flipper face" she yells, rediscovering her anger. "You said we could get married if we sold the show on Broadway!"

"Piggy!" Kermet bellows, loosing his composure, "That was a movie! We were acting! It was scripted and rehearsed and...arrr" Kermet takes a breath, composes himself, and continues. "It wasn't real, Piggy."

"Real! REAL! I'll show you real! Hii-Yahh!" With one powerful pork-chop, Piggy sends Kermit's tiny body sailing over the dunes and into Scooter's sand castle. Kermit shakes himself off, apologizes to Scooter, and jogs the 100 yards back to where Miss Piggy stands brooding;

"That's it, Piggy! We're through." He gasps, trying to catch his breath, "Through, Piggy! Through! Through! I never want to see your snout again! You bore me, Piggy! Get it? Bore me! I've had it Piggy! You're always hogging all the interviews, squealing about things that have never happened between us! I'm sick of wallowing in your muck! It's time for me to venture out on my own, Piggy! It's time for me to get out from under your big, hefty shadow, and shine!"

With that, he turns and stomps off, not noticing the tears in Piggy's eyes, or the quivering of her lower lip. He doesn't see her lift her hand slightly, and he doesn't hear her shaky voice as she tries to form the words "Good Bye". For so long, she had known how he felt. For so long, she had hurt deep inside because she knew he wasn't happy--but now, he is he can live the life he was always meant to live--unattached to mud-holes and slop buckets, pigs feet and hogs jowls!

She raises her head and looks up. The sky has deepened in it's darkness, and the stars are stretched upon it before her--innumerable, full of light, and twinkling with life. Through her tears, a smile emerges! Kermit would finally be happy! "Now he can reach those stars", she whispers, "Shine, my love, shine!"