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Charpter 2


Shocked silence…

That was the words that can perfectly describe the reaction of Naruto's audience. Nobody spoke, not even a movement can be heard. It's as if time was frozen.

Naruto hated it. Out of all things he experience in his pitiful life, silence was the most thing he couldn't bear. He couldn't stand coming home to his lonely apartment because he knew it would be quiet and dark. And being quiet in Naruto's opinion was being alone. There was no one waiting for him to come home, no one to hug and kiss him the moment he open the door indication his return, and no one to greet him yelling, "Welcome home!" Those simple things and simple gestures were what Naruto ached to have, what Naruto envied from other kids.

Silence also meant that Naruto is being ignored, so he'd do stupid stuff to get other's attention. He would prank people, dress in horrid bright clothes, be annoying, be an idiot, and be loud as he can be because he knew it would get their attention. He'd rather be insulted and beaten to death than being ignored because even though he was being hurt it meant that they were acknowledging his presence. It meant that he existed. That the pain proved that he was alive. Call it pathetic but silence, to Naruto, was unbearable.

So in short, Naruto+silencealone and ignored.

Simple deduction isn't it, simple to understand…

Ya I thought so too…

So why does people still ignore Naruto knowing the fact that it cause him unbearable pain?

Naruto couldn't stand the silence so he did what he do best…

He run…

And the others could only watched in surprised as Naruto run away.

"Um…what the hell just happened?" Kiba asked still looking at the direction where Naruto disappeared.


"Ow! What the hell Ino!?" Yelled Kiba rubbing the sore spot in his head where the blond kunoichi had hit him. Akamaru whimpered sensing his masters distressed, and Kiba rubbed his ears to comfort him.

"Well dog breath what do you think happened! Naruto just run away! Idiot!" Ino growled at the dog lover (HeeroXDuo: lol get it?! Growled! Dog lover! Lol XD. Naruto: sweat-dropped Sasuke:Idiot…)looking irritated and worried at the same time. Irritated because of Kiba's stupidity and worried because of Naruto's sudden disappearance.

"K-kiba Kun a-ano a-aare you o-ok?" a soft stuttering voiced interrupted. (Wonder who that is? )

"Yeah I'm fine Hinata."

"bark bark"

"Excuse to interrupt but me have more important things to deal of!" Sakura and Iruka yelled at the same time both worried for their friend/favorite student.

"Ma ma…Sakura and Iruka-kun is right" said Kakashi looking worried and for once not reading his favorite orange book.

"Yeah we have to find Naruto-kun." Neji said calmly but if you look closely he haw very tense as if he was ready to take off any second and look for his friend.

"Hm." said Shino quietly looking bored but everyone noticed a bug coming out of the boy and said bug flew to the direction Naruto took off.

"Tch. Troublesome." Shikamaru yawned although everyone can see he was worried because he was looking around as if analyzing where Naruto would go best.

Munch munch. Chouji was eating as always but in a very very slow pace.

"We must hurry before Naruto's power of youth disappears

"Naruto…you dobe," whispered a certain concerned raven haired Uchiha as he and the others run in different direction in hope to find their blonde haired friend faster.

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