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Summary- "Roxas, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are SO romantic!" "Oh really?" Roxas would be glad he asked… xD

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Two Aces, Spare Time- Drabble o5- PB&J Love



In Sora's House-

Normal POV

Spread… spread… spread. Sora's eyes carefully watched Roxas's gentle grip on the knife as he slowly (in Sora's opinion) spread the delicious goodness of peanut butter across the smooth bread… courtesy of Sara Lee. (XD) The gliding movements… the smell of it… it was driving him crazy!

Yes, Sora was very much engrossed in the act of making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Which was being made by Roxas, his lovely housewife… (shot) S'cuse me- house-husband. Yep, Sora was having a grand time… although he was just a wee bit impatient. For Roxas, Sora hovering over his shoulder with his body in close proximity with his- it was comfortable, yet not. He decided to speed it up a bit.

Roxas dumped a spoonful of blackberry jelly onto the piece of bread, and smoothed it on. Then he set the top layer of bread on it. He picked it up, and gave it to Sora. "Here you are."

Sora squealed. "Oh thaaaaaaaank you, Roxas!" He was beaming, and staring at Roxas as though he was a sex god. "You saved me from the deadly clutches of starvation!" He hugged him with one arm, the other supporting the plastic dish.

Roxas blushed. Trying to regain his calm, he commented, "Sora, you'll never starve, hands-down. You'd eventually feed yourself."

Sora rolled his eyes. "No I wouldn't. I have you around to feed me!" He said this as if Roxas was his… house-husband. Which he is, he just denies it all the time.

"Forever?" Roxas eyes met his, in all seriousness. For a moment, it was completely silent: the sky blue versus the matching hues of the others eyes, with Sora being frozen, about to eat his sandwich. But he was ensnared in the grip of Roxas's eyes, having his attention capture. Sora didn't know what to say. Gulping, he replied,

"I'd hope so." Because he really wanted him to. Sora chomped into his sandwich, the flavors of the ingredients helped him fight his desire to say more, and waited for Roxas's reply.

"…" Roxas felt something arise in his cheeks- a blazing blush. Fighting it down, he looked away, and muttered, "So uh… is the sandwich good?"

Sora nodded, and then sighed when he swallowed. "You know Roxas…" He smiled at him before he spoke again. Roxas couldn't help but notice that a smudge of jelly was on his lips… "… That peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are romantic?"

Roxas blinked. "Huh?" He didn't quite understand the last part. All hear heard was peanut butter, jelly, and romantic. "Come again?"

Sora pouted, with the jelly being more pronounced as his lips twisted into an adorable formation. "Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are soo romantic! Didn't anyone ever tell you that?"

Roxas slowly shook his head. "No… where the heck did you hear that?"


Ahhh. The culprit! Roxas raised his eyebrows. "Oh really?" His tone was disbelieving.

The brunet nodded, though you could tell he didn't like Roxas's tone. "Yeah really! Don't you get it?"

"No…" Roxas felt a little bit miffed. What was he supposed to understand? It was freakin' peanut butter and jelly for Kingdom Hearts' sake!

Sora set down his half-eaten sandwich, licking his lips, he began. "Okay, first of all, there's the bread. That's the outside, and the two slices are supposed to be two people. They may be a bit brown on the outside…"

Roxas nodded, slowly digesting the information, although his study skills were becoming sharper- he was busy taking in all the seriousness and pure delight Sora was putting into his explanation.

"But you know on the inside, they're as different as the sun as the moon. One person's personality could be like peanut butter… comfort food, food friendly to just about lots of stuff, warm, gooey, and sometimes chunky… And the jelly would be chilly at times, but still sweet, with little seeds of… memories or ideas… 'cause jelly is innovative, you know. And do you know what?"

Roxas looked up, and blushed- Sora was suddenly really close to him. "What, Sora?" He was drowning his other's blue eyes…

"They mix really well together. Kind of like you and me!" Sora's cheeks were tinted pink against his lightly tanned cheeks when he spoke. "So uh… yeah."

Roxas fought the urge to laugh. It was so sweet of him to say that- it just… it was nice. 'Leave it to Sora to brighten my day, again.' He didn't mind. In fact… he liked it. His resistance wore down though, and a smile began to creep through. "So Sora… who's who?" He already knew.

"You're Jelly, of course." Sora replied matter-of-factly.

"Jelly? I'll have you know that I am very, very friendly."

"Oh yeah? Prove it, Jelly Jiggler!" (1) Sora pointed at him with that 'It's time to duel, bitch!' look from YuGiOh. (2)

Roxas could and he would prove it. Before Sora could pull back his hand, Roxas had a firm grip on it, and tugged him forward. Sora started in surprise and found himself being pulled right into his nobody's warm arms. "Wha-?" Sora's sweet lips were pressed against Roxas's own warm ones, and before he knew what he was doing, he responded to the blond's advances.

After leaning back, Roxas looked very satisfied. He now had not only the taste of a delicious pb&j sandwich, but also Sora's own taste. Mmmm. Sexy.

Poor Sora (no, not really) was flushed bright red; his lips were still parted, and you could clearly see that he no longer had jelly smeared across his lips. I don't think he minded, though.

Roxas now gave him a smug look. "So who's Jelly now?"

"Riku is!"

Roxas gave him a look that clearly screamed "What the hell?!"

Sora rolled his eyes. "I've decided. We can do a threesome! You're chocolate; I'm PB, and Riku's jelly!" (3)

"As appetizing as that sounds… which is not at all… I'd have to say that I'm not willing to share. So no jelly in this peanut butter and chocolate sandwich."

Sora pouted. "Fine… but you have to do something for me."

"What?" Roxas waited, and got his answer- a plate shoved into his face.
"Make me a chocolate and peanut butter sandwich, please! I'm soooo hungry."

"You're always hungry!" But Roxas took his plate anyway, and got out the ingredients. He was about to grab the bread when he felt a pair of arms twine around him. He looked down at Sora, who now wore a sly expression.
"Yeah… hungry for you!"

Just a typical day in the life of a house-husband and his other. Roxas wouldn't trade it for the world.

End of drabble.

(1) - A character from Bobobo-Bo Bobobobo... o.O

(2) - I swear, he always had that look. XD

(3) - I've never tried that kind of sandwich. I don't know if it's good or not... XD but a risoro would be nice. XD

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