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Summary: soraroxas they tease. They fight. They smile. They love. Sora teaches Roxas what life is about. /crackish\ /yaoi\ set of drabbles

Note: This was originally meant to be a one shot but oh well XD

Two Aces, Spare Time Drabble One: Wake-Up Calls



Destiny Islands-

Normal POV

That morning the sun rose, like always. The gentle golden rays of the sun touch upon the sky in waves, clashing with the partings of the night and made colors arise. As time went on, and the bright disc of life (shot for stupid line) rose ever so higher in the sky, and it was time to wake up.

In the household of one boy, he rubbed his eyes before getting out of bed. Chocolate accented with cinnamon locks was spiking all over the place, just like usual. Sleepy sapphire eyes blinked, getting the last traces of sleepiness out before performing his daily rituals. He knew he'd have to 'wake up' Roxas soon, before he woke himself up. He grinned, and soon he was done, and then raced out of the house (while grabbing a single toasted chocolate-chip waffle) and to the one next door.

How he ended up with Roxas reappearing was anybody's guess. But Sora didn't really mind his being separated again, and opted to make friends with Roxas. At first, Roxas wasn't really receptive to him, but as time went on, the Nobody soon became attached to Sora, who had become a constant in his life. Despite missing Axel, the 'pain' of heartache was slowly melting due to a certain someone.

Sora always did make a good role model, except for a few things. Like how not to wake someone up.

He had made it into Roxas's house, and with the still-warm waffle, he traipsed up into the blonde boy's room. The said boy was curled up in his sheets, one side of his face snuggled into the pillow while one slightly-tannish leg poked out from underneath the covers.

Sora grinned, he was so- dare he say it- cute sleeping like that. He watched for a minute longer, before he grinned even more deviously. He crept towards the bed and then nearly pounced onto Roxas's back, with one hand waving the waffle nearby his nose. The waffle's yummy aroma wafted in the air and stole into Roxas's air passageways.

Sora counted down in his head. 'Three… two… one... he's AWAKE!'

Roxas's eyes snapped open and he made a mad grab for the waffle, having the scent and object of his desire for breakfast waved in front of him made him hungry. Sora managed to snatch it away before he could get it, and jumped off the bed. "Goooood mooooooorning!" He added extra emphasis on both words, knowing how 'Roxie' could be in the morning.

Roxas mumbled a profanity and glared at Sora, lighter sapphire eyes still half-lidded with sleep glaring at him. Sora smiled innocently and taking great care, he slowly put the waffle into his mouth and licked it. Roxas groaned, he was really hungry now and Sora was torturing him by eating that delicious piece of breakfast heaven. 'Dang it, now I'm making myself even more starved…'

Sora smirked in that way of his, though it HAD been a bit affected by Riku. They still hung out together a lot, the three of them, but Riku had been a bit wary of his Nobody. Nowadays they were beginning to get along better and on the road to being friends. (I think you might've been like that too if you fought him and lost XD) He bit into the waffle and ripped out a chunk, before chewing slowly and deliberately, knowing he had Roxas all fully woken up now.

Moments passed as they stared at each other, well Roxas's mostly on Sora who was still chewing on that particular piece, then swallowed. More time passed, and the smirk on Sora's face was threatening to get even bigger, until…

"Are you going to eat that or what?!" Roxas couldn't help but burst out, and blushed as Sora laughed hysterically.

"Naw… you can have it." He pinched Roxas's nose- who protested loudly- and he opened his mouth to yell, when Sora stuck the waffle in his mouth and let go.


"Are you happy now?"
Roxas chewed and swallowed, the chocolatey goodness of the waffle and Sora taste involuntarily made him happy. He nodded.

Sora smiled, and patted the golden locks of his head. "Good boy!" He then tossed him some clothes out of Roxas's dresser, and grinned. "By the way, you look ravishing today."

Roxas blushed; he was definitely hanging around Riku too much. But he didn't mind… because they did this every morning.

End of drabble one

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