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The Present


He never wanted her when he could have had her, but to be perfectly honest, he never could have had her. At Hogwarts, it was completely out of the question. They walked two completely different paths. She walked along the side of the light, and he liked to pretend he was on the other side. And there was no difference after they left Hogwarts, even after he had made it very clear that he was on their side. He never saw what was right in front of him, till he couldn't have it anymore.One day he looked up, and it was if a whole new light had been thrown upon her, and he saw just what had been there, he had just been too blind and pigheaded to see it. He supposed he could have had her if he wanted, but he was married. And if there was one thing he had learnt from his parents' "relationship", he was never going to cheat, or lie to his wife in any way. He took a vow and he was going to honour it.

He had thought he was being very clever at keeping it hidden, the longing he had for her. But his wife was very astute. She must have figured it out at some stage. Really, it was the only explanation as to why on the morning after his birthday he was lying in bed with his wife laying beside him, and Hermione Granger on the other side.

He couldn't believe his eyes when he walked into the sitting room the previous evening, and there she was having a conversation over a glass of wine with his wife in front of the fire. To say he was shocked would have been a supreme understatement, but he covered. And what followed was surely the strangest dinner he had ever sat down to. They sat there and made small talk amongst themselves. It would have seemed halfway normal if it was any other night, and they were any other people. But it was his birthday, an evening he normally spent primarily with his wife, and here they were sharing it with a woman she claimed to despise.

But the shocks didn't end there. At the end of the dinner, his normally very reserved in public wife, sat herself on his lap, and proceeded to kiss him like she never did in front of people. It was like she had forgotten they had a guest, but then he realised with amazing clarity that she hadn't at all. She promptly removed herself from his lap, moved beside her, brushing a kiss over her forehead. Smiling softly she turned back to him, and asked him in a few words, words that would be forever ingrained in his memory.

"Do you want your present?"

To say it was a night to remember would be an understatement of the highest order.