Of Laser Arrows and Sonic Screams


Disclaimer: I do not own Power Rangers, nor Trent, Kira, or any other characters that you recognize, so no suing, 'kay?


By: Bunny-chan




Author's Notes


Set after A Test of Trust, but before Thunder Struck.

Whee, first DT fic, and about one of my fav couples, Trent/Kira, obviously done for the Ars Amatoria Romance Challenge, 'cause challenges are fun. I don't expect a whole bunch of reviews for this, 'cause people don't seem to like Tira (Trent/Kira) for some odd reason, bleh. Hope y'all still like it anyway.


Trent was infamous for keeping secrets. One being he was the evil White Ranger, though he had ended up telling Kira about it. Second being that his dad was Mesogog, he hadn't been planning on the others finding out about that though, after all, it WAS his dad. And third, his biggest secret, well…nobody knew about that one, and he was planning on keeping it that way this time.

"Trent, are you alright? You seem kind of out of it. Plus, you've been cleaning that same spot for the past fifteen minutes." Hazel eyes glanced at him, laced with concern.

"I'm fine, Kira." And to prove his point, he moved onto cleaning another spot on the counter.

Kira narrowed her eyes at him, "I don't believe you."

He sighed, "Seriously, Kira, I am."

"You look like hell." She stated.

"Gee, thanks, you might inflate a guy's ego with compliments like that." He replied sarcastically, running a hand through his black hair.

She rolled her eyes, "I'm just worried about you, Trent, that's all."

He sighed again, wondering how he could get her off his back, it wasn't that he didn't appreciate the concern, because he did, he just didn't want her finding out…so he changed the subject, "Why did you forgive me?" Besides, it WAS something he wanted to know.

She looked startled at the abrupt change of subject, "What?"

"Why did you forgive me? About…you know, my dad."

She wrinkled her nose at this, and then sighed, "Why wouldn't I have forgiven you, Trent? Everybody deserves a second chance."

"I'm more on my third chance, though."

"Okay, fine, everybody deserves a THIRD chance then."

"Thank you."

"Anytime, Trent, what are friends for?" She smiled at him, then peered at her watch, "Crap, I'm late for band practice, see you tomorrow, Trent!"

He watched the girl go, and then grumbled darkly to himself, absent-mindedly cleaning the counter. That's probably all he'd ever be to her, her friend, he really shouldn't complain though, he was lucky to even be that. Still, he couldn't help but secretly want more.